Vintage percolator heating on the stove.

How to Clean Your Percolator Coffee Pot

Half the battle of making perfect percolated coffee is keeping your percolator in good shape. It makes sense – the better your percolator runs, the better your coffee will be. Here are a few easy

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Coffee Should Percolate Near the Flames for Five to Ten Minutes

How to Make Percolator Coffee on a Campfire

For many campers, nothing beats a top-notch, piping hot cup of joe with the morning dew. So how do you make the perfect cup of coffee when camping? All you need are your favorite coffee beans, a fire,

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Stainless steel percolator coffee pot

How Does a Percolator Coffee Pot Work? (Hint: Very Well!)

In our tech-centric world filled with humans perpetually on the go, one thing’s for sure: Innovation is a motivating force. We’re always presented with newer, faster ways to do old things. While getting

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The Home Barista Makes a Frappuccino – Recipe

Frappuccinos seem to be always in season, an evergreen drink if you will. But let’s be honest, this drink can be a little tough on the wallet and the waistline.  So, I set about to create a frappuccino

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Creamy Cashew Coffee Recipe by Coletti Coffee

Cashew Coffee: Recipe for Creamy Frothy Coffee at Home

I had a problem. I love foam at the top of my coffee. Since I have become a home barista, I now refuse to pay someone to froth for me. So I bought one of those little stick frothers-you know the type-the

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Stovetop percolator in kitchen.

6 Misconceptions About Percolated Coffee That We Need to Stop Buying Into

Let’s be honest: percolated coffee has a pretty bad reputation among some. Whether it’s the taste, the method, the consistency, or the temperature, any proud owner of a percolator has probably

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Santa’s Cup is Comin’ to Town

He knows when you’ve been perc’ing He needs to stay awake He knows when brew is bad or good So drop the drip for goodness’ sake! Happy holidays, friends! Before long the magical night will be upon

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Debunking Acid’s Bad Rap

In home kitchens and coffeehouses throughout the country (and the world), the fear of Big, Bad Acid persists. Today we’re here to ease your worries. So let’s get to it: Acid in coffee is a good thing.

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Coffee Equipment Should be Clean

The Complete Guide to Cleaning Your Coffee Maker

Whether you’re using a French press, a pour over coffee maker, a drip machine, or any other coffee brewing method, what most step-by-step guides leave out is the clean up after. But cleaning your coffee

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Beakers are Handy for Coffee Brewing

The Unique Art of the Coffee Beaker

A coffee beaker is a glass device used in a manual coffee brewing method like the pour over method or the vacuum method. A beaker coffee mug is a neat mug that looks like a beaker and has measurements

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Pour Over Coffee Making

What Is a Coffee Kettle and Do You Need One?

A coffee kettle is fundamentally like any other kettle. It is a device used to heat up water and then pour that water over something so that, whatever that something is, diffuses into your hot water. That

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Drip Machine in Action

How to Make Coffee with a Coffee Maker

Making coffee with an automated drip machine is usually regarded negatively among the coffee snob community. However, that doesn’t mean you should toss out your machine and do penance for having ever

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Coffee Brewing with Pour Over Method

A Quick Rundown of Manual Methods for Making Coffee

The overwhelming majority of coffee-drinking households rely on an automatic drip coffee maker machine. Pour in the water, add the grounds, push the button, and go. It’s definitely convenient. We can’t

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Methods of Coffee Brewing

Know Your Way around the Different Coffee Brewing Methods

There are so many different coffee brewing methods out there and each one offers its own perks. Each one also has its strong group of avid supporters who insist it is the best way to brew coffee or even

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Brewing Coffee Manually with Pour Over Coffee Maker

Choosing a Pour over Coffee Maker

A pour over coffee maker will change the way you feel about home-brewed coffee forever. It gives you complete control over every aspect of the brewing process and looks impressive enough that your friends

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Art of Coffee Making

The Guide to Making Pour over Coffee: Myths, Facts, Tips, and More

Whether you are an expert brewer and connoisseur or just starting to explore the wide world of gourmet coffee, you have probably at least heard of pour over coffee. The trend is growing rapidly but it’s

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Brewing Pour Over Coffee

Recipe for Best Pour Over Coffee

Making pour over coffee has recently become a trend, but the irony is that it has been around for ages. It’s the best way to perfect your brew so that you get a delicious cup of coffee every time. Once

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Brew a Coffee Without Much Equipment

How to Brew Coffee Without a Coffee Maker

Many people assume the only way to brew coffee is to use a coffee maker—unless you are drinking instant coffee.(PLEASE tell us you are not drinking instant coffee.) The truth is, brewing coffee can

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Delicious Cup of Coffee

The Coffee Snob’s Guide to the World of Coffee Makers

There are so many different types of coffee makers out there that it can be hard for the aspiring  coffee snob to figure out where to start. The fact is, different coffee makers each come with their

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Coffee Bean Classic Grinder

Blade or Burr? A Complete Primer on the Coffee Bean Grinder Debate

A coffee bean grinder is what it sounds like. It grinds coffee beans. Of course, you can buy coffee that has already been ground, but you sacrifice a ton of flavor by going down that road. Freshly ground

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