Alcohol-Free Irish Cream Recipe for Irish Coffee

  •  I can only drink coffee in the morning.
  •  I can only drink alcohol at night.
  • Every recipe I scoured had whiskey, rum, or Kahlua in it and I got to thinking, not only do many of the people reading this blog maintain an alcohol-free lifestyle, but most of us are drinking our coffee with or before breakfast…and I’m thinking we should not be parenting—or adulting at all really—with whiskey in our morning cup o’ joe. Alcohol-free Irish Cream Recipe by Coletti Coffee I know, I know, so it won’t be true Irish coffee, but let me tell you, I don’t think you’ll miss the alcohol when you take your first sip of this rich, warm, and creamy cup of the Irish.  You also won’t miss the caffeine, so if you are sensitive to being overstimulated, then I would recommend making the cream with decaf grounds and brewing the coffee at your regular strength. Enjoy making your own Irish Cream for delicious, alcohol-free Irish coffee! Sláinte (cheers)! [wprm-recipe id="1595"]]]>