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Coffee Scoops, 1 & 2 Tablespoon Set

TAKES GUESSWORK OUT  Forget the scale! Use a premium stainless steel coffee scoop to quickly measure out ground coffee or whole beans and optimize the quality and flavor of your brew.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN Specially engineered to allow a secure and comfortable grip no matter the size of your hands. Compact shape means they take up less space in your drawers.
HIGH GRADE STEEL  Made of thick 18/8 304 stainless steel to last forever. You’ll love the solid, heavyweight feel of these spoons (54 & 40 grams respectively). FDA approved for use with food and dishwasher safe.
MULTI PURPOSE  Not just for coffee! Use these measuring spoons for scooping & measuring flour, sugar, tea, oil, vanilla extract and more.


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  • 2 spoons included (1 tbsp. & 2 tbsp.)
  • Ergonomically contoured
  • Made of rugged 18/8 stainless steel
  • Rust-proof and break-proof
  • FDA approved for safety
  • Dishwasher safe

294 reviews for Coffee Scoops, 1 & 2 Tablespoon Set

  1. nonnarobin

    These spoons are perfect. Very nice matte finish. Stainless steel. Small enough to fit into a bag of coffee or canister. Small enough to travel with. I’ve looked for a small handled, quality (non-plastic) coffee measure for a long time. These measure up perfectly. And the fact that this company donates all their profits towards ending human trafficking makes this much more than a simple purchase. Drinking coffee just went to a new level. Thanks, Coletti, for a great product with an even better purpose!

  2. Amazon Customer

    These high quality stainless steel spoons are awesome. The problem with my old coffee spoon is that it did not fit in the canister with my coffee because of the long handle. This one is perfect! I even bring it with me when I am traveling. It is much better than plastic, which stains from the coffee oils. I definitely recommend this product.

  3. JoDell S.

    HIGH Quality. I would definitely purchase from this seller again 🙂


    Love these. No other words to say.

  5. KaseyShopping

    Update: I have had these spoons for 6 months and still use them everyday. The best part has been using them with spices in my spice drawer. It’s perfect to scoop up a spice and slide the residual off of the top. I couldn’t be happier with these and am looking forward to what else Coletti has in store!

    Original Post: I have only had these scoops in my possession for 2 hours and I already have to order another set because I want a scoop for all of my decorative containers.

    Firstly, I’d like to address the packaging. The small cardboard box that these scoops come in is very classy looking. The aged imaging on the box instantly made me think of my Grandmother. My Grandparents visited Italy and she fell in love with the country’s charm. When she came home, she started decorating her kitchen to imitate a lot of the places she enjoyed in the Mediterranean. She painted the walls a yellowish-tan-sepia color to make it look like stucco. This box brought back memories of all the time I spent in her kitchen and how much she would have loved to receive this set as a gift.

    The back of the package has a personalized message from the owners, Josh and Katie. Their message is like a handwritten note that you would receive from a friend. If any of you are having a hard time seeing the message in the picture, it reads:


    This husband and wife team are driven by good coffee and good morals. I don’t know many companies who share that mission statement. Now, onto the contents inside!

    I almost had an aneurysm when I opened the package and saw these! The pictures do not do it justice at all! The matte finish is so modern and clean looking. The way I squealed in excitement my husband would have thought that I pulled $1000 out of that tiny cardboard box.
    The scoops are heavy, deep and not so wide that it wouldn’t be able to perform small functions such as fitting into a small spice tin. I keep all of my spices in shallow, magnetic tins and this scoop will be able to slide in and grab whatever powder I needed. The width of the handle allows for people with large fingers the opportunity to grasp on to the scoop without struggling and gives a great counter-balance when plunging into a container.

    When I bought these, I decided that I was going to use the 1 TBS scoop for my coffee grinder. I have a French Press, a Keurig, an espresso maker and possibly a coffee addiction. Beside the fact that I may need a caffeine intervention, I was growing tired of sparing a lot of room for K-cups and brewing old coffee grounds. The terrible plastic scoop that came with my grinder was so wide that it dumped more coffee on the counter than it did in any vessel.

    The 1 Tablespoon scoop measures 3 ½ inches long, 1 ½ inches (across) wide and 1 inch deep. The 2 Tablespoon measures 4” long, 2” wide and 1” deep. The 1 Tbs scoop fits perfectly on my grinder knob which makes it convenient for my multi-cup a day habit.

    I make rolls and gravy with potato starch. My rolls recipe calls for 2 Tablespoons of potato starch and 4 tablespoons to make perfect gravy consistency. The 2 Tbs scoop has already found a home in my potato starch container.

    The quality materials these scoops are made of means that they will be around for you to pass down to your grandchildren 60 years from now. They are steel so they will stand up to any culinary task you can throw at it. It will never rust and can be thrown in the sink or dishwasher without worry. Also, they will not pick up smells or residue like plastic scoops.

    This is the part where I ask myself the standard battery of questions that I use to justify my crazy Amazon spending habit.

    ~Is it worth the full price? Absolutely. And then some.

    ~Would I give it as a gift? I plan on ordering 7 more sets for my family as well as my boss for her birthday. She has a coffee station set up in her house with a chalkboard/café theme. These scoops will compliment it perfectly. But, they would also be a perfect wedding gift. They give whatever apparatus they are sitting on a classy, polished look and will be a statement piece for anyone who has stainless kitchen appliances.

    ~Would I recommend this to a friend? My friends are going to grow tired of me talking about these scoops. So yes, for sure!

    I am so happy I discovered this product. If I had one critique, it would be that I would hope the font on the scoops could be changed into something a little more elegant.

    These scoops are classic and modern at the same time. They are able to be multi-purposed, but affordable enough to have a single designated task if you choose. It’s quality and versatility will make you realize how many things in your kitchen are missing those features.

  6. Crazychick96

    Cute set! Very heavy duty spoons. These spoons can be used for so many things. I have a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar everyday so I love the convenience and having an accurate measurement and not having to pull out a whole ring of measuring spoons. One and two tablespoons are used so commonly that I think this product is such a great idea. They are very well made high quality spoons.. I am not a coffee drinker but my mom thinks they’re excellent as sugar spoons! I received a discount for my review. However, all opinions and experiences are my own.

