Recipe for Leftover Coffee Grounds: Maple Mocha Granola

Is there anyone else out there who throws away your used coffee grounds each morning with a twinge of guilt?  Or anybody who pours the significant remainder of your partner’s gourmet french press coffee down the drain with sadness in your heart? (Yes, founder of Coletti Coffee, I am calling you out.)  All those beautiful, fragrant, still-antioxidant-rich grounds (and coffee) just going to waste…until today! [caption id="attachment_1295" align="alignnone" width="225"]wasted coffee grounds A pitiful sight[/caption] As part of our Recipe Friday series, I’m going to share creative ways to use your leftover grounds as well as the extra coffee that your spouse has been wasting – I mean brewing – to whip up some nourishing dishes with a little kick.  And today’s has got to be my favorite! For mornings when one cup of coffee just isn’t doing it and you need your breakfast to pack a little extra punch, there’s chocolate coffee granola (otherwise known as Maple Mocha Granola).  Yes, friends, that is a thing. I’ve been making granola every couple days for years.  I love the chewy, dense deliciousness and how it fills you up for the whole morning. But add some of my other favorite flavors—chocolate, maple, vanilla, and caffeine (I know, I know, caffeine is not a flavor… technically)—and you’ve really got a breakfast to write home about.  No more guilt over dumping that gourmet coffee you (or your significant other) have brewed at home or those aroma-rich, antioxidant-laden grounds left over in your dripper.  Now you can have your coffee and eat it too! One last word to the wise…this recipe is a little “stimulating” as it has both coffee grounds and actual coffee.  I would reserve it for breakfast rather than a late night snack if you don’t want to be staring at the ceiling at bedtime.  Enjoy! [wprm-recipe id="1479"] How do you use your leftover grounds besides composting?  Leave a comment!]]>