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The Home Barista Coffee Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

breakfast. But honestly, both favorites.  Those mornings when the clock tries to force me to choose between two necessities, I defiantly choose my own third option – the Coffee Smoothie. My challenge with smoothies is that even though theoretically I know less is more regarding ingredients, I just feel powerless to simplify.  It’s like every food I’ve ever loved, and every supplement I’ve ever read has any benefit is calling out to me “Pick me! Pick me! I will make your breakfast perfect!”  I end up with enough calories in the blender to sustain me for three days and what tastes much like a liquid salad (My mom-in-law actually calls them my grass shakes… or maybe it’s dirt shakes, I forget). Anyway, I’m pretty proud of the fact that I limited myself to a single digit number of ingredients when creating this recipe.  However, I just can’t help myself from mentioning the fact that you could throw an inch of ginger root in there if that is your thing, and I think some cinnamon might do you a little good too, for inflammation and all.  But I’m drawing the line and NOT recommending you toss in a beet (although if you were to do that, the nutritional value would skyrocket and you’d probably thank me!).  I better get to the recipe before I add the kitchen sink! [wprm-recipe id="1636"]]]>