Crag – Hand Coffee Grinder for Camping



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  • PREMIUM MANUAL COFFEE GRINDER: Use an exceptional hand held coffee grinder when you’re making your daily cup. Coarse or fine, get your grind perfect every time. Terrific materials & world-class machining make for a great grinder
  • GOES WHERE YOU GO: Bring this hand burr coffee grinder on the road or up a mountain. That way you can have handground precision coffee anywhere in the world. COLETTI is a camping company, so you can trust our gear to travel
  • CRAFTSMANSHIP: Expert design and engineering went into making this manual stainless steel coffee grinder a reality. We looked at everything that makes a hand crank coffee grinder convenient & efficient, then made something much better
  • COFFEE GROUND THE RIGHT WAY: Use a burr grinder to get the most out of your coffee beans. Nothing beats freshly ground coffee at sunrise. The Crag is an integral part of a perfect cup of coffee
  • COMBAT TOUGH: No coffee grinder has ever been built this rugged. COLETTI brings coffee to camping and adventure to your morning brew. We believe you can make camping coffee anywhere in the world