  7. NCBeachLover

    Confession time: I never learned to make coffee using just a regular spoon.
    I see people do it, and it always seems like magic. I’ve always had a 2 tablespoon coffee scoop to use to make coffee; I still have the one I stole from my mother’s house when I left for college, but the old thing is, well, old. It’s bent and pitted and stained from years of coffee oil. I think it’s time to give it an honorable retirement, and so I’ve bought myself these two scoops.
    These measuring scoops are super nice. They are heavy in weight, high quality stainless steel, and that’s apparent the moment you touch one. Instead of having a typical round or oval bowl, it is sort of triangular, which makes for easy scooping out of my coffee canister. It’s easy to get it approximately level, and they are comfortable in the hand.
    I love them! I have already started a pot of cold brew for iced coffee tomorrow, and am ready to put these scoops in the everyday rotation. In addition, I think these would make great gifts for coffee lovers, and the price is very reasonable.

    I received this product at a discount for a fair and honest review.

  8. Cassy Boettcher

    These scoops were just as described and I’d say they add to the experience of our morning brew. We are very happy with this purchase and would highly recommend this set to everyone.

  9. R.O. Binson

    Ok so maybe it’s a little over the top to get excited about tablespoons but these are just fabulous. They fit perfectly in my mason jars which is wear I store my ground coffee. Substantial, ergonomic, and very stylish! Yep, I said it….stylish tablespoons. Love them!!!

  10. tmalcore

    These are high quality and just the right size! Customer service was excellent as I received an email from the owners of Coletti – Josh and Katie – checking to make sure I was satisfied and to let them know if I needed anything. Very satisfied!

  11. M. C. Adams-Davis

    Can’t explain it, but these measuring spoons are great little measuring scoops. Their overall roundness seams to be the secret of a scooping path of least resistance. Thank you, Coletti, for a great design!!

  12. Mollybea

    Quality met my high expectations. Very substantial weight to them, handles are a little shinier than the scoop part, which with its satin finish resembles pewter. Will be ordering another set for my small sugar and flour canisters. Using this set for coffee and dry creamer. What a great couple this must be since their profits are donated to charity.

  13. Amazon Customer

    They were exactly what we wanted!

  14. Sarah L.

    These are great coffee scoops. I originally bought them for coffee but now using 1 of them for granola & the other for ice cream/yogurt. They’re really deep so everything stays on the scoop unlike the others I’ve used. I need more!

  15. Shorty10

    Wonderful coffee scoops! Well made, sturdy and heavy. I use these for measuring spoons also! Love them!

  16. Bruce

    These were just what I was looking for… Sturdy.

  17. Bad~Papa

    Heavy duty measuring spoons. Solid feel.. Nicely finished.. Not a cheap stamped out product.
    Should last a few lifetimes.

  18. Sara

    Best coffee scoops on the planet.
    You want the best? get these.
    You won’t regret it and you’ll have treated yourself
    to one of life’s little special pleasures.

  19. Deborah R. Mrantz

    These are exquisitely designed, made with attention to detail and the customer service is bar none.

  20. Steve M

    Extremely nice looking and high quality scoops. They are a heavy duty, brushed stainless steel. Much better and easier to use for measuring your coffee than the basic kitchen spoon. Also, the owners of Coletti are very customer centric….they care that you are pleased with your purchase. A good buy!!

  21. MH

    Love the simple clean design, the weight of the spoons, it’s a good value for the great quality of the spoons.

  22. Amazon Customer

    These coffee scoops are heavy duty and of good quality. I use the 2 Tablespoon size for coffee, and the 1 Tablespoon size for measuring anything else…

  23. Amazon lover

    Love the look, weight, and feel of these scoops. Would love a complete set of measuring cups and spoons if they made them. Use them every day!

  24. revmarian

    Beautifully made, fit my hand very well — one of the best things in my kitchen. I keep the big one in my leaded coffee canister (most used), and the smaller in the decaf. I make 10 cups of regular coffee every morning, and it was a hassle using the little scoop that came with my coffee maker. This 2 tbsp scoop makes it a real pleasure. THANK YOU, COLLETTIS!

  25. Amazon Customer

    Great product. Wish you made more sizes. Love them. Great fast ship too

  26. Virginia K

    These are very nice scoops and exactly what I was looking for. We make smoothies daily and have jars of cacao powder and chia seeds on the counter and these are perfect to keep inside the containers. They are sturdy, beautiful, and easy to wash. If we need any more I will not hesitate to purchase again.

  27. DenMan

    One would think that there wouldn’t be much to say about coffee scoops. I did but I was wrong. Why? They are solid and I like the heft to them. The triangular shape scoops coffee better at the bottom of the container. They fit easily in the container too. No long handle sticking up. I bought them for my daughter while I was visiting her. Guess what my next purchase for myself will be.

  28. Angela Bosco

    Great quality. Exactly what I wanted.

  29. Disavowed1979

    Heavy duty. Way better than the plastic scoop I used to use.

  30. Richard Hughes

    They look great. They’re well made. I dig ’em.

  31. Judith

    I love using these scoops. They have a nice weight to them and they are well made. I use the 2 T scoop for coffee. I am a coffee snob and usually take my coffee works with me when I travel. This scoop is small and easy to pack. The one I used previously had a very long stem. Great purchase.

  32. Jennifer

    Very nice spoons! Love the quality and I’m very happy I ordered these–just what I wanted.

  33. Lragone78

    What a heavyweight, nice set. We use these for our coffee station to measure out coffee syrups. Highly recommended.

  34. Squatch

    These are very well made, all one piece, and I’m really pleased with them – just what I wanted for scooping teas!

  35. Patricia A Wren

    Love these. Really like the short handle. Nice weight to them. Glad I bought them.

  36. Pamela

    These are very well made. I use the large one for coffee and the smaller one for tea.

