How to Make French Press Coffee While Camping

For most of us, a strong cup of coffee has become an essential part of life. Be it the boring Monday mornings or a lazy Sunday noon, a cup of coffee can refresh our mind to the core. And while camping, the only power that can drag you out of your sleeping bags could be the triggering aroma of caffeine.

In contrast, nothing can be more irritating if your campsite brewing fails. But with a classical French Press, a flat cup of coffee is nearly an impossibility. With minimal requirements, the French Press can brew you the coffee which makes you enjoy every moment of your adventure.

However, there is one thing which majorly drives the taste of your French Press brewed coffee, the quality of coffee beans. The beans are undoubtedly the most essential aspect of brewing coffee. If you are using low-quality beans then no brewing method can brew out the jolting cup of joe.

Therefore, you can check this guide now to buy the best coffee beans for French press and follow the four simple steps to brew the perfect cup of joe. 

Steps to Brew Coffee in French Press while Camping

You will need:

  • French Press
  • Coarse coffee grounds
  • Stove and Fuel
  • Water
  •  Pot

Step 1: Make the Measurements

To get your desired cup of coffee, maintaining a perfect coffee to water ratio is mandatory. However, the ratio varies with one’s personal choice. But during camping, you might be unable to have access to your measuring device.

In that case, taking 2 tbsp of coffee beans for every 6 ounces (1 cup) of water will be sufficient to brew you the desired joe.

Step 2: Heat the Water

Once you have made the measurements, add water in the pot and put it on the flame. The recommended temperature for brewing coffee is 195°F to 205°F.

If you aren’t carrying a kitchen thermometer (who does?) then remove the heat when the water boils and let it cool for about 30 seconds. 

Step 3: Prepare your French Press

While your water is attaining the desired temperature, add the coarse coffee grounds to the French Press carafe. Now pour the hot water slowly in the carafe and stir the grounds with the help of a spoon.

To enable extraction of all the aroma and flavor out of coffee grounds, let the coffee steep for about four minutes. However, you can change the time as per your preference. Just remember, wait too little, and the coffee will be under-extracted. Wait too long, and you risk coffee getting bitter with over-extraction.

Step 4: Press the Plunger

After 4 minutes, push down the plunger while maintaining a uniform pressure. The plunger’s filter will trap all the residual grounds in it. The end product is a perfect cup of java.

Pour it out and enjoy your campsite French Press coffee.

Choose the Right Camping French Press

Owing to the simplicity and portability of a French Press, it can surely be your camping partner. But glass carafe models can be too delicate to transport and use at the campsite.

Instead, it makes sense to choose a French press with a durable body. I’d discourage the use of plastics and instead recommend a stainless steel body for the French press. Here’s my top recommendation:

Coletti Boulder Camping French Press

Camping French Press

Nothing can beat the fancy features of  this Colletti’s French Press designed exclusively for Camping. It can brew up to 10 cups of coffee to serve you and your java loving squad at once.

Since the Press is made of stainless steel, it is durable enough to withstand rough camping use. Shove it into the backpack and carry it along without a worry. To keep the coffee hot for long, the walls of the carafe are vacuum insulated. 

Moreover, the Press can serve as a kettle to hold coffee even after brewing as the Plunger separates water and residual grounds completely. The lid is made compact and makes the carafe spill-proof. 

As for versatility, this Press is suitable for both hot and cold brews. All in all, Coletti Boulder French Press comprises all the characteristics that can make your journey joe-full

Tips to Add an Extra Taste to your French Press Coffee

There are several other coffee brewing methods you can employ while camping. However, if you’re a French Press lover, here are some extra tokens to further enhance the taste:

  • Though pre-heating the French Press before adding the mixture of coffee grounds and water is not compulsory, it can modify the taste of your coffee. To do so, add some hot water in the carafe and swirl it around so the carafe gains some heat.
  • Your coffee comprises two dominant components: water and coffee grounds. Therefore, the quality of the water you add matters a lot. Wherever possible, try to use filtered water.
  • Similarly, the coffee grounds you are adding should be fresh and of high quality. Consider investing in a small manual burr grinder to take along for your camping trips.


Camping is an adventurous experience and the excitement level is multiplied when you get to brew your favorite coffee even at campsites.

Whether you plan to explore the highest mountains of the world, or adore the beautiful scenes of nature, the French Press has the potential to maintain the same quality everywhere.

Just follow the given guideline and grab the essentials recommended, your French Press brewed coffee is all set to accompany you to the great outdoors.