Holiday Meal Recipes for Coffee Lovers

4 Coffee-Inspired Holiday Recipes

Maple Bourbon Sweet Potatoes.

Sweet potatoes are not only versatile, just as good savory as sweet, they’re also super nutritious, containing complex carbs for sustained energy and fiber that prevents the natural sugars from spiking insulin. This recipe calls for strong, dark coffee and espresso powder.

Mocha Pecan Pie with Coffee Whipped Cream.

I’m a big fan of homemade whipped cream. There’s nothing in a can or a plastic tub that compares. Pecan pie is easy to make, and the addition of the infused whipped cream makes this one an indulgence your taste buds won’t forget. Pecan Pie with Coffee - holiday recipes featuring coffee as an ingredient - Coletti Coffee

Smoked Turkey With Sweet Coffee Glaze.

Teach that old bird a new trick by taking it out of the stove and throwing it onto the coals (after simmering for 11 hours, that is). The photo on the website made my mouth water. A word of warning: Since smoked meats should only be eaten rarely, don’t get hooked on this recipe; make it a once-per-year holiday treat.

Breakfast Salad With Espresso Vinaigrette.

I’m a pretty resourceful home cook, but I admit I’ve never thought of using coffee in salad dressing. This dish will make a great first course.   We hope that you and your family – even the picky eaters – enjoy these fabulous recipes featuring our favorite bean. And if you are shopping for holiday gifts, don’t forget that 100% of our profits go directly to fighting human trafficking. Give the gift that gives back – see what we’ve got for the coffee lover on your list! Try these recipes, take photos, and share with the Coletti Coffee community in the comments or on our Facebook page!]]>