  37. Jeanine S

    Love these 304 18/8 stainless steel coffee scoops!! They are 1.8 mm thick and the large one weighs 54 g, the small one weighs 40g. They large one is a 2 Tablespoon/30 ml measure. The small is a 1 Tablespoon/15 ml measure. I got so tired of my plastic coffee measuring spoon eventually warping or changing shape and not measuring the same amount of coffee as it used to. These solve the problem and are nice enough to give as gifts! They are heavy, sturdy, made from one piece of metal and I believe I will have this set for the rest of my life. I love that I have a 1 and 2 tablespoon size. I like to make both machined coffee and use the 1 T or pour over coffee for a treat and use the 2T. They are also accurate, so I can use them baking. I love that the measurements are engraved in the handles so that they will never come off!

    These are made in china, though…wish they were made in USA, can’t have everything…..BUT ALL profits go to charity!!
    ALL PROFIT TO CHARITY. 100% of proceeds used to fight human trafficking and generate jobs that relieve physical, social, and spiritual poverty. Every $100 made can feed, clothe & shelter a rescued girl for 1 week.

    I would highly recommend these to anyone!!

  38. STSofNac

    The quality, look and feel of the spoons are excellent. These would make great gifts for newlyweds or that person who has everything. They are so unique that the recipient would certainly remember the giver each time the spoons are used.

  39. Nancy Taylor

    These coffee scoops are amazing and well worth the cost. They are a heavy gauge stainless steel and the handles are short, so they store easily. I love them and would highly recommend them if you are looking for a quality coffee measuring scoop. The fact that you get both a 2 TBLS and a 1 TBLS size in the set means you can easily adjust the amount of coffee that you measure.

  40. C. Drew

    I am super impressed with these high-quality scoops! I use one for my coffee and one for my homemade granola–they’re hefty and beautiful.

  41. Debsy 101

    These little scoops are wonderful! The short handles fit much better in my jars than the long handled ones that often come in a jars of various kinds of powders. These also have the measurements imprinted on them so that you know exactly how much you are getting. They are stainless steel which means they won’t corrode, and they are heavy and sturdy. I am really happy with them. These would make a very nice gift for a new bride or anyone who uses things from jars, and who doesn’t! Coffee, sugar, flour, protein powder, fiber powder, bath salts and anything else you can scoop–all need these cute, wonderful scoops! Highly recommend!

  42. Deb

    I love these scoops! The weight, the short handles, and the matte finish are just perfect. I have the tablespoon in my flax for my morning oatmeal. The larger scoop is in my popcorn kernel jar. Thank you for such a wonderful product. I want more!

  43. Amazon Customer

    Perfect for scooping.

  44. Tom

    very nice and solid

  45. Scotty14

    Quality!! Love these. Very happy with my purchase.

  46. M. Whitla

    These are really good quality and with the short handles are perfect for leaving right in the container for convenience

  47. Amazon Customer

    Exactly what I wanted. No wimpy plastic handles to crack and I don’t have to scavenge from my measuring spoon set. I particularly like the shorter handles.

  48. Amy Voorhees

    Very nice product. Solid feel and excellent quality. I like the scoops a lot and use them everyday. I mostly use them for coffee and for adding things to my Ninja when making smoothies.

  49. Truth In Advertising

    Easy measurements, seem to be accurate. Heavy weight. Nice. I was compensated in the form of a discount to review this product.

  50. Tiffany

    Pleasantly surprised on how heavy they are. Buying another set!

  51. SG

    I purchased these as a gift for a coffee loving friend of mine and they are perfect. They are well made with a little bit of heft to them. They went well with the other coffee related gifts I was giving.

  52. Amanda H.

    I don’t even drink coffee, and I absolutely adore these scoops. They are gorgeous, and they feel incredible in hand. They’re weighty, super smooth, nicely curved, and very durable.

    I’ve only had them a couple weeks, but their durability was tested when my dog snatched the box off my table shortly after they arrived. The box was pretty well shredded, but there wasn’t a single scratch on either of the spoons.

    The 1 & 2 tablespoon sizes are so convenient around the kitchen. I’ve been looking for a good size scoop for my brown sugar forever, and the big one fits the bill! If Coletti made a set of measuring spoons, I’d be all over it!

  53. L. Lydem

    They work perfect for my use.

  54. J Barrette

    I love these scoops. They’re small, due to their small handle, but they’re sturdy. I love the look and feel of them.

  55. Mary

    Very nice scoops- fit right in my coffee container, and the two tablespoon size saves a lot of time.


    great quality and the box says all profits go to charity.

  57. ShortStop757

    Love these little coffee scoops! They come in handy and I used them as scoops in my Canisters! Glad I purchased them!

  58. Kimberly C.

    We did indeed love these measuring spoons. Easy to use and wash, and very sturdy. We don’t use them for coffee, but they are good for that, too.

  59. lotsaresearch

    These measuring spoons are really nice. They are sturdy and have a nice feel when you use them. Info with them says they are 18 gauge 304 stainless steel which means they should last forever! If you like to level your spoon as you measure, they level very nicely. Highly recommend!!

  60. Amy

    Great quality and functionality. They are very sturdy and look even better in person. I had an issue receiving the product and the company was very responsive. I was so excited to get these and they have surpassed my expectations. Would highly recommend.

  61. John

    Really like the design and it’s works great so far.

  62. Patricia

    perfect little scoop set, high quality, couldn’t be cuter.

  63. Patricia Jordan

    Love the quality of these scoops!!

  64. Dr. Moody

    Very heavy – excellent quality. I purchased a second set.

  65. Nannan

    Cute and sturdy.

  66. AmazonAddict

    These are gorgeous! I bought the RSVP scoop a while back and needed some smaller scoops like that one to fit in our counter top containers. 

  67. Debbie Rolf

    These are awesome quality spoons worth every penny!

  68. Michael Ann

    Needed some loose tea scoops and these are perfect for it.

  69. Damon

    Very nice quality. I love them for myself; they would be great added to a gift also.

  70. Jocelyn B.

    Great coffee! Great cause!

    Will buy again.

