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Coffee Percolator Glass Top Replacement - (Pack of 2)

 Made to twist securely onto percolator top
NO PLASTIC  Made of 100% glass. BPA Free. Heat Resistant. Dishwasher safe.
GET A SPARE  Get two glass tops for the price of one.
CONTROL YOUR BREW  Transparent top enables view of coffee strength.


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  • 100% Tempered Glass
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Wash; heat resistant
  • Transparent
  • Easy Installation

187 reviews for Coffee Percolator Glass Top Replacement – (Pack of 2)

  1. Wachtergeist

    Great product at a great price.

    I used these to repair another brand perculator. Knew they most likely would not be a direct fit and they weren’t.

    In the event that the Coletti’s we’re to big, I had planned on modifying both of our Yosemite lids any way. I bored both out and massaged the edges to work with the threading. The end results were perfect.

    Now have 2 Yosemites in perfect working order and the wife is very happy.

    *Note- do not attempt to modify other brand lids to fit unless you have the tools and are willing to gamble on ruining the lid.

    AGAIN- These are NOT a direct fit for the Farberware Yosemite Perculators. I modified our 2 lids because the OEM replacements are always out of stock.

    Here is a pic of one of the modified Farberware Yosemite Perculators with these great Coletti Gass Top Knobs.

  2. S. C. Drinkard

    Very good quality, but does NOT got the Faberware Yosemite Percolator.

  3. Bill

    Great replacement top and it comes in a package of two. The old ones need to be replaced and this made the coffee pot look new.

  4. BBAIL

    Works after modification of the lid. Be VERY careful modifying the metal, too big nd it won’t work.

  5. Vernon

    fits 12 cup coleman camp coffee maker

  6. Zandy Hassinger

    Did just what they were supposed to do and nice to have an extra

  7. Amazon Customer

    Just what I needed

  8. erin

    Fits perfect, works great

  9. annonymous

    will buy more as needed

  10. Paul

    Great replacement parts.

  11. Mike Otterbine


    Glass caps for my coffee maker..What else could a person want?

  12. Amazon Customer

    Good replacement parts.

  13. Joel homolac

    I melted the factory plastic bubbler on my cabelas stainless perculator, this was the perfect replacement

  14. TLSinIL

    Fits as a replacement. What more could I ask for?

  15. Kindle Customer

    Exactly what we need to replace the top of our Coleman perc used daily and extra value that we have a back up just in case another one accidentally cracks.

  16. jodi

    For our camping percolator coffee pot

  17. Amazon Customer

    Thank you.
    My Coleman percolator did not com with a lid so I ordered this one and it was a perfect fit!

  18. Virginia Jung

    Works perfectly with the Coletti Percolater.

    It’s unfair to give this product a negative review because it doesn’t fit a different brand percolater.

  19. Thomas R Martinico


  20. Angela M Reed

    Love it. The plastic kind that came in percolator became unclear and fuzzy. These glass ones are great!

  21. TCOTT


  22. James D.

    Perfect fit

  23. J. Cardenas Rodriguez

    Best percolator until now for me.

  24. Sherman B.

    What can I say? Great percolator tops? I bought them because I’m weeding out plastic ware from my food preparation/ storage…. So glass and porcelain, and stainless steel are in again.

  25. Tim Weeks


  26. William O.

    Wasn’t quite fitting my coleman coffee perculator. Wrapped a thin piece of aluminum foil around the threads and had a good tight fit. Bought it based on a review that said it would fit….Made it work.

  27. Ted Martin

    Even though it was built by Coletti for their coffee pot, you can use these on a 12 cup Coleman coffee pot. Its good that you have to buy two, because they break fairly often due to thermal shock. Never put cool water on this glass if it is hot to the touch. Even if you don’t, they occasionally break just because they’re made of glass.

  28. R King

    I bought these as spares for my new Colette Percolator. Nothing is worse than camping and losing the little top there by denying one much needed coffee. They fit well.

  29. Par4DaCourse

    As good as the original.

