French Press Attachment compatible with YETI Rambler 14 oz


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  • FRENCH PRESS THERMOS: Turn your tumbler into a travel french press. Our newest coffee innovation means you’re just one press away from a your morning coffee no matter where you’re traveling
  • COMPATIBLE WITH THE YETI 14oz MUG: You’ve seen handles, rubber boot sleeves, straws, and replacement parts. But we’re the FIRST to bring you this extraordinary tumbler accessory. With our easy to use device, you can brew and store coffee to drink throughout the day
  • CONVENIENT TRAVEL FRENCH PRESS: Easy to store, easy to use, and easy to clean. Exactly what you need to make a great cup of coffee with your favorite YETI tumbler. Just make coffee how you would any french press, then sip directly from our specialty drinkable lid
  • TUMBLER ACCESSORIES: Make the most out of your favorite tumbler. Find a new use that you’ve never thought possible. By turning your tumbler into a coffee maker, you can brew comfortably anywhere and anytime. Make the most out of your mornin’ cup
  • CAR CUP HOLDER FRENCH PRESS: The ideal french press for when you’re in the car. Make coffee on the way to work and enjoy a freshly brewed cup once you get to your desk. Great for students who want to pack light for class, and travelers who need a convenient solution to brewing in the car
  • Third-Party Accessory