Coletti Bozeman Chosen for a Wiki: Top 10 Percolators of 2018

There are endless ways to gather information on the internet. A go-to method for millions of users is the use of wiki sites—websites that are built up through collaborative efforts in research, content, and editing. One such website is, a video wiki that sends knowledgeable researchers and writers out to create best-of lists in their expert fields.

Recently the Coletti Bozeman Percolator Coffee Pot was chosen as number three in a list of the Top 10 Coffee Percolators. According to the Ezvid Wiki page, the collaborators spent 38 hours total in researching percolators and creating the page and video for easy intake. The Coletti team is honored to be chosen for such a high place on the list—though we’re also sure that anyone who has used the Bozeman Percolator won’t be surprised to hear of its newest accolade.

The list includes percolators of all types. There are some stovetop and some electric percolators, and there are percolators made of all different materials from glass to stainless steel. The Ezvid Wiki list includes those designed for camping and those designed for use at home in the kitchen. There’s even a percolator that sits in a stand where it can act as a convenient, one-hand serving station.

The Coletti Bozeman Percolator Coffee Pot is one of the most basic yet versatile examples on the list. According to the author of the Top 10 Percolators list, its strongest points are its sturdy hinged top, its permawood handle, and its glass percolation knob. It’s one of just two percolators on the list that’s campfire ready because it’s built for a stovetop and has no plastic parts.

The Faberware 8-Cup Classic Yosemite, for example, earned second place, but its plastic handle is not only less sturdy than permawood but it’s also unable to sustain intense heat. Thus this particular percolator shouldn’t be used at a campfire.

The GSI Outdoors Glacier is weather resistant and designed for camping. However, it has a metal handle so it offers slightly less protection from heat when you’re grabbing your percolator to pour a cup of hot coffee. The Euro Cuisine sits at number one on the Top 10 Percolators list, but as an electric percolator it’s in a whole different category than the Coletti Bozeman.

What’s remarkable about a sturdy, stainless steel percolator like the Bozeman is its ability to go from the kitchen to the campsite. Stainless steel is safe, rust-resistant, and durable. The glass top is safer and higher-quality than the plastic that sits atop many other percolators. Like any traditional percolator, it doesn’t require the use of filters. Still, the Bozeman comes with filters so that users have the option. It’s a percolator that’s fit for any type of adventure, from a weekend at home to a family camping trip in the woods.

We’re happy to see that reviewers are finding plenty to love about the Coletti Bozeman Percolator Coffee Pot. What are some of your favorite qualities to see in a percolator? Share in the comments below!