Aspen – Camping Pour Over



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  • SIMPLE POUR OVER: A solid, straightforward pour over coffee maker made to brew a bold cup everyday of the week. All you need is some fresh ground coffee and hot water, and you’re ready for a strong full flavored cup ‘o joe in your favorite coffee mug. Coffee that anyone can enjoy
  • EASY TO PACK: We designed the aspen to be the ultimate travel pour over. The durable reinforced stainless steel fits easily into any backpack and doesn’t mind getting tossed around a little. Make Great Coffee Anywhere
  • SANITARY: Dishwasher safe, rust resistant stainless steel, and a clean design that doesn’t hold onto any gunk. Just a simple rinse after every use is enough to keep the Aspen clean and ready to use. Wash with soap once every one or two months
  • FILTERS INCLUDED: Ready to use right when it arrives. We include a bonus pack of filters with every Aspen so you can get to brewin’ right away. Use COLETTI filters for the best brewing experience
  • LOOKS GREAT: A simple pour over that looks great, it’s finally here. Sleek and sturdy so you don’t have to worry about shattered pour overs anymore. The matte black finish for a superior quality look and feel. Brewing has never looked so good