  71. Amberdee

    These scoops are incredibly well made. The design is lovely and they are very sturdy. I bought 2 sets and use one for coffee and the other for scooping my homemade laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent. They are very handy and lovely.

  72. HMG

    such a great little set, scoop is small enough to stay in the coffee bag and really gets the last of the grounds out!

  73. Robert B.

    Quality scoops, was not expecting them to be so heavy but that’s what makes the quality scoops.

  74. S Johnson

    Love these, I’ve purchased two or three, lost track. I would love to buy again if I could just get the 1 TBLP size as I use them more. I like leaving them in my glass containers of coffee, loose tea, herbs, etc. Very nice little spoons.

  75. Jason

    Love the spoons – very heavy duty. Would definitely recommend and purchase again.

  76. Frank

    Great item. I love the weight and super easy to clean.

  77. ladydragonfly

    I love these. I actually bought them to use in the laundry room but I might have to get a set for the kitchen. Very high quality.Thank you.

  78. JJ

    They don’t lie when they say these scoops are heavyweight. They’re beefy for coffee scoops. You definitely don’t have to worry about these things bending. I’d definitely suggest them if you want some scoops that will probably outlast you and your kids.

  79. Tornado

    very nice! heavy duty, fast shipping, best customer service ever 🙂

  80. JusAMom

    These are crazy great quality! They are heavy as ever. I love that there are two sizes as well. Some of us like our coffee stronger than others. 🙂 lol. They were packaged great (but honestly, I don’t think they could get destroyed anyway.) They arrived on time too! Thank you.

  81. Darlene

    I actually bought these as a gift for my boss to go with coffee beans but…LOVED THEM!!! The quality and feel of them was what caused me to keep these beauties for my own kitchen.

  82. Andrew Ensley

    My wife loves the quality of these scoops. It’s something so simple, but having the right tool for the job really makes a difference.

  83. justme

    Nice little coffee scoops, fit in the canister. I like that they are all metal and have a short handle.

  84. Michele M L

    Handy and adorable. Nice and solid

  85. MORRIS

    We love all the item we’ve received… They’re awesome

  86. Dynwanda Earp

    Like the look of them

  87. V. Espinola

    Nice finished product.

  88. RetiredInAnza

    These are pretty enough to give as gifts; very nice to handle and high quality.

  89. Kathy

    The larger scoop is the perfect size for measuring my coffee. I’m using the smallest scoop in a candy jar. Delivered promptly and in perfect condition. The scoops are of good quality and the handle is short enough to fit into my small coffee canister, yet designed so that it is easy to grip. Thank you for you excellent customer service and high quality product.

  90. TF

    Lovely & sturdy. Better than expected.

  91. FloridaFam

    Love my new scoops! Really hope you bring back the rose gold scoops! Haven’t been able to find that color anywhere!

  92. the Hip Homelife

    Very nice weight and shape. Just what I have been looking for!

  93. Kari

    Super cute and fits perfectly in my countertop jars

  94. Nanny

    Wonderful coffee scoops! Very well made! Totally adorable! Definitely recommend! They are marvelous to hold, use and look at! Really like making a contribution to a worthy cause too!

  95. lmark5

    Love these coffee scoops – they are really sturdy and classy looking. Measure coffee perfectly – we keep them in the pantry with the coffee stuff. I use one and he uses the other. I like the large handles and the weight of the scoops. Great value and very well made.

  96. Rissa

    I bought these for my husband, and according to him they are great! The matte finish is perfect, and they are the perfect size to keep at his desk at work, where he makes his pour-over coffee by using these to measure the whole beans he needs for one cup.

    We were also very pleasantly surprised by the message on the box, a portion of which reads “All Profits To Charity…we’re passionate about using revenue from our coffee expertise to fight human trafficking and bring peace on earth. All profits to charity. Period.” Wow! I didn’t notice this anywhere in the product description when I bought this item, and if it’s not it should be added.

    Tldr; We’ll be buying more products from this company in the future. Great item, from a great company that has a great purpose.

  97. Sandy in Florida

    These are great little scoops! I ordered 2 sets for my canister set.

  98. Jeffrey M Smith

    Scoops have nice finish, good quality

  99. DeeKamp

    These are very nice scoops. Very sturdy and great price for 2.

  100. J. Johnson

    Very strong and durable. Smooth edges.

  101. Kiersten

    heavy duty great price

  102. MsGlo

    Nice product, heavy duty, usable as sugar scoop too! Attractive. Bought another as a gift

  103. Amazon Customer

    I am not sure if I purchased a different type of coffee scoop at Amazon. I used it for several years and it broke. I never thought a coffee scoop breaks. The spoon handle came off!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!
    Before purchasing the Coletti COL105 Coffee Scoop this time, I closely looked at the photo of the product to see if it is durable. I received it the other day and it looks even better than I saw online. It is much much better than the other one which broke. It won’t break even after using it for 100 years, I think. I have just ordered 2nd one to give to my family. It’s that good. Buy this coffee scoop if you like the best quality.

  104. Amazon Customer

    Beautiful and useful!

  105. K. Wright

    The spoons were even more durable than I expected. They are perfect for our coffee and cocoa containers, especially during the busy family holiday season! Thank you! A+++


    I purchased these scoops to include with a Christmas gift.

    Very pleased with the quality. Also, these scoops are an excellent value.

    I recommend.



    These are well made and easy to clean

  108. SZ

    If you’re looking for an accurate measure, keep looking. If you’re looking for a scoop that’s easy to hold on to, looks good, doesn’t bend, washes easily and is FDA food safety approved these scoops are adorable little gems. I came back and bought 4 more sets to fill up all my jars (flour, sugar, coffee, craisins, nuts, loose tea, etc) that need scoops. Elegant enough to use as serving utensils for appetizers. Love the matte finish bc there’s no finger prints. Also love the rounded edges because the spoon doesn’t dig into your hand as a square edge would. Beautifully and elegantly designed.

  109. Sarah M.

    I’m very happy with the coffee scoops they are very well made and sturdy since they are made in one piece you don’t ever have to worry that the handle will come off.
    They are also nice looking and will last forever.

