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Bozeman Percolator Coffee Pot - 9 Cup Camping Coffee Pot

NO ALUMINUM OR PLASTIC  Named after the rugged city of Bozeman, this camp coffee pot is 18/8 stainless steel, with a glass cover knob, handle, and is dishwasher safe.
TASTE THE DIFFERENCE  Unlike drip methods, our stovetop percolator coffee pot extracts a fuller, richer flavor.
EXPERIENCE THE NOSTALGIA  There is something comforting about brewing coffee as our grandparents did. Ditch the cords – use a stovetop coffee maker.
FILTERS INCLUDED Filters are not necessary for operation but included for those who want to prevent the finely ground coffee from falling through the percolator basket.


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  • Engineered for Outdoor or Indoor Use
  • The camping coffee pot
  • ASTM G85 Certified
  • Heat-Resistant Rosewood Handle
  • Glass Percolation Globe
  • 15 Pack of Filters Included
  • 18/8 FDA Food Grade Stainless Steel
  • 18-Gauge Thickness
  • Instructions Included
  • No Aluminum or Plastic

377 reviews for Bozeman Percolator Coffee Pot – 9 Cup Camping Coffee Pot

  1. D. Price

    Very pleased with my purchase, I wouldn’t change a thing on this percolator. Great for our camping trips, and at home. I highly recommend this product.

  2. Laura

    I was tired of my electric coffee maker. It wasn’t hot enough and I wanted more control for temperature. This percolator is perfect, just the right size and easy to use. The proceeds go to charity which is a big plus!

  3. DONALD S.

    Great coffee pot and all stainless steel.

  4. A Schmitt

    My son has a one cup percolator and it’s almost the same size as this one. It worked really well on our camping trip

  5. Tracy

    I would give the flavor more stars if I could. Good quality coffee pot. A little heavy for backpacking but the coffee was so good we will carry it anyway.

  6. Brad Bass

    This is my favorite percolator! High-quality material, design and craftsmanship! I bought it for my camp and it’s not left the house. I’m going to need another!

  7. shorehil

    Love it.

  8. soosh

    This is a perfect percolator. Sturdy and nice looking and the proceeds go to a wonderful cause It’s so fun to use for home and I love that I can use it for camping too. Excellent cup of coffee. You’ve forgotten how good a steaming hot old fashioned cup of coffee can be. I don’t use a filter either – I like the smaller environmental impact. Dump the grounds into the compost or garden and you’re good.

    One helpful review said that after you brew, you can pull out the filter gear and leave the coffee to warm up the next day. Now I am a mid range coffee snob but I tried that and they were right!

    I pour in 2 big mugs of water and 4 heaping tablespoons of coffee and have coffee for two days – I use lots of hot whole grass fed milk plus MSM powder and grass fed collegiate gelatin. I Heat the milk then add the supplements and then froth this up then add the coffee It makes enough to top off my mug then save the rest for tomorrow. It’s a tasty mini power breakfast.

  9. Joseph

    Nice easy transaction perfect fit thank you

  10. KYLE D.

    Amazing product

  11. Rachelle LaCroix

    Really adore the way this percolator looks on my stove! Also, this has finally replaced my French press and the coffee brewed in it is infinitely better!

  12. Oahu

    Very good,

  13. William Paul lucero

    Very good and as a vet my self got to support other vets

  14. Davis

    Great perc.

  15. SESJ

    The Colletti Bozeman percolator is the perfect camping accessory or for the coffee fan the enjoys a good hot cup of coffee. I had contacted customer service with a question about my percolator and they responded quickly and resolved my issue the very first time!!! Highly recommend this brand.

  16. Thomas C.Hall

    Bought this coffee pot a couple of months ago and love everything about it except one thing. The metal piece that extends out from the lid hinge is too thin and bends easily when opening and then cleaning the inside of the pot. That metal piece has to then be bent back so the lid will then lay flat on top of the pot. A thicker metal piece there would prevent that from happening.

  17. Dan Shields

    Installed my first wood burning stove in my shop building and have memories of the old percolator type coffee pots so that was the first thing I wanted to get. The Bozeman worked great right off and the coffee was excellent.

  18. SMR

    This percolator coffee pot is worth every penny! Couldn’t be happier with the product, and customer service is excellent, and really does get back to you to answer any questions 🙂 The little window at the top of the pot is actually real glass. It’s a very nice price for the quality, and even had a small package containing “disk filters” to try out, and the customer service phone number easily seen on an insert inside the box. I definitely recommend to all.