  30. Shopping Therapy

    My mother in law broke the glass cap on her percolator.. She had this pot for over 40 years.. She was devastated.. I purchased this this replacement and she is percolating away..

  31. hornmd

    I had a Coleman stainless percolator that I have owned a number of years I broke the glass percolator top and I was unable to find one that fit until I found the Coletti product I purchased. I am proud to say it fits my percolator perfectly.

  32. c

    Fit perfectly

  33. Shane

    Very nice!

  34. Larry Giurlani

    just what I needed

  35. L.E.R.

    Fits my 12-cup SS Coleman Percolator. So happy to have a replacement. Thank you!

  36. Dennis

    quick delivery product A++

  37. Joseph Montalto

    Arrived on time

  38. Polly Ann Murray

    Glass replacement for my coffee pot. Good value.

  39. Margarita Navarro

    Exacto el tamaño

  40. Old man Jon

    works good

  41. Pedro

    Bought the two pack of replacement percolator tops be cause I managed to shatter ours one morning. They fit perfect!

  42. THOR

    Fits Coleman stainless steel 12 cup perfect .

  43. McKenzie

    Glass as advertise

  44. Amin AlSada

    Coffee Percolator

  45. John B

    I was an idiot and broke the glass top on my percolator. I got these as a replacement, but they didn’t fit mine. Tried them on a friends and worked just fine, so I’m assuming I have a different percolator. Tried to bore out the hole to get these to fit, and went too far. Now I do cowboy coffee instead and my friend has a spare set of tops. They do work great, if you have the right size pot, or your not stupid like me and go too far when boring out the hole.

  46. Rosa Bravos

    I’m so happy that you had this item. I won’t have to give it to the goodwill.
    Thank you.

  47. Amazon Customer

    Works great, fit perfectly

  48. Adela M. Howe

    My Perk pot was old, I do not know what brand it is. so I got a universal top this one it was a little big so my husband took a Dremel tool made the whole slightly bigger and it fit right and it is possible. The picture shows the old top and the new one next to each other. Best thing about these new ones. Is that they are glass.

  49. ruperam0914

    It is still uncertain how long this will last. The original glass top did not even last a year before it broke by itself

  50. Bernard Merritt

    This is a perfect fit on my Coleman 12 cup percolator.

  51. Sion Otter

    Great to have backups

  52. Jim

    I’ve broke one already got to be more careful washing

  53. Thomas E. Yost

    Spare parts for percolator….easy fix, is needed in future

  54. FlorenceBird

    Fit perfectly. Thanks

  55. Amazon Customer

    I bought this for my Coleman percolator but they’re too big. The glass tops are awesome tho and nice and heavy

  56. Jann

    Works and easy to install

  57. jo

    Percolator glass top replacements are just like the one that go on my percolator. Very heavy. Well made

  58. Amazon Customer

    Replaced a missing one on my camping coffee pot. Fit better than the original plastic one it came with.

  59. Rodney B.

    Perfect fit ,fast service, great price what more can you ask for.

  60. DBett

    Great product

  61. Tonya a haynes

    it was for my old and beloved perculator

  62. Amazon Customer

    My percolator shattered on my coffee maker that I bought from an antique shop. I went online and saw these. They came the next day, fit perfectly and I couldn’t be more happy!

  63. Paul McLendon

    I used these percolator globes (one for spare) to replace a plastic ones on our camp fire coffee pot

  64. Ivan the Great

    I ordered the same product a year ago, they fit my Coletti percolator perfectly. This new batch is too small and just falls out of the percolator. The threading isn’t even the same. The product has the same part number. How do you mess that up? Definitely going with a different brand.

    *Update to my previous 1 star review. I contacted Coletti, and it turns out they updated their manufacturing process, so the old 9-cup Bozeman percolators were out of spec with the new glass tops. Customer service promptly sent me a brand new 9-cup Bozeman. It shows they care about their customers.

