Utah 2022 Winter Hunting Season Primer

2022 Hunting Season Changes & Updates – Utah:

    • Changes to Trail Camera Regulations
      • “You may not use any trail camera (or non-handheld device) in the take of big game from July 31–Dec. 31. The rule also prohibits the sale or purchase of trail camera footage used to take—or aid in the take of—big game July 31–Dec. 31. The rule applies to public and private property.”
    • Night-Vision Devices
      • “…prohibit the use of night-vision devices to locate or attempt to locate a big game animal from 48 hours before any big game hunt in the area through 48 hours after any big game hunt ends in the area.”
    • Research Hunts Online at: wildlife.utah.gov/guidebooks
    • Same-Species Hunts in 2022
      • “You can apply for and hunt the following species in the same year: doe and buck pronghorn, cow and bull moose, and ewe and ram bighorn sheep.”