  19. Robert B.

    Well constructed perk.

  20. September rose

    This coffee maker is beautiful and makes delicious rich coffee. I love that I feel like I’m stepping back in time and making our coffee old school! I would absolutely buy these as gifts for other coffee lovers!

  21. HK

    Make coffee on a gas stove when we in California do not have electric, for 1 to several days at a time

  22. ridim007

    Works great for me. Lid hinge is a bit flimsy. Could be sturdier.

  23. Thomas R Martinico

    I should have bought this pot years ago. It’s perfect for a coffee-loving family who wants “more than one cup” of brewed coffee.

  24. Mike

    Good construction, fast shipping. havent used yet as it is a Christmas present… looks to be very good. at this point i would recommend and would buy again.. Thanks !!

  25. Mary B.

    My husband can’t go camping, fishing or hunting without waking up to a fresh cup of coffee. This Coletti Bozeman coffee pot is the one! We ordered this pot to replace the one he lost and it’s great! Love the wooden handle and it came with a few filters which he has never used before. Customer service is great, thanks for saving the day!

  26. Cristie Wood

    I have a Coleman 12 cup camping percolator. Coleman no longer sells the replacement glass lid-top units.
    After looking at many brands of replacement glass units and reading all of the negative reviews I decided to take a chance on these. The glass knob fits my lid perfectly. Be sure to screw it down til snug and then back it off slightly to allow for expansion and contraction…being screwed in tightly is probably the reason a lot of these units have a breakage problem. I’ll order a couple more to have on hand in case these break for whatever reason.

  27. Sheri Lyn Kurtzworth

    Glass top didn’t fit. Would not stay in hole. Glad I ordered glass top replacements with initial order. They fit perfectly.

  28. Georgia Rice

    Perfect! Now we can even transport them safely!

  29. Lisa Mc

    They fit the percolator perfect. I like how you can see the color of the coffee so well.

  30. Denise

    Ewe have been looking at coffee pots for almost 3 years before purchasing this one. We love the wooden handle and the thumb tab that holds the lid down when you pour the coffee.

  31. Pam

    This was a gift and the receiver has praised this pot many times!

  32. Brandon B.

    This is my first percolator… and I couldn’t be more pleased. It’s a simple design and came with great easy-to-follow instructions.

  33. Wholehearted

    The glass top replacement fit perfectly on my percolator. It came well protected in the packaging. The fact that there are two is helpful in an emergency.

  34. Anthony C.

    Best coffee pot ever!! I use this for camping, travel trailer, on the house boat and even at the cabin. It makes the best coffee that people rant and rave about. My only complaint is it’s not bigger but awesome product

  35. Philip Lattanzio

    Makes great coffee. Highly recommend

  36. L. K. Roden

    I had percolated coffee from a friend’s kitchen some years ago, and what prompted me to get my own percolator was how fed up I was with putting up with crap instant or bitter drip brewed coffee. Not even local coffee shops matched my friend’s coffee from her percolator. I did a lot of research to find my own that was easy to clean and didn’t require electricity. The Bozeman percolator fits both requirements and bonus is that purchases support a veteran owned company that donates profits to prevent human trafficking.

    Be prepared for a learning curve if you’ve never used a percolator. The video link Coletti gives does help. I am happy that I finally have the best coffee I’ve had in years!

  37. Y’all know

    I love this coffee percolator. Wife loves the flavor of coffee.

  38. Kris

    I can’t speak to the use of this product, as it was purchased as a gift . . . with this particular model being requested by a man who does his research. I’m sure he’ll be very pleased, just as I was with regard to ship time and process in general! Thank you so much for the great service!! Merry Christmas!!

  39. Caryfg55

    I feel that this is the percolator for me!! Easy to use, easy to clean and works like a charm.

  40. Amazon Customer

    I thought about getting a French press, and electric percolating pot and other choices but ended up choosing a more simple yet elegant solution for my coffee needs. Using simple coffees from affordable grocery stores I get excellent coffee. For this model of a 9 cup size is ideal for one or two persons. Love the glass viewing knob on the lid.

  41. KenM

    Nice quality

  42. Michele Norton Hardin

    This is my first percolator. And. I’m in love. It’s the perfect cup of HOT coffee. If you like a full flavored and strong cup of coffee, this is your pot!!!

  43. CattP

    Received product quickly and as described. It fit perfectly to replace the broken one in our Bass Pro camping percolator and works well. And you get 2 so it’s great to have A backup if ever this one breaks!