  110. Tim Grooms

    Very sturdy, easy to handle and clean.

  111. olevel

    Not too much I can say about a scoop, but they are really nice and sturdy.
    Glad I bought them.

  112. Andrea Klock

    Love the matte finish and they were exactly what I needed. No more leaving the baking tablespoon in the coffee can! So happy with these!

  113. Dan Calvert

    The scoops work great and have nice wide handles for easy gripping! I love that they aren’t plastic so they don’t stain up if you don’t get a chance to wash then immediately.

  114. Diana Roeber

    Just what I was looking for for my loose tea and chia seeds …. well made, fit nicely into the containers.

  115. Nanniespantry

    Nice quality. I am using for coffee scoops but an use for other measuring.

  116. Vicky L. Dinneen

    When I bought these coffee scoops, I thought I was buying myself a little convenience since my round tablespoon measure had a long handle that I inconveniently bumped on things, regularly spilling coffee grounds on the counter before they hit the coffee filter. Well, who would have expected to find that coffee scoops could add to the whole morning coffee experience? The balanced weight, curve sculpted cup and the short handle have made such a difference that I could almost swear these scoops make the coffee taste better too. These are more than convenient, they are now how I do coffee. Thanks.

  117. S. Martindale

    Very well made. Great design!

  118. Gina Mallory

    I am really impressed with the quality of the spoons, it was a great value for the price.

  119. mebde24

    Love these guys. They’re great

  120. Makinlee

    Loves these!

  121. RKHarm24

    The matt finish is okay, but I wish the spoon part was more finely polished so as not to attract coffee grounds.
    Easy to hold onto handles and fits nicely into my vacuum canister.

  122. Y. Callewaert

    I was a bit nervous about some of the reviews mentioning it had raw edges, burls, but found that not the case.
    It is a gorgeous satin finish. Short handle so you can keep it inside a canister. I would not hesitate to order again or gift this.

  123. Dana Alvarez

    Good quality and wonderful easy and small fits your coffee stuff

  124. Julie


  125. Taylor’s Knoll

    These scoops are super cute, & great quality. They’re exactly what I was hoping for, & exceeded my expectations!
    Kudos, Coletti!

  126. Amazon Customer

    I got these actually for my laundry detergent. They’re the perfect size and I don’t over soap. I’m very happy with them.

  127. V. Price

    These tablespoons make it very easy to measure the amount of coffee needed. I like them so much that I have purchased three more sets for gifts.

  128. Toaster

    These are very nice scoops, fit your fingers and thumb nicely. I like that it is one solid piece so the handle won’t break off like glued on scoops.

  129. LaurieBell

    Love these scoops!! Highly recommend. Multiple uses. I just may buy more or at least give as gifts.

  130. Cliff

    Good quality, well made

  131. Shane

    Very nice, well built

  132. wenrobrie

    These are awesome. I’m not using them to scooping coffee beans but rather for measuring ingredients when I cook and bake. Heavy, high quality and all one solid piece of stainless steel so no grommets to rust or break. Can put in dishwasher. Good looking too!

  133. Amazon Customer

    These work great and are pretty!

  134. Nimby5956

    Love these! They’re nice and heavy and easy to clean.

  135. Tyler

    Well made and as advertised. I bought this for coffee. I didn’t need the second one, but the two were cheaper than a lot of single sets, so I’ll take it.

  136. P

    Great quality and price

  137. Suzanne Howard

    Nice weight and feel. I was using an old plastic scoop before.

  138. Amazon Customer

    Great product! The design is really nice and it even came in a cute box that I did not expect. I plan to order more as a gift because this is something that nearly anyone can use.

  139. jord

    makes the measurement of coffee so much easier … level spoons …great product good for 1 tablespoons or 2

  140. Antonio Latella

    They are Perfect for my coffee.

  141. cordova1220

    Works great highly recommend

  142. Serene Gagniuk

    I settled on this brand because it was two sizes of spoons for the same price as one from the other companies. I don’t need two but I didn’t really know what size I needed, so this worked out. The scoop is very strong and sturdy without being overly heavy. I love it! There are no little ledges so it’s super easy to clean. Highly recommended!

  143. Kel220

    Perfect size! Very sturdy. Just what I was expecting.

  144. CuteBaldChick

    I really like these scoops. It’s nice to have the 2 tablespoon measure as I bake a lot during the holidays.

  145. CPM

    We love our new coffee scoop. It is sturdy and easy to clean. We used to have a plastic scoop, which did not last. This scoop is sturdy and should last. Reasonably priced.

  146. Brenda H

    Very high quality, love the unique shape! Great to have 2 different sizes, too!

  147. Angie

    Just what I wanted, perfect size.great little coffee scoop

  148. LAX

    Great value, great design, and the proceeds go to helping out a fantastic cause. Win, win win ????

  149. Sheila Jablonski

    They are just right for my coffee.

  150. Katie Harper

    Great coffee scoop.

  151. Jeffrey L.

    These coffee scoops are heavy duty and amazing!!!! A superb value!!! Great quality and super fast shipping!!!!

  152. Wade Poplawski

    Nice product, very happy with it.

  153. prune tracy

    these spoons are surprisingly beautiful with a nice weight to them and a nice look. they’re just measuring spoons so it isn’t rocket science, they do their job, but they look very fancy!

  154. Jeniffer Jenkins

    Love my little scoops. I use them every morning to measure 5he right amount of coffeem

  155. devin

    Good. As advertised

  156. Lydia ECortez

    Love these spoons!

  157. Tom A

    it fits in my coffee jar

  158. Quiteria Perreira

    I was looking for scoops to be able to keep in drink containers that had a short handle. These are perfect!

  159. RB

    Very sturdy, well made scoops. Nice addition to the coffee bar!

  160. Dirk

    Love these, got them super fast!

  161. Rachel Pack

    Serves what I need it for and for a great cause!

  162. micky k


  163. Peter Nunez

    these measuring spoons are great, i love how they feel and how they hold coffee without spilling over, if youre looking for scoops buy these!

