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Percolator 3.5 Inch Premium Disc Coffee Filters (Pack of 100)

KEEP THE GROUNDS OUT These filters are designed to fit the Bozeman percolator exactly. They minimize the grounds that sometimes find their way into your brew.
REDUCE YOUR CHOLESTEROL Over time, drinking unfiltered coffee will add a few points to your cholesterol. Our filters reduce the amount of coffee bean oil in your finished pot. Drink to your health!
RESISTS BOILING BETTER THAN PAPER These filters are made from medical grade fiber and are the highest quality money can buy. They maintain their integrity during the brewing process ensuring there is a barrier between your ground and the coffee.
FITS ALL PERCOLATORS These filters fit all percolators that have a 3.5’’ brew basket (95mm). This is the standard size on the market. The center hole is 10mm in diameter (normative).
100 FILTERS INCLUDED  Rest assured you will always have a filter for the occasion. 


  • Pack of 100
  • 4.4 x 4.3 x 1.3 inches
  • Diameter 3.5 inches (95mm)
  • Center hole 10mm
  • BPA free
  • SGS tested
  • Medical grade fiber
  • Non-toxic; FDA Food Grade
  • Each filter weighs 1 gram

74 reviews for Percolator 3.5 Inch Premium Disc Coffee Filters (Pack of 100)

  1. sandra

    Fit Coletti Bozeman percolator perfect- used with ease…no grounds in coffee.

  2. Ryan

    They work

  3. Diane Simmonds

    fits my percolator perfect

  4. Paul

    Nice fit for percolator coffee pot.

  5. ChrisP216

    The best coffee filters I’ve ever used.

  6. Doug n.

    Coffee grounds in coffee still

  7. RickWAllen


  8. user10

    After first try to brew my coffee, I didn’t like this filter. The filter might have very slow water flow, so I had to drink messy coffee. After read from the previous reviews, I realized that I was wrong. Usually, I added 12 cups water in my percolator coffee pot, and it was wrong. Now, I add only 6 – 8 cups of water at a time, and it is resulted as clean coffee. This coffee filter fits perfectly in the pot. I am very satisfied on this product.

  9. gh

    Received quickly , filters fit and they work . They make clean up easier , and keeps grinds out of coffee . I use coarse ground coffee , so would notice . Will buy again and again . Would recommend. Regards gh

  10. Alchemist

    Work perfectly with my percolator from the same company. The filters are much more sturdy than others I have tried, impressed with the quality.

  11. Elyse

    Works perfectly with the Bozeman Percolator .

  12. Frank Cerne

    I love these filters. They fit perfectly in the canister. No grounds have escaped through to my coffee yet.

  13. Susan

    Easy and inexpensive.

  14. R King

    I bought these filters as they’re cut the specs of the company’s 9 cup percolator. They are fine enough to stop unwanted grounds from invading your coffee. They don’t alter the taste and are easy to knock out of the basket to make cleanup a little easier. Recommended.

  15. bluezman714

    I use my Bozeman Percolator camping and at home when I have dry coffee. These filters are like the ones that came with the percolator. They fit perfectly. I mean perfectly. As far as the plastic fiber comments I’ve read due to this being medical grade material and I’m also striving to keep toxins out of everything I eat and drink these days, I don’t find this too much of a problem with this product. I will buy these again.

  16. Joyce G.


  17. Alan Smith

    These throw away filters fit properly and are so easy to use

  18. Amazon Customer

    Works fairly well. Not always perfectly but good enough.

  19. Elizabeth Jones

    works well

  20. jo

    Just the right size

  21. Colie828

    These fit perfectly in our percolator. Good quality and work as intended.

  22. Ron S.

    Excellent product, as usual from the company. They are great.

  23. Amy

    The best out there by far!!!! If u have it on too high of a temp, maybe some grounds. But 100 times less than any other filter I’ve bought and I’ve boight a lot!!

  24. Granny73

    These filters are thick enough coffee doesn’t get through them.

  25. Amazon Customer

    Took them camping and used them with a percolater. A few grounds slipped through so I added a few more the next time and it was perfect!

  26. Patricia Chance

    Great product and great value and I plan to purchase it again.

  27. Baja_Nene

    Perfect filters for our Coletti percolator. No more coffee grounds in our coffee. Best way to start your morning.

  28. Mark1Mod0Squid

    works great

  29. Dave in Portland

    We like using these

  30. William Paul lucero

    Very nice quality

  31. Mark Brosz

    High quality product. Not a thin shabby filter. Highly recommend.

  32. Alan’s Girl

    We use this in our perculator every morning. Does what it’s supposed to do and I’m happy with my purchase.

  33. Kacy Green

    Great quality

  34. lonestar86

    These little filters worked great in my Ozark Trail brand camping percolator! They fit snug & I didn’t find any coffee grounds in my pot. I’m sure it’ll take forever for me to use all 100 of them lol, but I’ll definitely purchase another pack when I run out.

  35. Terry

    These fit perfect. Thay hold back the coffee grounds.

  36. R. B.

    Works as advertised and keeps the grounds out if the percolator.

  37. Amazon Customer

    These simple filters do a great job for just covering the bottom .

