Santa’s Cup is Comin’ to Town

He knows when you’ve been perc’ing
He needs to stay awake
He knows when brew is bad or good
So drop the drip for goodness’ sake!

Happy holidays, friends! Before long the magical night will be upon us, and Old Saint Nick will make his rounds in his venerable sleigh guided by the world’s best GPS—aka Rudolph and crew. On Christmas Eve, families around the world prepare for the arrival of Santa Claus in his various cultural forms. Here in the United States, the common custom is to leave a plate of cookies and milk to give Santa extra fuel for his fantastic journey (and also to heighten the spirit of joy for the little ones in our lives).

Here at COLETTI, we’re on a mission to encourage Americans to pull the plug on their automatic drip coffee makers and get back to basics. This Christmas, we want to take it up a notch, COLETTI style. So when December 24 arrives, put a twist on tradition: Instead of a plain ol’ glass of milk for Santa, pour it into a steaming thermos of coffee brewed the classic way—in a percolator coffee pot.

Whether you’re a 9-5er, stay-at- home parent, retiree, or college student, if you’re a coffee lover you know the importance of starting your day off right. And who could benefit more from a jump-start than the busiest guy this side of heaven? If you really want to stick with the theme, place a biscotti—coffee’s favorite cookie—next to that thermos. Rudolph’s boss will surely be grateful for your gifts as he circles the globe spreading the spirit of the holidays and celebrating the birth of Jesus.

The team at COLETTI believes in the magic of Santa, and we feel certain Santa would approve of us too. After all, there’s common ground between our favorite guy in red and our favorite brewing vessel, the stainless steel coffee percolator. Like Saint Nick himself, this approach to brewing is all about preserving tradition and respecting the sensibility of old-fashioned values.

Whether it’s in carefully curated gift baskets or in cups shared in coffeehouses and home kitchens, coffee is ubiquitous during the Christmas season. Friends and families share laughs, meals, and overall merriment while sipping on this age-old drink. It feels extra Christmasy when you brew with a manual drip coffee maker.

Before you finalize your shopping list this Christmas, keep COLETTI in mind for the coffee lover in your life. Our percolator coffee maker is a best seller, and combined with one of our stainless steel scoops it makes a beautiful gift set. Besides great coffee, the gift of COLETTI products is one that truly gives back: One hundred percent of our profits go to charity.

From the team at COLETTI, we thank you for visiting our blog, and we wish you a Very! Merry! Christmas!