  164. Karen

    Very nice product

  165. Jenny

    I ordered these scoops for my homemade bubble tea set. The interior diameter of my sugar jar measures 3.5″ and I needed a scoop short enough to fit inside for storage. The 1T scoop does the trick and I’ll use the 2T to measure out tapioca pearls. Pretty stoked about the craftsmanship and excited to give these a try.

  166. Whitney Crowningshield

    A very well crafted coffee scooper, easy to clean and accurate. I’m very happy and pleased with this purchase.

  167. Dwayne Cole


  168. Helen Cullen

    These are perfect. They fit in the tin, or coffee bag well. Scoop neatly, and drop into the cone neatly. Longer handles seem to have coffee grain spills. These scoops do not.

  169. R turner

    Fantastic. Better than I thought it would be. Also thanks to all of you for serving your country. Me ‘78-‘82 USN

  170. Steven Christie

    Perfect size and sturdy. Well thought out – love the short handles to store along with coffee in container.

  171. Cristi Flowers

    I bought these scoops to use for a coffee measure and they work perfectly! Definitely recommended

  172. Toni

    Strong little scoops. I like them. We use the only for coffee, but they can be uses for measuring anything.

  173. BB

    I’m happy with these. I got two sets. I use 2 for laundry detergent (super wash and borax) and 2 for pantry (coffee and tea). They seem solid and durable and they have sort of a clean simple look to them. I wish they were a little less expensive for scoops but I’m happy enough with the quality that I didn’t even knock a star off for it.

  174. angela r macgowan

    GREAT little scoops. Very sturdy and perfect size to keep in any jar.

  175. River girl

    I love these, they provide two perfect sizes and they are very sturdy.

  176. Mel

    Very sturdy, using for my canister scoops.

  177. Will McMahon

    Great construction, very sturdy with rugged aesthetics. Plus it seems to be family-owned with a great cause.

  178. Laroche J. Placide

    If you are a serious coffee drinker, the you will this to ensure your drink is perfect.


    Nice looking product and fast shipping. Thank you.

  180. Thomas G. Birt

    The short handles are the main reason I bought these. I like to keep them in decanters, and long handles are obtrusive. Well made steel scoops.

  181. Bill

    Sturdy and easy to clean, not made of cheap materials

  182. DC MPLS

    Excellent quality for the price, enjoy having 2 tblsp

  183. CJ

    I really liked this coffee scoop. It has a unique shape and easy to hold and use. Very good quality material, very well made.

  184. Chi

    Smaller than expected but good wuality

  185. Dante

    Really glad I purchased these, excellent quality brushed stainless steel. Slight curve in the handle makes it very ergonomic.

  186. glittergirl????

    I agree with everyone else, this is such a cute spoon set and I love that the proceeds go to charity to help make this world just a little better. The spoons are very well made, weighty and I love that the short handle will mean I can fit the bigger one in the container I keep my powdered creamer in and the other will fit where I keep my sugar. Honestly I didn’t know what they meant by the thumb indent until I got the set but now I do see how it fits better in my finger, who knew that was even a thing 🙂 My son is a Marine currently deployed overseas and one day he too will be known as a veteran and I can’t ever imagine someone treating him less than what he deserves. Our veterans should never be homeless or hungry (in 2020, no one should, whether you are a vet or not) and I love the fact that this company is not only owned and operated by veterans but that they choose to donate all of the proceeds to various charities. I don’t know how they can keep afloat but I would definitely buy from them again to do my part to help them. So glad I saw these!

  187. SouthJersey Girl

    Very sturdy and sleek. Will last a lifetime!

  188. R. Wagoner

    It’s well made, sturdy, easy to clean and can scoop coffee as described. Not sure what more there is to say it does what it should do for a reasonable price.

  189. Katianne B.

    I use these for measuring coffee grounds!

  190. Cat’s Coffee

    These coffee measuring spoons are superb!! The construction is impeccable. I hadn’t expected such fine quality for such a reasonable price.

  191. Donna Keating

    I was very impressed with the quality of the measuring spoons. They are nice and deep and work well for coffee and so much more.

  192. Amazon Customer

    Quality, durable scoops that you can keep in the coffee tin. My husband loves these.

  193. Joseph E DiCesare

    Excellent product

  194. tammy shemwer


  195. Bettina Box

    Can’t go wrong with this coffee scoop. My husband uses the 1 tablespoon to make cowboy coffee. The 2 tablespoon is used for baking. Highly recommend this product.

  196. Bore69

    Great value,well made, my wife love it one the sugar and other for the coffee , awesome when you support a veteran company.Guys keep up with the good stuff !!

  197. Choo Chan

    Love the quality and silhouette of these spoons, very very sturdy.

  198. Jamie Hobbs

    I ordered these to use for measuring portions for calorie counting. These are really sturdy metal. Would reccomend.

  199. Amazon Customer

    The size snd weight

  200. Amanda S

    These scoops are the perfect sizes for my coffee and sugar jars! My morning coffee routine is so much easier now.

  201. Amazon Customer

    These are perfectly sized. Nice and heavy, quality kitchen tool.

  202. Burma

    These are awesome and well made scoops,so glad I purchased them. They are in no way flimsy and are very sturdy,I had my wife check them out and her response was “these are quality and will last for years. I just wish they had a messing spoon set,I’d definitely buy them if they did.

  203. Loretta P. Roffelsen

    Heavy, nice quality and comfortable fit in my hand.

  204. James Munchbach

    Very nice scoops! Good quality stainless steel. Very sturdy and attractive.

  205. RAM

    Very happy with these scoops. Exactly as described, nice and heavy, and they wash up nicely.

  206. Anonymous

    Super coffee scoop! Practical with a dose of style!!

  207. sonicd0012

    Love these scoops, the look and feel. Big fan of the 2 Tablespoon scoop.

  208. Gregg

    It is a very good scoop

  209. Jerrel C. Thomas

    if you’re going to have the percolator and the filters you might as well have the whole thing, and get these little coffee scoops thery heavy duty. They will last for years. Top quality products super products I would encourage you to take the whole enchilada.

