World Class Coffee Gear

The Team

Lewis Hudson

Product Visionary

Daily Coffee Ritual: "Either an Americano or a black coffee from the Boulder Press.”

Jason Hohnberger

Minister of Propaganda

Daily Coffee Ritual: “I like my coffee as dark as my humor, with just a touch of cream.”

Sungi Cho

Marketing Engineer

Daily Coffee Ritual: “I love my coffee black..”

Rachel Evett

Customer Care

Daily Coffee Ritual: “French Press with a splash of heavy cream.”

David Singleton

Brand Evangelist

Daily Coffee Ritual: “I don’t drink coffee (yet). I survived my nights in the military drinking red bull.” (His sins have been pardoned.)

Shahar Shulman

Sponsored Products Savant

Daily Coffee Ritual: "A strong cup of Cappuccino. (Hey! Israeli’s acquire European customs!”)

Josh Gilliam

Team Lead

Daily Coffee Ritual: “I alternate between a French Press and a Stove Top Espresso Maker. But always black.”