  44. Terry

    Makes great coffee. I am really enjoying making coffee this was again.

  45. Ron G.

    It is a great coffee pot, it dose take a little practice to get the most out of it. It is very well made and should last many years. Thanks.

  46. Richard F Anfuso

    I love my coffee pot. It is very easy to use. The glass top did fall out and break, but it was easily and inexpensively replaced. Coffee tastes so much better than in an automatic drip. Thank you

  47. J. Novak

    Buy the glass top upgrade and itll remind you of old camping gear or a grandparent’s house. Makes great coffee if you buy the filters and doesn’t boil over like cheaper quality ones with a different pot profile. Great for use on camp stoves.

  48. Jolie W.

    My order arrived before Christmas which was a plus! I love this coffee pot. I forgot how good percolated coffee was. The coffee pot seems like its good quality for the price.

  49. William W.

    Waited to review until I had some long term experience. This is an excellent product for the price. I have used it everyday for almost a year with no problems (except see below). It brews an excellent cup of coffee. I have even used super fine ground coffee. I put a standard drop coffee filter (cut 1/4″ off the top). Coffee ground for percolators works fine with no filter.

    Even their service is great. On the first use the glass top cracked. They responded immediately and sent me two new tops. The problem has not reoccurred.

    Great product, good service, and great price. The kind of vendor we all want to support.

  50. Lisa P

    We haven’t used this yet as we bought it for camping but it seems to be of great quality for the price!

  51. Neptune

    This was simple to use on a gas camp stove. I like that I could pour the coffee once brewing was complete. The percolator is designed to pour without getting grounds in my cup.

  52. maria

    Great coffee pot. Makes wonderful coffee. Easy to clean. What i like about stove top percolator , coffee hot and full of flavor.

  53. john

    Great product…

  54. Stleslu

    There is still nothing like good ol percolated coffee. I make mine different than most people as its not as strong as most prefer. Being that it is on a hot burner makes sure that the water is HOT. I find that coffee makers don’t quite get it as hot thus not staying hot for a long time. I do like my coffee maker if I am in a hurry but prefer this percolator for weekends.

  55. Mike

    Have not used. Gets a 5 for looks

  56. Miguel Á.


  57. JCR

    Used to make coffee.

  58. Mark

    This is an excellent addition to your kitchen along with your outdoor gear. Just made my first pot and the taste of the coffee was just as it should be. The aroma far surpasses that of my drip machine. I purchased this pot because we live in a hurricane prone area so I now have a option if the power goes out. I will have to buy another for my son.

  59. Nina Jimenez

    Excellent pot, we live it for camping and everyday use.

  60. Kirin

    Camping…hot coffee is great while camping and hiking.

  61. jolo

    Works great. Cowboy coffee is great and this percolator makes that much greater. Will highly recommend

  62. smilelady23

    Easy to use. Great shipping

  63. monster high101

    Very nice and well constructed
    Easy to use great coffee flavor.

  64. pencie j newton

    Fast, easy and efficient

  65. jikozi

    I love coffee and was looking for a way to make good tasting coffee while camping which is mainly why I purchased this.
    Solid quality percolator. It is very easy to use and the coffee tastes great! I recommend you use percolator filters, or you have to get really course-ly ground coffee in order to avoid grounds floating around. Cleanup is a piece of cake at home, and fairly easy even with the limited resources of a campsite. The only minor complaint is that the lid on my particular one doesn’t seal completely flush with the pot, but that doesn’t seem to affect the functionality.

  66. stacie labarbera

    Coffee tastes better then the kuerig and the drip. Some people say a purculator makes bitter coffee well I’m here to say thats false. Does take longer to make coffee but its worth the wait. 10mins to percolate then 7 minutes to brew. Perfect everytime!

  67. Moppie

    Almost a piece of art!

  68. AC

    Wonderful company to support and their product has been wonderful for us! We certainly plan to buy more as gifts as well!

  69. Kindle Customer

    We’ve been on a quest for a good cup of coffee. The coffee itself wasn’t the issue, it was how we were making it….This is how coffee was intended to be made and the percolator produces perfect coffee every time! Yes, it takes a bit of time, but like all good things, it’s worth the wait!

  70. david

    The best I have ever used, highly recommended!

  71. Josh

    This is a really nice percolator. I hated to get it dirty! I love the wood for a handle. It is perfect for campfire use. The wooden handle was a big selling point. I didn’t want one with plastic that would end up melting.