  210. Laurie E. Roberts

    My measuring spoons are wonderful! Heavy duty enough to last! I’ll probably buy more!

  211. richard callihan

    with a little finesse, you can pretty much shake a level spoon full. I’ve only used the 2 tbs so far (for coffee) the 1 tbs was a bonus

  212. Stephany

    Great product, Solid!

  213. arianamd

    Nice packaging and perfect size! Love them!!

  214. Amazon Customer

    These are very sturdy scoops and measure accurately. I love them!

  215. Creation by Heaven, Inc

    I like it! Size, quality! Perfect

  216. Notsomadmaxine

    Honestly, I didn’t need these, but after I read about the company, I decided to buy them in addition to the stove-top percolator coffee pot, to support their mission. Now that I have them, I’m so glad I bought them. They are sturdy and smooth, and a pleasure to use. Since they are short-handled and compact, I can leave it in my coffee container so it’s always right where I need it.

  217. will martin

    Perfect size and shape, and super high quality. Plus I love this company’s mission!!

  218. Megafun

    I’ve been using these for about a week. I find they are a little heaverier than I expected (a good thing). These aren’t cheeply made. Try them. I think you’ll like them. Very pleased!

  219. Christina A.

    Perfect for the powdered sugar that my son loves on his pancakes!!!

  220. David O Cook

    I bought these to fill my reusable k-cups and they work great! The scoops feel very solid, are ergonomic, and the irregular shape of the scoop make it really easy to poor grounds into my k-cup without spilling. Highly recomend.

  221. Margy Butterfield

    Love them and love the mission of the company!

  222. Tiffany Hudson


  223. Amazon Customer

    So cute and have a nice weight to them.

  224. Smith k

    I love the uniqueness to these scoops. Strong amd sturdy. Would definitely buy again if needed. They are not super light, they have some weight to them, which I like.

  225. David E. Reynolds

    This scoops are nicely balanced. They are heavier than I expected. These are some well-made scoops.

  226. Wally R Goodwin

    It works perfect for scooping coffee and fits perfect for coffee container.

  227. Andrea Kessler

    Great product! Love it!

  228. melanie

    These scoops are sturdy and true to their listed measurements. I’m really just using the 1Tbsp scoop for measuring coffee grounds, I didn’t really need the second scoop but it wasn’t much more expensive to get both than to just buy the single scoop. No complaints.

  229. Gooseylloosey

    I love these, they are very sturdy, and I use them for my coffee and sugar bowls. The price is excellent. Thanks

  230. Maecenas

    These spoons add a lot to my coffee ritual. They’re quite attractive, but after I learned that the company was owned by vets and all profits go to charity, I ordered more.

  231. Matthew Young

    Great product. Sturdy. Well built.

  232. Mom2boys

    Heavy duty!! Great scoops for measuring my ground coffee daily!!

  233. Amazon Customer

    These are awesome as they fit in my husbands co tai er of mid water perfectly and my daughter uses the larger one when we bake.

  234. Vincent Tenaglia

    The coffee scoops are excellent, best money I ever spent

  235. Eileen Hauptman

    The perfect scoops. I like that they are sturdy and will not I’ll be able to be bent. Well designed to avoid spillage, too.

  236. James Clearwater

    Like the set

  237. Living in Tulum

    I had them sent to mexico. arrived in a few days. great quality and fair price.

  238. Sindee Wilson

    I really love the coffee scoops. I have been looking everywhere for a good brand, they’re sturdy and you get two different size coffee scoops. Good find and great buy.

  239. Great Owl

    These coffee scoops are just as pictured and described. Very good.

  240. Raquel

    Great sturdy product, accurate and looks great. Five stars!

  241. Mom of 4

    I wanted short handled coffee measuring spoons to keep in my ground coffee jars (we enjoy french press coffee). These works great! Love the size & weight of them. Easy to clean. Would make a great gift too. Have had about 6 months now, no problems.

  242. mary

    Needed something to measure our coffee in our trailer. This works perfectly!

  243. Mare1949

    Product delivered quickly and as promised. Very happy with my new coffee scoops!

  244. Karen Friedman

    They’re small, but beautifully designed.

  245. Alvy

    I am a huge coffee drinker. I needed some nice, sturdy, easy to use scoops for my coffee and creamer. These were perfect!

  246. Katie C.

    Love these! I bought them to measure my liquid supplements and they’re seriously perfect!

  247. Amazon Customer

    Everything I expected and more!

  248. Teri Koch

    Love these scoops! Super sturdy. I just received my second set. I use them for various things in the laundry and kitchen. Price is great for the quality, strongly recommend.

  249. T. Spencer

    Great high-quality product that we use multiple times daily.
    They work great and we are very happy with this purchase!

  250. Wende

    these have a nice sturdy weight and are comfortable to hold and use, well made and smooth finish.

  251. Nancy M.

    I love these scoops! I had ordered other scoops very similar from another vendor on June 18th and had expected delivery date of July 24th. Now new expected delivery is August 8 – 24! I got these Colleti scoops in one day and ordered 2 more sets and received those the next day after I ordered. I use larger scoops for my brown sugar and Splenda granular. I use the smaller scoops for candy jars of M&M and chocolate covered almonds. They are great just in the drawer to grab when you need to measure something 2T or 1T. Well made and great price!

  252. Kevin W.

    These are terrific! One of my favorite buys on Amazon! I love having a 2 tblsn size for servings of dressing, peanut butter, etc. They are extremely sturdy! I’ve had them almost 2 years and no bending or rusting or anything. They also have big, sturdy handles. I can scoop them right into refrigerated natural peanut butter which is quite hard and they never bend even a little. They go right in the dishwasher and still look brand new. They are beautiful and useful and accurate. They even nest to take up less space in my drawer. I love them and highly recommend!

  253. Amazon Customer

    I have gone back to perking coffee and needed a nice scoop to measure the coffee. This set is perfect nice hand feel. Good Bye single serve!!

