Debunking Acid’s Bad Rap by Danielle Costello

In home kitchens and coffeehouses throughout the country (and the world), the fear of Big, Bad Acid persists. Today we’re here to ease your worries. So let’s get to it: Acid in coffee is a good thing. It might not be your taste buds’ preference, but we assure you this isn’t because your tongue is out to save your stomach from undue pain. When used in reference to coffee, acidity has nothing to do with Ph level and everything to do with taste. If you read labels on coffee bags at the grocery store—and you should—you’re familiar with the adjective bright. Remember, that’s another word for acidity.

When we’re talking cup of Joe, the level of acidity is related to the roast. Light roast coffees have more acidity and a range of flavors. Dark roasts have less acidity and tend to taste more, well, roast-y. The takeaway is this: The acid in coffee isn’t a thing to be feared. In fact, other common drinks, like soda, beer, and wine, have much more acid than your average cup of Joe. And that’s a good thing, because drinking beer every morning would be a bad habit!

While roasting method affects level of acidity, brewing method is equally important. At Coletti, we want to help you discover the art of the perfect cup. To elevate your experience, we encourage you to drop the drip. There’s something almost ceremonial about a quiet morning with a hot cup of coffee you’ve crafted with care in a stainless steel percolator, which, as a bonus, makes a nice decorative touch on your stovetop. In terms of acid, pour overs match up with the most commonly used methods like French press and drip coffee. For the lowest acidity, it’s cold brew all the way.

We hope we’ve enlightened you. Now you can march bravely (and tiredly) into your kitchens and local coffeehouses, no longer misguided by myths. Here’s to a perfect cup!

Danielle Costello is a freelance writer and editor with a special interest in great coffee. After spending a few decades exploring life in bigger cities, Danielle now resides in Morgantown, West Virginia. A mom of two young boys, exercise enthusiast, and dog-rescue advocate, she spends her free time making healthy meals and savoring disrupted sleep.