Classic Blue Enamel Camping Mug 12 oz – Set of 4


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  • DURABLE — Camping Tough: At the center of each COLETTI Classic Camping Mug is a thick metal mug. We’ve built our camping mugs to be as tough as your most exciting adventure. And as enjoyable as your most cherished moments
  • PREMIUM — Quality Enamelware: COLETTI is dedicated to providing you with all the means to have an exceptional cup of coffee wherever in the world you may be. As a company committed to coffee and campers, we ensure every coffee maker and coffee cup with our name on ‘em are made to exceed expectations
  • SANITARY — Easy to Clean: Dishwasher safe, resistant to corrosion and chipping. The Classic Mugs are everything you want from vintage coffee mugs but with modern features. A combination of premium metal and enamel make this coffee mug set heat and impact resistant, so you won’t have to worry putting them in the dishwasher
  • PERFECT — Just the Right Amount: The 12 oz coffee mug is a standard 1.5 cups of your favorite drink. Easy to store and keep in a cupboard, this simple mug is both nostalgic and enjoyable to use. Whether you’re pouring out coffee, tea, or your favorite soda-pop it’ll taste better in a COLETTI Classic Camping Mug
  • UNIFORM — A Great Looking Set: Wonderful for guests and perfect for sharing. Parents love them since they don’t shatter when dropped. The COLETTI Classic Camping Mugs are made for when there is a good time to share and plenty of your favorite coffee to go around