  38. Amazon Customer

    Awesome product! Wish I knew about these 10 years ago. No longer have chunks in my coffee when we go camping.

  39. J


  40. Jamie

    I use these percolator filters for a non-Colletti percolator. They are easy to separate and the material is sturdy.

  41. Disappointed prime member

    nothing to dislike.buying again right now.

  42. Jerrel C. Thomas

    Their percolator is top-notch I wouldn’t trade it for anything else there filters are really good too I can’t say enough about this company you will enjoy this percolator.

  43. Jessie and Bill

    I have an electric percolator that I’ve used for about 10 years. Over the past few months, I’ve started to have trouble with finely ground coffee clogging the basket, so I end up essentially drinking weak tea. I was frustrated trying to clean it out every two days with a toothbrush, so I just gave these filters a shot. They fit well, and most importantly, they gave me back that rich cup of coffee I was used to every morning. No complaints!

  44. Kate Van Huss

    These filters work very well. They fit perfectly into my percolator and are even sturdy enough to use more than once.

  45. bukajek

    Arrived really fast
    It makes your life really easy in terms of cleaning your percolator.
    It also helps to keep your coffee grounds from getting into your coffee.
    Will definitely buy again.

  46. Dee

    Good filter for the Bozeman coffee pot

  47. MAB

    High quality coffee filters that do the job of keeping grounds from getting through.

  48. Amazon Customer

    Did the job.

  49. Jim Ruane


  50. Lisa M Stastyshyn

    This product works better than the bargain brand, but costs more than double the price…I guess you get what you pay for with this product.

  51. Sunshine

    My husband is disabled and needs secure footing in the shower. I placed these strips yesterday and although they don’t have a lot of texture (which concerned me) they are nice and “grippy” once wet inside the shower. Footing was very secure – MUCH BETTER than other stickers I’ve tried in the past… and I’ve tried many. I ran the tape “baseboard to baseboard, if you will, in our shower and they are perfect. I cleaned the surface really well first, then cleaned again with rubbing alcohol, just to make sure it was clear of any cleaning residue and completely dry. The strips are super easy to handle and I didn’t get any creases or bubbles or buckles at all. I think these will be the best I’ve tried thus far.

  52. GeDe

    Just purchased a percolator with a filter but grounds are falling through and are in cup of coffee, so bought this product as prevention and they work fine.

  53. anthony nunez

    Perfect fit for my percolator

  54. RKB

    The product itself is nice, it’s good quality but it’s a tad large for my brand of percolator (see pictures) so it bunches up and allows some grains to get through, I could trim them down to fit.. I would love a smaller size.

  55. TeeC

    When I use these with about 4 scoops of coffee in my type of percolator it works just fine and brews great. However the more coffee I add (if I want to brew a larger pot of coffee) definitely has a direct affect on if the water flows through the filter or backs up allowing coffee groups to spill over the top and get in the pot. I saw one review that said these filters are too thick and I do believe it is true depending on the amount of grounds used. I also have reused them, they are very sturdy and if I brew a second pot I just simply dump out the grounds, the filter stays in place very well, add fresh grounds and brew again. I guess that is why they are so expensive. I also notice in the filter basket a great deal more oils left behind. It has defiantly kept some of the coffee oils from brewing through.

  56. nathan

    Works great for the pot

  57. Amazon Customer

    Finally someone makes a filer that fits my French press. I am very pleased.

  58. Coleman Mason

    Excellent filters. They definitely do a great job at keeping extra oil out of the coffe and they don’t get soggy when used like a paper filter, overall very happy

  59. Booker, A.

    I was very pleased with this product. But I’m not sure if I will buy from this company again. The information on their box is disturbing. I know very little on the church they make donations to.

  60. Punisher

    These may cost slightly more, but they are very easy to rinse off and use again on the next day bringing the cost down. I’ll buy more once these are gone. Best of all, I haven’t seen any grounds in the bottom of my coffee cup or the pot and I use an extra-fine ground coffee.

  61. Aprilgal

    The filter is so sturdy that you can get a few uses out of one filter. I use them in my percolator when using fine ground coffee. Love these filters.

  62. Thomas Ackermann


  63. Richard F Anfuso

    I love these filters. That’s why I keep buying it.

  64. arnold lee

    excellent quality works good

  65. Dressshop

    Oh my word….how have I been drinking coffee without these! I always had floating grounds before and the strainer was always clogged. Not any more

  66. JudiPen

    Everything is good about these coffee filters! They work perfectly with my new stainless percolator.

  67. Bibi

    These came with my new percolator that I use on my stove top. Love both products.

  68. Brenden McNeil

    I have the farberware peculator stovetop unit and these work great with it. If I don’t use the filters, I will get headaches from the oils.

  69. Timothy White

    Easy and affective

  70. D

    Keeps grinds out of coffee

  71. R.F. – Lansing MI

    Item as described and works very well. Makes my coffee smooth as butter. Haopy with purchase

  72. BostonGirl

    Works great!

  73. Michael

    Same as last time I ordered them, perfect.

  74. Amazon Customer

    I must cut these smaller to fit my coffee pot. Works well!

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