Coffee and Hygge Go Hand in Hand

Hygge (pronounced “hue-guh”) is a Danish term that refers to a feeling of warmth, coziness, familiarity, and love. It isn’t a new term, but in the United States, people seem to be longing for more hygge lately and have been researching just how the Danes achieve it. For many, hygge and coffee go hand in hand. A freshly brewed mug of coffee, coming straight from your kitchen in the morning is the epitome of hygge, but it’s not just holding that cup that radiates feelings of coziness.
Starting with the grinding of whole coffee beans; the nutty smell and your powerful olfactory sense probably brings up warm memories. Sitting in front of a warm fire on a chilly morning, bundled up in warm blankets while your animals sit at your feet, or that reliable constant during your everyday routine. Coffee is there.
Nope, that’s not the end of the coffee-hygge relationship – not at all.
If you brew coffee the old-fashioned way – if you are a coffee craftsman – you might be familiar with the percolator (check out our old-fashioned stainless-steel percolator here). You fill it up with water and coffee and set it on the stovetop to let the transformation begin. Others probably prefer the pour over method – that feeling of warmth one has as they pour water over ground beans and listen, smell and watch it drip through the grounds in the ceramic dripper. The circular pouring motion is familiarly comforting, almost as from muscle memory.
Stand over the grounds and take it in. That, too, is hygge.
Now, the final step in coffee nirvana: drinking what you’ve brewed. Is your morning rushed and frantic and not at all slow, cozy and ‘warm?’ Allow your coffee to be your hygge. It’s there; it’s coziness, it’s familiarity.

Do you enjoy a quiet morning in front of a fire with a good book? Craft coffee is just one layer of hygge, but an important one.
Whatever your situation, your surroundings, your events or your busyness, don’t forget your coffee. After all, coffee and hygge go hand in hand.