  72. matale

    I have an old fashion percolator coffee pot! I hated the filters that I had to place on the stem, put in the coffee, then fold one corner at a time!!! No fun, time-consuming and taste-depleting!! Then I found the Bozeman percolator disc filters! Easy peasy! Place one in the bottom of the coffee pot filter holder, add coffee, then the lid! DONE! And coffee taste like coffee not paper filters! I recommend these highly

  73. Len Holmes

    I like that it is compact, I use it for coffee, maybe tea later

  74. Amazon Customer

    It’s great drinking coffee the old fashioned way. Coffee tastes so much better. Excellent percolator.

  75. Anita

    It is a nice pot. The heaviest one out of four. It makes very good coffee so I am enjoying it very much. Thank you for using glass knobs. It is great to have the back ups just in case. To be honest, I had hoped to find 18/10 stainless. Like the French Pots are made. But quality seems to have gone by the wayside in this great country of ours!! I am happy with my new pot and so glad to be making perked coffee again!! Thank You

  76. Brett lang

    It looks amazing I haven’t had a chance to use it I’ll do that review soon

  77. Sergio Meneses

    Easy to use. Coffee has a more intense flavor. Happy with this product,

  78. George Brugess

    I’ve bought a few perculators in the past, this is by far the best one and will be getting a second one soon.

  79. JesaLiz

    I love the Coletti “Bozeman” Percolator Coffee Pot, their products and mission so much that their products are the only ones that my nonprofit organization supports and offers at our local community coffee lounge. When you buy from Coletti, your dollar goes toward championing religious freedom worldwide, they give 100% of their profits to those who are making a difference around the world—AMAZING!

  80. Nancy

    I love the Bozeman Percolator Coffee Pot. Coffee tastes great.

  81. Jerrel C. Thomas

    I really like your percolator it seems to be sturdy and strong and it looks like it will last forever I really like it thanks a bunch!

  82. Valentina

    High quality stainless steel constuction with no seams to leak from. Glass percolator top. Not cheap, but if you want quality materials ypu have to pay up.

  83. David shipman

    Great well built product. And more importantly it is made in the USA

  84. Regular Joe

    My electric coffee maker broke and I started using an ancient aluminum percolator while I waited for a replacement to arrive. I found I liked taste percolated coffee so ended up ordering a ceramic one because the aluminum one was too hard to clean. I invariably replaced my pot every 18 months or so because I could never find one that did not fall apart due to bad quality plastic caps that would eventually come loose and/or aluminum parts that were impossible to clean and not durable.

    I expect this percolator will last for many many years. It is 100% solid stainless steel except for the wooden handle covering which is nice to protect your hand from heat. The glass knob fits tightly into the cap AND you can order a replacement if you break it. This pot is easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher. The design is very intelligent. The pot and filter basket is wide so it is easy to fill with grounds without dropping any down the stem. They make a disposable filter which fits perfectly or you can just use a regular coffee filter. Either way almost no grounds end up in the coffee. As an added bonus the pot is attractive which matters since it is pretty much always sitting on my range and compliments the cast iron and stainless steel design of the range. Five stars. Very satisfied customer.

  85. Angelia Hayes

    I love them

  86. Nick


  87. Amazon Customer

    Very sturdy and gets all the flavor out of the coffee.. I should of got the bigger size

  88. Peter D. Jones

    Making coffee.

  89. Daniel

    Beautiful and elegant, easy to use, easy to clean. Looks very good quality

  90. Michael Frasier

    good looking, well made coffee percolator. can also be used as a mirror. Haven’t used it yet. however, if it works half as good as it looks it’ll be great.

  91. Lynn V. Wood

    Love how the basket sits in the pot…way less grounds then in previous kinds of perculators!

  92. Carl taylor

    Nice coffee maker but perc coffee taste terrible I’ll save it for camping

  93. steve

    Needed TWO filters.
    One on bottom of grounds basket and one one TOP to keep grounds from bubbling over the top and into the pot itself.

  94. Auntie Claus

    Needed a coffee pot that would work on a grill, fire or burner, and found this on Amazon. It is just the right size, with shiny stainless steel construction and a wood handle to make it easier to grasp. Very pleased with first trial pot o’ coffee at home, now it is on the way to the deer camp. Optimistic!

  95. Diana Horn

    Lived coffee pot except holes to big in basket.ordered filters

  96. robert96

    I absolutely live this coffee pot.
    The taste of slow brewed coffee is amazing.