  65. Deborah Romero

    Worked perfectly, husband likes it better than original one! Got a spare too!

  66. Chuck

    Idem Item is as advertised, kind for kind replacement for Coleman 12 cup coffee pot

  67. Mitchell P.

    I just got these in the post today and it fits perfectly onto my Coletti Bozeman 9 cup percolator. Not sure why all the negative reviews but no issues with it and it’s an exact replacement of the one that came with my coffee pot originally.

  68. FALL

    Didn’t fit my percolator

  69. Amazon Customer

    It fit and works perfectly for my 12 cup Coleman coffee pot!

  70. Douglas an Melissa Kirby

    Perfect fit for my Ozark trails coffee pot

  71. wayne matteson

    Fits perfectly.

  72. CompareB4Ubuy

    I use an old fashion stainless steel pot, no aluminum or plastic. I needed a glass top and kept finding plastic ones. This is in fact glass. Good product! Fast delivery.

  73. Amazon Customer

    Very happy with this purchase. Easy to put on, yey!

  74. Judy

    Replacement percolator glass topper, fit perfectly. Thank you

  75. Sheri Lyn Kurtzworth

    Glad I ordered with my percolator, because the original glass top didn’t fit that came with my percolator.

  76. Jerry Gutierrez

    Nothing to dislike.

  77. pegleg

    The glass top fit is loose. Easy to remedy by bending the aluminum perk top just a hair.

  78. Mark1Mod0Squid

    great replacement parts they break all the time

  79. edie

    Was perfect fit

  80. CattP

    This fit perfectly in our Bass Pro camping percolator to replace the original that broke. It fits and works like new. Great value to get the set of two and now we have a backup if needed.

  81. Robert B.

    It’s a percolator top, not rocket science. Fit my perc perfectly.

  82. TFields

    I wanted replacements in case I should break one.

  83. ZT

    this one will not break easily.

  84. dc

    perfect fit

  85. Nate

    Worked perfectly for my percolator

  86. Ryan

    Perfect fit for the Coleman Stainless Steel Percolator, 12 Cup

  87. Anonamousity

    The original glass top on my percolator broke easily (split by itself really), but these seem much better. …make them in the USA and all will be good with the world.

  88. Lisa C

    Great price

  89. Amazon Customer

    Well made and better than expected, however they do not fit the Faberware pot. To bad cause it seems to be a great product.

  90. Happy in LA

    Good design, and great quality

  91. MoosemanMike

    Perfect replacement for the Original. First one cracked at the threads. Glad you get two.

  92. Tee

    Exactly as described

  93. Anita

    What a joy! These are so well made and guess what? THEY FIT!! Thank you Coletti for a good coffee pot and these fine glass tops!!

  94. Alan’s Girl

    This is replacement for our perculator. It works. Happy with quality and price.

  95. robert stout


  96. steve

    Worked perfectly!

  97. ed

    All glass. Fits better than the original.

  98. Ocie

    Fit nice.

  99. lulu loves idaho

    This is the perfect replacement top for our stainless steel stove top Coleman coffee pot. Fits perfect! Service was excellent from the company.

  100. Chris Garcia

    Purchased the 12 cup Coletti Bozeman percolator in March 2019. After 6 months or so the glass top began to chip and by December it was too damaged to use. I placed two orders for glass top replacements; the first order I never received and the second the tops were too loose, much like what others have experienced. I emailed Coletti and they called me the next day. They were very personable and apologetic about my issues. They refunded my first order and explained that they had a bad batch of glass tops that were sized incorrectly. Coletti sent a new pair of tops for free which fit perfectly. I have yet to see how long these last, but they reassured me that if I have any further issues to let them know. If you have loose fitting glass tops I would recommend calling or emailing Coletti customer service.

  101. swimswimhb

    A little difficult to install in my percolator, but kept working with it. Like the fact it was two in a pack for price. Hopefully, they will last longer than the original that came with percolator.

