The Peaks of Yosemite National Park – Hiking & Camping California

Every valley has its peaks, and Yosemite valley valiantly spires above our American countryside. Inspiring journeymen and writers for over a century, forever standing a stoic symbol of when we fulfilled our Manifest Destiny. We encourage you to find your way to this park, stand at its peaks, and adventure the great American West.

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Mount Lyell

Elevation: 13,114 feet
Route Link | Duration: 2 Days
Difficulty: Class 4

Yosemite’s official summit, and California’s 17th highest peak. Deep within the mountain range, Mount Lyell is a journey and a half. A grand formation, fit for only experienced climbers. Tuolumne Meadows Lodge will be your base camp if you so choose to challenge Yosemite’s summit. 



Mount Dana

Elevation: 13,053 feet
Route Link | Duration: Half Day
Difficulty: Class 2

To the eastern boundary of Yosemite National Park is Mount Dana, the second highest peak of the park, but a much more forgiving trek than Mount Lyell. An out-and back-route, this rocky trail provides world-class value of effort to pay off. Wild flowers and beautiful vistas await, it’s time to climb Mount Dana.



Mount Gibbs

Elevation: 12,773 feet
Route Link | Duration: 1 Day
Difficulty: Walk Up

Just South of Mount Dana, you will find the summit of Mount Gibbs. A gentle trail that brings you Mount Gibb’s summit, can be extended to include Mount Dana if you plan it right. Find a campground near Gibbs Lake, and enjoy the view of the summits you will conquer.



Matterhorn Peak

Elevation: 12,279 feet
Route Link | Duration: 1 Day
Difficulty: Class 3

The highest point along Sawtooth Ridge, Matterhorn Peak presides over Northern Yosemite. Make sure to pack your snow hiking gear, depending on the season, but also just in case. Don’t end 2023 without crossing Matterhorn Peak off your climb’it list.



Half Dome

Elevation: 8,842 feet
Route Link | Duration: Half Day
Difficulty: Class 3-4

Iconic – Half Dome sets itself confidently on the eastern end of Yosemite Valley. This smooth and round granite formation has inspired adventurers since 1875, when George Anderson became the first man to ascend the legendary summit. 

For less experienced climbers, Half Dome features a set of cables to aid in the ascent.



El Capitan

Elevation: 7,569 feet
Route Link | Duration: Half Day
Difficulty: C1 Climb

A 3,000 ft climb from base to summit. Known to many as “El Cap,” the vertical face of this mountain dares climbers to prove they’re good enough. Across the Yosemite Valley from another icon, Half Dome, the western end of the valley is owned by El Cap. 

Choose from any of the famous routes to ascend, and raise yourself to the top of Yosemite valley.



John Muir Trail

Happy Isles to Nevada Falls
Duration: 1 Day or Expedition

Yosemite marks the beginning of the John Muir Train (JMT), a legendary expedition that journeys through the Sierra Nevada mountain range. But if you don’t have the time to take the entire expedition, you will find a lot to enjoy from the 1 day Yosemite leg of the JMT. Ending atop Nevada Falls, this walk-in-the-park known as the Mist Trail will be a loving memory you will carry with you long after you leave Yosemite valley. 



Nevada Fall – Photo by Ryan OConnor on Unsplash