  97. Whiskey J

    Received this product so quickly. Right in time for my camping trip.I didn’t want to wait for others to make coffee, so I settled on this Coletti Percolator. I def wasn’t settling once I used it. Loved it! The flavor came out great the top closed perfectly to keep the heat in. Someone else liked it so much, they took it home and I haven’t seen it since that trip. I will be buying another because it def out performs my friends popular Coleman when it comes to taste.

  98. KYChickaD

    Very well made percolator! Will never own another coffee maker, ever! Coffee made this way is so much richer tasting! Bonus, it makes the whole house smell wonderful!!

  99. Amazon Customer

    Great product!!

  100. Amazon Customer

    Good product good price

  101. Trisha

    Will last for years, unlike flimsy plastic coffee makers. I don’t have to worry about chemicals from the plastic leaching into my coffee. The coffee tastes better (I don’t use filters)

  102. tammy shemwer

    Coffee for 2 senior. Satisfying

  103. Crystal

    This was a gift for my husband and he LOVES IT!!! Very sturdy, easy to clean, easy to use and fast. Makes a great cup of coffee.

  104. CYNTHIA J.

    Used as replacement to old percolator. Previously had plastic that broke.

  105. Wayne marshall

    Works very well

  106. Sariah

    I’m really enjoying this percolator to make my loose leaf tea and herbal coffee.

    However, only 8 days in the glass knob already cracked in two from just normal use. It wasn’t dropped, smashed or slammed.

    This forced me to buy the replacement knobs. I hope they are more durable than its predecessor.

    The delicate knobs make me find the idea that it would be good for camping more than unlikely.

  107. Celeste ‘

    I tested it to be sure it was all said to be. It was ! Ow it will be great en to my and family for truly camping. They have been camping for years. OH AND YES I ALSO APPRECIATE ALL THE VERTERINS, THANK YOU SO MUCH AND BECAUSE OF YOU WE are free to live a better life

  108. james johnson

    Works great and easy to clean

  109. olshopper

    Great percolator! This purchase was actually a replacement for one I had prior, but the glass knob on the top had cracked. Makes the best tasting coffee ever, and of course it’s as hot as you can get, being straight from the stove top. No plastic parts. I love it.

  110. Amazon Customer

    Great coffee pot. Well built, great price.
    Love that the top is hinged. You can get every last drop of great coffee out of it and the top doesn’t fall off. Great Job!!!!!!

  111. Dallas Rivera

    I bought this not only for camping, but if an event were to happen that the power would be out for an extended amount of time, at least I’ll know I’ll have my COFFEE.

  112. Larry L.

    Bought it for camping, but quickly replaced household coffee pot with this one. Makes great tasting coffee. Business has excellent customer service.

  113. Amazon Customer

    Great perk pot, well made heavy gauge S/S material,with a brilliant polished finish, and what was important to me is it has a Glass Knob not plastic. Would recommend to any coffee lover. Keep on perken!

  114. Tim Watkins

    I really enjoy this coffee maker. I use a coffee filter because without one I get coffee grains in my cup.

  115. Khadi/Eloise

    I used my replacement stainless steel percolator for the first time recently in doing so for the first time in many years I finally got a perfect cup of coffee, much like the coffee I used to enjoy with my grand parents.

  116. Watch Less TV and Read More

    Did not buy the pot; just bought the glass tops to replace the broken glass top of my Eurolux percolator. Fit perfectly. Thank you.

  117. MG

    It is great and makes great coffee good quality

  118. j weaver

    I wanted a camp style percolator like from the 70’s and I’m trying to get away from cooking with aluminum and plastic. This thing is awesome. I was at the cabin and it takes a little longer to get it going, but it’s worth the wait. You can start to see the water turn darker through the glass. It took me back to my younger days

  119. Amazon Customer

    We love this coffee percolator. We use it in our trailer. It works really well. The coffee taste great and I like the added filter you can use if you want too.

  120. Amazon Customer

    We use for power outages on our gas stove. It saves the day because my husband cannot start the day without coffee.

  121. Chris Csencsits

    Well made, attractive coffee pot, makes a great pot of coffee. It’s a percolator, so it’s going to be strong coffee, exactly what I was hoping for.

  122. Joshua Carmel

    The best percolator I’ve ever owned.

  123. TomB

    The first pot I received had a rivet missing. I submitted a return request which was accepted. Two days later I received a replacement which was in perfect condition. Very quality product and the customer service was exceptional.

