An American Take on the French Press | About The Boulder

French Press – American Engineering
The Boulder

The end of the beginning of the Boulder started with a successful Kickstarter campaign. It took 1 month for 404 backers to march well past the goal, and fund America’s version of the French Press. The Boulder promised to be bigger, tougher, and packed with more features than the coffee presses before it.

The Beginning

The three years of development before the Boulder’s Kickstarter campaign took place in the midst of the Bozeman’s product launch, whose success brought with it the launch of the Butte and Scoutmaster. We knew, at COLETTI, the Boulder had to be special in order to have a place alongside our line of classic coffee percolators.

Always up to the task, product visionary Lewis Hudson designed a french press that campers could comfortably bring up steep mountains and down rocky trails. The base of the Boulder provides superior insulation, keeping coffee hotter for a longer time. The Boulder’s top is engineered to stay air-tight, and won’t spill if tipped or knocked over.

Engineered For the Great Outdoors

Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Walls
(1) Tougher, (2) Keeps Coffee Hot for Longer. Two AISI 304 steel walls, each 1.5mm thick, create a 2mm vacuum that is the body of the Boulder. Lewis says “you could probably kill a bear with it.”

Air-Tight Silicone Gasket
Placing the Boulder in a class of its own is the air-tight silicone gasket built into the top. You won’t find another french press that provides this level of anti-spill measures and heat retention.