  102. Amazon Customer

    Fits just right. Thank u

  103. Love Green

    I wasn’t sure they would, but these DO fit my GSI percolator! I’ve used one several times so far, and so far so good. I make sure I don’t have it screwed tight when perking, in case that would make it crack.

  104. Patti Ford

    Little pricey

  105. Steve

    The fit is perfect. Nice and snugg.

  106. Charles Steinwand

    Percolator came with plastic top. Didn’t think it would last. These glass tops fit perfectly and screwed on tight.

  107. Jim

    We received neither compensation not offer of any compensation for this review.

  108. Cantxsailor

    Perfect fit h guy or my old percolator.

  109. REL

    Perfect fit.

  110. Corsie

    Replaced and fits perfect on Coleman 12 cup pot

  111. KarenR6880

    I like that I now don’t have to worry about shards of glass in my coffee. I bought these to replace the original one that broke on the threaded end and wasn’t sure if it would work with my 12 cup Coleman stainless steel stove top perculator, but much to my surprise they work and now I don’t have to worry about the glass breaking into my coffee anymore

  112. Watch Less TV and Read More

    The glass top of my Eurolux percolator cracked after about six months of use (most likely user error). I bought these to replace the glass top and they fit perfectly. Thank you.

  113. Robert E Barber

    They MIGHT fit, if you tweak the coffeepot lid just a little. I have this coffeepot, or one VERY close to it+ (looks identical in the pictures) that I picked up in a thrift shop. These glass tops did not fit out of the box, but looked almost identical to the cracked original. These were too loose. Upon inspection, I saw these are threaded differently. The hole in the lid of my coffeepot bends in where the metal is cut. I bent the metal very slightly and gently up and in (towards the lid) all around the hole, easy to do with a pair of needlenose pliers. The tops now fit nice and snug. They don’t wiggle at all.

    DISCLAIMER: I bought my coffeepot for a couple of bucks, and didn’t mind playing with it. If you try what I did, you WILL alter your coffeepot, and I can’t guarantee the glass tops will fit. I’m not responsible if you try this and break your coffeepot. I just wanted to put this advice out there for people who don’t mind taking the risk. In my case, it was a better option than trying to find a top that fit out of the box, or the kludgy ring-underneath solutions.

  114. Aaron Spriggs

    So far they look perfect. I haven’t had the chance to see if it fits, but I believe it does. Looks identical to the old one.

  115. Amesd

    Perfect replacement for My Coleman 12 cup Coffee Pot glass topper,

  116. R Jack


  117. Marco Plaza

    Great product and service

  118. Alicia Andrews

    Perfect replacement for plastic percolator top. Fits my Ozark Trail 12-cup stainless percolator after the original plastic top split.

  119. Regina

    “The top that came with the pot was always loose, but this one is tight and doesn’t fall out all the time.

  120. JessThy

    Was an exact duplicate of my Eurolux percolator glass top that chipped. For the same price as one top being sold by other brands, I got a glass top that fits my percolator perfectly.

  121. Darrell M.

    Glass top fit perfect. Fast delivery and worked perfect.

  122. Michael S.

    This is a generic percolator top and DOES fit the Coletti Bozman 9 cup coffee pot but it’s overall dimensions are smaller compared to the original that was shipped with the coffee pot.

  123. PEC

    Good price
    Well packaged
    Perfect fit
    Quick delivery

  124. Jonathon

    Seem solid, but they don’t fit. Not sure what else to say beyond that. I own the Bozeman 12-cup percolator.

    UPDATE: I informed Coletti of the issue and they rushed out some new tops to me. Unfortunately, one of the two they sent didn’t fit. Rather than send out additional tops, I requested that they just refund half the order. They graciously obliged and I’m a happy customer. This is the second time their customer service has been expedient and helpful. I’d recommend Coletti to anyone, and thanks to Rachel for resolving the problem so quickly.

  125. Debbie Morris

    They are fabulous ❤️

  126. Happysan

    These were good and sturdy glass as I had wanted, just the wrong size, so I had to send them back. I needed a larger one.