  254. Stephen G.

    They’re coffee scoops. They scoop coffee. I have used these now multiple times to scoop coffee and I can confirm they do not self destruct during the process of scooping said coffee. If you’re looking to scoop coffee like me, these area a good buy.

  255. Liz

    Spoons are great for my whole bean coffee! Would love to use as a camping measuring tool should I do so in the coming years but no biggie. Thanks for offering a 2 piece set! I’ll be back for more camping gear…or apartment living(difference right haha)

  256. Angie Robinson

    Love the short handle and sturdiness!

  257. Carolyn L.

    I’ll be honest, they had me at “Veteran Owned”. But beyond that, these are great scoops! Very sturdy, and perfect for measuring my coffee!

  258. Kindle Customer

    Needed a short handled scoop to fit into my coffee canister. Comes in two sized. The smaller one is perfect for my canister. Don’t know what I’ll do with the larger one but it’s nice to get two for such a cheap price.

  259. Erica

    Product was exactly what I was looking for. They were able to fit in the jars I intended to put them in.

  260. Samanta M Roma

    I love this product. I use it for my coffee grounds every morning. So easy to clean and very sturdy.

  261. Matthew B

    Works great.

  262. Jerry Cerchia

    Quality is there. Definitely strong and sturdy. Solid purchase.

  263. S. Riddle

    the spoons are nice. They are a good weight and size. Love them.

  264. Holly A McCusker


  265. MSR

    I was very happy with these, very thick and high quality and I love the modern design. Holding up great in dishwasher.

  266. M. Heintz

    This set is great. The spoons are sturdy and feel well built.

  267. suzyq

    I was pleasantly surprised by how solid/heavy these scoops are. I wanted a scoop that was small enough to fit in my coffee can and these are perfect.

  268. April Herndon

    These are very aesthetically-pleasing and functional coffee scoops. I needed a new scoop that would fit in the jar I bought for grounds and these are perfect. The only thing I noticed is that the larger scoop is a bit shy of 2 full tablespoons. However, after using it a few times my coffee tastes just as good as it did using my old 2 tbsp scoop. You could use a rounded scoop if you wanted a bit closer to the right measurement. The 1 tbsp was fully accurate when compared with others I own.

  269. S A.

    This is very well made. The scoop is well balanced and fits perfectly in my coffee container. I especially love that this is a veteran owned & operated company.

  270. Avid Reader in AZ

    I was pleasantly surprised to find these were very solid, sturdy, scoops. And very attractive.

  271. Erica

    I love this set! I must note that the big spoon has a slightly inaccurate measurement. The tablespoon is exact however the 2 tbsp scoop is technically less. I used a scale to measure sugar and figured it out that it’s almost but not perfectly exact, so don’t use it for baking. Other than that the quality is very good! There were negligible imperfections with the 2 tbsp pictured, (if you can notice the watermark that doesn’t come off) I will use these for my coffee and sugar, in the end i would buy again bc for the price, it’s perfect for what I needed.

  272. Abigail


  273. Amazon Customer


  274. Joel

    These little coffee spoons are great. The quality is top notch and so sturdy. I leave them out next to my coffee maker because they look so great.

  275. Edward

    GREAT SCOOPS “AND” A VETERAN OWNED AND OPERATED COMPANY! I am a veteran of the US Navy and I am ALWAYS looking for ways to support any Veteran Owned and Operated businesses.
    TIP: If you have not already tried them then I would suggest and highly recommend that you try the “BLACK RIFLE COFFEE COMPANY” out of Salt Lake City, UT. Fabulous service and FABULOUS COFFEE’S.

  276. Jenmaw

    Sturdy little scoops. Love using them. Would highly recommend!

  277. valleyankee

    These are high quality scoops! They can also be used when cooking or baking. I actually use them as a scoop measure for my dry cat food.

  278. Me, myself, and I

    Love these! Got them to combat static build up of supplement powder. They do that!

  279. Timothy

    Sturdy, feels and looks extremely high quality. Perfect touch for the homemade coffee enthusiast!

  280. Jostaff

    Heavy duty, high quality, great little spoons. If that isn’t enough it’s a veteran owned company. Highly recommended.

  281. Lance

    Only one I use is the TBSP, 2 scoops of coffee grinds in a drip 12 cup pot. MONEY
    It stays in the air tight seal container I have for my coffee. Just what I wanted.

  282. Sharyn O.

    Very nice weight and feel to these measuring spoons.

  283. S.Hyde

    I use them for more than just coffee.

  284. MO816

    Didn’t know I could love a coffee spoon… good heft, accurately ergonomic, optimal coffee-cupping while portioning, just a good spoon.

    I’m used to the smaller size for coffee, it actually now really like the double size better. Might buy it again so I can have at more coffee prep zones for around the house.

    It’s stamped metal and you can see by the edge, but the heft of it gives a feeling of being cast.

  285. Virginia Crawley-Simmons

    I am VERY impressed with the quality of these coffee scoops. I bought them to keep at work and am buying more for my house. The 1 tablespoon spoon is on the left and the 2 tablespoon spoon is on the right. They are heavyweight and durable. I highly recommend purchasing these! I plan on using the 2 tablespoon the most come winter time when I start baking stuff in large quantities.

  286. Karen Marie

    Very sturdy and exactly what I was looking for. I’ll probably never need to replace these!

  287. MomsTara

    Ordered these on a whim, been using them for awhile now and so glad we did! They are great quality and feel nice in your hand. Accurate measure and wash up no worries. Sent a set to our daughter and first words were,”These feel so nice! They are sturdy.”

  288. Kristine janczak

    If you need coffee scoopers you should buy these. They are really nice.

  289. Amazon Customer

    Exactly what I was looking for.

  290. Julie R. Thompson

    Very sturdy. Fits good in my coffee contaiy

  291. Kelly

    As expected

  292. dmb25

    These coffee scoops are great, thick and very sturdy. They’ll definitely be around forever.

  293. ehuston

    Just what was needed. Fits in container with coffee perfectly.

  294. liz

    perfect for my coffee and tea canister.

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