  124. Peter Calzia

    I’m returning it. Your product didn’t fit the hole. The diameter on the top is 13/16″.
    Do you have that size?

  125. Brian B

    Built well, easy to use, great tasting coffee

  126. Patricia Bean

    Broke the glass to to my percolator. This replacement top worked great. Fits the coffee pot perfectly. Loved getting two so if it happens again I already have the replacement.

  127. Maggie

    We love having our freshly brewed coffee everyday from our new Coletti Percolator. It’s fun to use too!

  128. Amazon Customer

    I’m back to drinking perk coffee.

  129. Paul

    bought for nostalgia reasons. Glad I did! Fills apartment with fresh brewed aroma you don’t get with keurig.

  130. Oswald M.

    Fit my perc cofffee pot perfect.I needed a glass top as the original plastic top got a bit melty in the campfire.And since I cannot have nice things,getting 2 tops is great.I will try not to break it.Good company to order from

  131. Gracie

    I got this coffee pot for my mom and she loves it. The coffee is delicious. We were a bit put out when we realised it didn’t arrive with the filters but regular coffee worked fine.

  132. Annaka Silvia

    Took it camping and put it right on the grate. There was a little staining from the soot but it sure did brew a great cup of joe!

  133. Don Christensen

    Great for camping. Sturdy and well made

  134. doug

    Nice to hear the coffee sounds of my youth. Coffee tastes fine.

  135. Timothy J Kotoff

    Great flavor. Didn’t realize there were filters made for this sort of thing. Big hit with my wife.

  136. Annieyez

    I like that it does not have plastic that breaks

  137. Britannicus

    This stove top percolator makes an excellent cup of coffee. It is by far much better then an electric percolator and worth the money..

  138. Mike Maletta

    Sturdy heavy duty !!! People say they have problems with it ,I think they are the problem , The only way that glass piece breaks is because they dropped it !!! A++++

  139. margo lincoln

    works well

  140. Hack1

    Brewing coffee. Excellent flavor. Basket works well without filter. No grounds in the pot or cup. Looks like flimsy construction but will do the job. Glass perk top is a plus. Better than plastic.

  141. Damien B.

    Received, unboxed and cleaned. Have not used it yet as we bought it for camping and we are under shelter in place orders here in CA.

    It seems to be built solid, and looks promising. I will keep the 5 star review for now and will return to update once we begin using.

    I’ve never used paper filters in a percolator but appreciate the small pack of filters provided.

  142. Barbara Inabinett

    I love the idea of being able to have good coffee using a fire pit or grill burner in the event of power loss! I tried it on my stove top and fell in love with the taste…no bitterness at all!

  143. Amazon Customer

    ????????????????☕ great product

  144. janet adolph

    I like that it’s hardy and simple and it looks good too! Our first pot of coffee was perfect. I would like it to be a little bigger, is all. 🙂 We also had NO grounds in our coffee. It has a great basket for brewing.

  145. Jeff Marchett

    This is the ultimate perc for outdoors, its very functional and it looks classy too. I have had one for about a month and use it at home on the stove for multiple things, preculator, tea pot and just for hot water as well. Well built and durable. Highly recommended!!!

  146. vernon w forsberg

    Excellent coffee pot for my RV.
    Use it inside or out on the campfire.
    Quality built and fast shipping.

  147. Joelle

    This is a solid product, not cheaply made. The owners are here in the U.S. and stand behind their product. I had a problem with the glass globe (that was actually my fault) and the owner/ seller sent me new globes within a few days of my email, and no charge!!

  148. Amazon Customer

    This is a great quality made product.

  149. Joshua s

    Takes longer to boil water. I enjoyed using it. What is a little bit bent but easily fixed.

  150. kari h

    Great coffee easy to use.

  151. O.Santiago

    I love this thing!!! Coffee taste great and I have no worries of drinking bacteria or mold tipically found in coffee pots. Is easy to use and clean. I will be posting pictures soon…totally recommend it 100%

  152. Cindy Elizondo

    This product is very well made and attractive. It is solidly built. I had originally wanted to buy an electric percolator, but after researching the different ones available, I kept reading reviews of how there were plastic parts that broke easily. I also read how it was nearly impossible to find one that is all stainless steel.
    The Colette is all stainless steel, and instead of plastic, it has a glass part, just like they did when I was growing up. I would definitely recommend this little pot. They have larger ones too.
    Here is the best part. This company is owned and run by veterans. All proceeds go to fight against child trafficking! It a win win situation!