  127. Honest Opinion

    Great product, fits a wide variety of percolators, will fit an 1 and 1/8 inch hole.

  128. Marie Mccullough

    Wow fits excellent better then the original coffee pot is called eurolux highly recommended!

  129. peach2u

    I have an Eurolux 9 cup percolator. My original top got broken. Eurolux was not on the list of brands this glass top fits. So, it was a shot in the dark. I’m happy to say it fits my 9 cup Eurolux perfectly. And just as thick as the original.

  130. Nick Schultz

    It’s perfect!

  131. MASCJS

    These are great and my coffee pots are back in use!!! Thanks!!!

  132. David Cosby

    I had to work on my coffee pot lid to make it work but after that fits great

  133. Mike & Rose Litzenberger

    These fit perfectly on our Coleman percolator! Didn’t use them yet so we’ll see how long they last but seem good!!

  134. Amazon Customer

    They were of excellent quality. The care taken in packaging was fantastic. I was thrilled to receive them, but sad that they did not fit my percolator. I had to return them. ☹️

  135. pat lasswell

    If you have a clumsy coffee maker in the family, buy these! My husband has broken 2 in the last year. They are thick glass, I don’t know how he manages this, but happy the coffee pot maker has graciously put these replacement knobs on Amazon. Thank you!

  136. Hiram Abiff

    i dropped my coffee pot on the floor and broke the glass on the top of it. hopping amazon had parts, i ordered a new one. today i got it in the mail. boy those people really know how to pack things. there are two of them in a little box packed in a foam block. i ordered this one because the picture looked like the one on my coffee pot. wow, exact replacement, maybe even better than the original. this 12 cup percolator is the best coffee pot i have ever seen. it should last several lifetimes, and i have a spare glass top for it.

  137. trapper

    it fit

  138. Beth Swank

    Fits my Coleman stove top coffee pot perfectly ????. I am very please with it. Thanks

  139. jeffrey kallberg

    Perfect fit

  140. Guy in the woods

    Fits the Ozark percolator for anyone whose missing or needs one. This worked perfectly. It also looks good and fits snugly. Not loose or flimsy.

  141. Argentius Darkon

    I was extremely happy to receive these replacements for my percolator, they were a perfect fit, and nice and thick glass..????????

  142. Amazon Customer

    Exactly what I was looking for

  143. El Cid

    Good price and was exactly what I needed.

  144. Kindle Customer

    Glass not plastic. Good fit. No leaks

  145. Otis Harris

    The tops fit perfectly. I use them on my percolated!

  146. Alita Hawksworth

    Have a camping percolator and accidently broke it in the garbage disposal. Bought this and it fits! And I have a spare if I ever break another. Price was decent.

  147. VINCE Hernandez

    The product is well made and it fit properly.

  148. Something.

    The percolator glass tops fit perfectly. Thank you.Although apon arrival 1 of the glass top was already cracked and did not last long.M

  149. John Marc

    Quality Product..

  150. SMR

    I’m so thankful to this company for selling good quality products. These are actually GLASS 🙂 Couldn’t be happier with this purchase, it’s been almost a year, and is still like brand new in my stove-top percolator, even though it’s used everyday, sometimes twice a day. I was so happy with this product, that I ordered an extra pack, because quality is hard to find these days.

  151. Big j

    Perfect replacement for my lost perculator top , nice thick glass, not plastic just make sure you’re buying the right size for your pot

  152. Jean Bearor

    Most percolators come with plastic percolator top, which is a crime. I ordered these and am very happy. Well made, fits perfectly and it’s a pleasure to watch the coffee percolate.

  153. Fred Michell

    Had to enlarge toe hole on my Fiberware pot, work great.

  154. Bryan Dye

    The one on my 9 cup broke. They are glass, they break, no big deal. Ordered these and fixed the issue.

