The COLETTI Boulder - 10 Cup Insulated French Press Coffee Maker


KEEPS COFFEE HOT FOR 4+ HOURS – This vacuum-insulated Camping French Press keeps coffee steaming hot for 4+ hours and warm for many more. Our patent-pending design has an air-tight silicone gasket, locking lid, and thick steel walls separated by 2mm of vacuum-sealed space. It provides superior insulation. Don’t settle for cold coffee while camping. Bring the Boulder.

LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE – This large camping coffee press is made of AISI 304 stainless-steel with the same 14-gauge industry-standard material used for building construction – a metal French Press coffee maker built to last. In the unlikely event of material failure, call Rachel (an English-speaking American) at 1-888-798-4492. She will send you a new camp french press.

VETERAN OWNED & OPERATED – Our team of combat veterans prefer to call this “An American Press.” Support our veteran-owned small business that gives 10% of profits to charity. We invest in causes that champion Freedom worldwide. By the way…we know how to make coffee in the woods.

ENOUGH TO SHARE – Does your spouse drink from your French Press? Is there enough? We have the answer. The Boulder is the only 10 Cup (42 oz) press on the market. The standard 8 Cup presses (34 oz) are often not big enough – especially while camping.

USE FOR COLD BREW – Don’t take multiple coffee makers camping. The Boulder works great as a French Press Cold Brew maker too. Just add 6 tbsp coarsely ground coffee, fill with cold water, let sit for 14-16 hours, & serve over ice (adjust to taste).

Finally, a French Press Engineered for the Outdoors. Bigger, Stronger, and Superior Heat Retention The COLETTI Boulder is engineered to retain heat longer than any French Press. We took the French Press to the next level with our latest invention: the COLETTI Boulder. An ultra-durable 10-cup coffee press designed to withstand the great outdoors whilst brewing the best coffee possible. At COLETTI we believe you should be able to leave everything behind you – except great coffee. Not convinced? Well, we’ll show you the evidence that proves The Boulder is truly the best:

  • Prevents Spills
  • Rugged
  • No aluminum or plastic
  • Prevents Bitter Coffee
  • Enough to Share
  • Use for Cold Brew
  • Vacuum-insulated
  • 1mm steel walls, separated by 2mm of vacuum-sealed space
  • Airtight silicone gasket
  • AISI 304 Stainless Steel
  • Double 1mm insulation walls
  • 2mm vacuum insulating space
  • 10 CUPS