  153. Dennis Howard

    Awesome filters that catch all the small particles. I will purchase again for sure.

  154. REED SEEJ

    Works great. Well made.

  155. Jay S

    I love our new percolator. It extracts the flavors very and well and I enjoy the process. The tips included with the purchase also helped me improve my coffee brewing game. I highly recommend this!

  156. Mindy

    I purchased as a stove top option for the occasional power outage. I’ve had it a couple weeks and have “practiced” with it several times. Better coffee quality than my electric brewers. Simple to use and easy to clean. I don’t know how sturdy it would be for camping or traveling. Works great on stovetop.

  157. Shanna

    Perfect for camping and you get more than three cups!

  158. Joshua shepard

    Took a few times to get it dialed in, metaled great coffee


    Nice finish, easy clean, sits evenly on the stove, easy to control the pou

  160. Boldventure

    This is an outstanding coffee pot. First of all it is beautifully crafted. It serves the best coffee and easy to use. Try to use grounded coffee and the filter does help to keep grounds out of your coffee cup. Definitely recommend at the camp site or at home.

  161. Notsomadmaxine

    My coffee maker died months ago, and I enjoyed having a little more counter space, so I’ve been making cold brew instead. Cold brew is easy and tastes good, but you have to plan ahead, and when you have company, you can’t expect people to sit around for 8 hrs while you make them some coffee. A stove-top percolator is the perfect solution. This pot is stainless steel, well-made, and easy to use. They include a handy card with step-by-step instructions and the website has a short video instruction too. It takes longer than my old coffee maker, but I like the nostalgia, and it makes for a tasty pot of coffee!

  162. DRod

    This is a beautiful percolator and I can’t wait to use it. I’m not giving 5 stars though because the discription said it came with filters but mine does not have them included in the box. Bummer…

    UPDATE: Customer service was amazing! They were very apologetic for the missing filters and sent a new box of them out right away. I just received them today. 5 star company, for sure!

  163. Edward W. Goggin

    I ordered the glass tops to replace the plastic top that came with my percolator. The plastic top cracked and split in half after a few months of use. The glass replacement tops are made well, fit perfectly and will withstand years of use.

  164. GStar1517

    Arrived in perfect shape, as advertised. Sturdy and heavy. Glass bubble fit great. Very pleased with this order.

  165. Divergent

    I was originally looking for an electric coffee maker to replace my old one, but the prices were insane and the reviews were truly not the best – either the coffee makers would give out after a short while or the glass was too thin. When I finally came to the conclusion that I was going to go “old school.”
    Best choice ever! Me and my son just love the Coletti Bozeman Percolator, the coffee tastes 10 times better than an electric coffee maker. My son-in-law also agrees.
    This little coffee maker (percolator) does come with circular filters, we can usually use 1 filter twice and then we toss them. I make sure to wash the Percolator right after the last drop is poured, I don’t leave it in there.
    The instructions are very easy to follow, we make sure to always use low heat (we have a gas stove), but this helps with flavor, and the aroma is subtle. Strong coffee aromas (made in a coffee maker) tends to give me horrible headaches, this has not brought on any headaches what so ever. To make 9 cups of coffee we use three heaping spoons… delicious. I have also noticed that after drinking coffee made through our Coletti Bozeman Percolator it doesn’t make your breath stink, where if you drink it from “other” places or machines you definitely need to brush those teeth afterwards. Trust me on that one, pay attention to your breath or other peoples breath after drinking coffee from electric coffee makers…not so good, it will make people cringe, maybe they won’t say anything, but cringe none the less.
    *It usually takes 10-15 minutes to brew depending on heat, when it is done you will see the coffee bubbling in the little glass percolator.
    All in all, we are all happy that I purchased this. ????????

  166. Melissa crawford

    best to use. Not expensive but gets the job done. Thank you. I love my old fashioned coffee I get when I use this.

  167. Whovian

    The percolator arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I was prepared to handle the potential bowing of the bottom, as I read through many reviews this may be a very easy to fix problem.
    We purchased the percolator for a return to camping for our family. Thus far, have not used it but I cannot wait to smell the coffee perking in a couple weeks. Our daughter and son in law have the exact percolator and use it daily on their stovetop at home. They enjoy the perking and I had a great cup of coffee from their percolator recently. I was most impressed that the company is veteran owned and returns profits to the community.