  155. Al

    I have a 25 year old version of this coffee pot that was sold under the Texsport brand. Use it camping & the glass finally broke last week. Found the CB brand which appeared to be identical. Only negative reviews were primarily about it not fitting/too small. One gentleman stated he made it work by slightly bending the lid where the threads travel so I thought I would give it a shot since the rest of my pot was in perfect condition. Happy to say that upon arrival they fit perfectly with no modification to the pot. Nice that they come in pairs so I now have a back up in my camper.

  156. sir harold

    got what i ordered

  157. C. Brown

    I purchased this coffee pot for two reasons (1.) To used while camping (2. ), Use to make real coffee anytime anywhere.
    While I have not yet gone camping my experience is this coffee pot will perform perfectly no matter what use it is putto.
    The replacement glass dome on my original pot was cracked by a misunderstanding on my part. However that has been corrected and this pot has been working just fine. If you like the taste of real coffee, not that K- cup stuff get this coffee pot.

  158. 405 user

    Perfect replacement.

  159. mr crazy guy

    I broke the old one somehow…… Hope the new one lasts. Fits just fine no problems at all.

  160. James Roan

    Very satisfied

  161. Amazon Customer

    Handy to have when you go camping

  162. HotChile

    They fit my two coffee pots perfectly. Now both are back in business. Packaging was very good so little chance they would have gotten damaged in shipping.

  163. Robert brown

    I like the glass product

  164. Amazon Customer

    Fits perfectly!

  165. joe..

    Hands down good coffee pots had accidentally broken the glass percolator view

  166. Spuds

    No harmful plastics, no heating element to break, nothing much that will break (although I did grab a couple replacement glass tops).

    And this is the BIG plus – after 3 tries I am making the best coffee I ever made.

  167. Coffee man

    This makes your coffee pot look like it should. Just like an old fashioned coffee pot. I bought this because the plastic one that came with my pot fell apart after a few months of daily usage. Now my coffee pot will last a long time thanks to this replacement top. It just is so perfect on it. Screws in tight and snug. Does not budge or come loose. It is on there like it should be. Thank you so much for making this available. Its a crime you can’t get a coffee pot with one of these on it anymore. If you use a stove top coffee pot. Get one of these. A must have. Yes the pack has 2 in it.

  168. Amazon Customer


  169. Alex.S

    Its worth you money, I like it better than my electric pot. easier to clean and it looks cooler being on the stove.

  170. Rose Schopfer

    Smooth transaction, fast delivery. Thank you

  171. Mr. Fix-it

    Fit well on large Coleman SS Percolator, smooth glass edges and threads. Boxed well came 2/pack

  172. BGenie

    This fits the 9 cup GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Steel Percolator Coffee Pot.
    I’ll update this review if they show any future problems.

  173. Jcs

    Fits well, but if it came with a gasket it might not break so often and easily. I made one from a silicone disc.

  174. Beatriz martinez

    Excelente recambio fácil de utilizar

  175. # 1 Keen

    fits perfect.

  176. Rick

    Original knob came off. The replacements fit better than the original.

  177. Angela & Bobby

    Coleman no longer has this perculator top 🙁 This one seems to fit. We will see how well it performs. As of right now 5 stars 🙂

  178. Amazon Customer


  179. Gary

    Perfect fit replacement for my 20+ year old Coleman. And, I have a spare.

  180. D

    Fits perfect

  181. HLk23

    Good and irs the job!

  182. James Robinson

    My percolator has a tendency to break the glass top. A backup is necessary. Actually, this is my second backup order. These are much better than the one that comes with the percolator. But a set, folks! you won’t regret it.

  183. Lorian C Maddox

    Questions about which other brands of percolators will this fit. It fits the Coleman 12 cup just fine. Even looks like the original.

  184. W. P. Godwin Jr.

    I bought the to replace the original plastic crap that came with my pot. It fit just right and brings back the visual perk of coffee making.

  185. Mule Skinner

    A perfect replacement for the plastic one that melted over the campfire.

  186. Chris Thomas

    Fit perfectly!

  187. Hooeyjane

    Arrived very fast, product was as described.

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