How to Cold Brew — French Press Cold Brew 101

Cold Brewing Quick Tips:

  • The Boulder Brews 42 oz of Coffee (10 cups)
  • 6 Tbsp of coffee grounds to one full batch of Boulder cold brew.
  • Always use coarse grounds.
  • Brew for 14-16 hours, then pour into another container.
  • Cold brew can be stored for up to 3 days in room temperature, or 7 days chilled.
  • Use simple syrup as sweetener, granulated sugar won’t dissolve in cold brew.
  • Serve over ice.

Step-by-Step Guide to Cold Brewing with a French Press:

  1. Grind your beans, a coarse grind will reduce the amount of grounds in your coffee.
    The consistency of your grounds should be similar to rock salt.
  2. Add your coffee grounds to your Boulder, and “Bloom” your grounds.
    To “Bloom,” pour room temperature water into your coffee grounds. Add just enough water to have your ground fully submerged. Then stir well.
  3. Fill your Boulder with cold (or room temperature) water.
    Pour the rest of the 42 oz of water into your Boulder.
  4. Cover your Boulder with either the Top or tin foil. Do not push the plunger.
    While your coffee is brewing, you’re going to have to keep the plunger up. Some brewmasters prefer to cover their Boulder with tin foil or plastic wrap, as some choose to cold brew in a fridge, and it might not always fit with the plunger up.
  5. Brew. Let your Boulder sit in either a room temperature or chilled environment.
    Brew for 14-16 hours.
  6. Serve Over Ice (or pour into another container).
    It’s important to stop the cold brewing process at the appropriate time, and if you want to enjoy your cold brew later, you can pour your coffee out into a flask for convenient storage.