  168. Edward A Cranford

    I must admit that this percolator is easier the clean then a glass percolator I once had. But, doesn’t have the same flavor or nuances.

  169. Jo

    Fits and works perfectly with my kettle!

  170. Aminia Hamed

    The coffee maker I have been looking for, makes the freshest coffee. It came better than I expected. if you like hot fresh coffee then this is for you what I love most about this percolator is that my father likes his coffee light so after he puts his coffee I just reheat the coffee for a darker cup and its just perfect for us. Thank you would highly recommend!

  171. Megan

    Makes perfect camp coffee!

  172. Sara Serafin

    Great percolator, even included filters and directions. I took it camping and had no issues with using it or cleaning it out.

  173. Conner Ryan

    This is a very high quality product, I was impressed.

  174. Mike G

    Not sure what other reviewers are struggling with fit wise, but I encountered no such problem on our Bozeman percolator. We use our Coletti for camping in our TT as it requires no electricity. Shortly after our first use the DW accidentally dropped the glass top and chipped it while washing. Thankfully, it was not rendered inoperable and we immediately realized the need for back ups, pronto!

  175. Elsa G.

    Easy to use and DELICIOUS coffee!!

  176. Jcard

    This is true to its description. Well made sturdy coffee pot. Should hold up and last for quite awhile. Better made then most I’ve seen and reasonably priced! Also as an added plus is supporting Veteran owned business! 🙂

  177. Boomshackla

    Got this for camping to replace a french press. It taste great and seems very durable. Would recommend.

  178. kenneth tufts

    Makes awesome coffee. Easy to use and clean.

  179. Matthew Forrest

    This is a very well-made product. It’s got good weight and fit and finish is excellent. The only loosely attached piece is the lid, which is as it should be. I used it this morning for the first time, and it functioned as expected. I appreciate that the company has a mission beyond just running a business, and I’m glad to support it.

  180. Judy Messner

    Made coffee twice so far. Great flavor! Saw reviews on the glass top cracking or breaking. I will update if that happens:) So far, it’s great product! Judy Messner

  181. KriAlly

    I was concerned for whether or not it fit my coffee pot. It was perfect. It works better than the original.

  182. LJ

    It’s exactly what we were looking for. We bought for camping and have actually started using it in our home in place of our electric coffee maker, the flavor of the coffee is noticeably better than electric brewer.

  183. Amazon Customer

    I like the overall coffee pot. I am hoping that the hinge that connects the top will sustain all the use. We use it everyday and like the overall design. The coffee filters are an added plus for smooth ground free coffee. I did have a slight problem with the delivery that was no fault of Colletti. I called the company and they were very nice and explained all that I needed to know. Delivery was quick.

  184. curtis frew

    Great little coffee pot. I do a lot of dutch oven/outdoor cooking. This is a great addition to the campfire.

  185. kim bentley

    I really like the nostalgic look. I also like the fact that I’m not drinking a hot beverage out of plastic. The cleanup is easy, just washing, not running vinegar thru a cycle hoping to get the lyme out. The flavor is better too! I also like that I can keep it on the stove, freeing up counter space.

  186. Amazon Customer

    Exactly what I expected. Excellent product. Well made.

  187. Sophia Shepard

    Absolutely hands down a great percolator for camp fire coffee and for home use . Super easy to clean and use . Everyone loved the coffee on the open fire . I would recommend using a course grind coffee or you will get grinds in your coffee cup but it dosent bother me . Also I cannot say highly enough how great their customer service is . I was missing the instructions and filters with my percolator and the company emailed me before I even sent them a message about it . They got everything fixed fast .

  188. Johnny Smith

    After my Mother-in-law complained to my wife about coffee not getting as hot as she wants, my wife and I decided to give her the Coletti “Bozeman” percolator coffee pot. She loves it! AND… no more complaints.

  189. Richard K.

    Great coffee procurator and the people who own and run the company are evan better. You owe it to yourself to have the Best in or out of the woods.

  190. Kevin-NH

    Solidly built, makes great coffee.

  191. Edward J. Kozlowski

    The coffee pot has proven itself in enabling me get a great pot of coffee, time and time again. The only think I had to buy again was the glass top, which literally fell apart. Since I bought the Coffee Percolator Glass top replacement packet of 2, I am hoping that these will last quite a while for me!

  192. Sarah

    Needed a coffee maker for camping and this fit the bill. Makes great coffee and it’s easy to clean. We forgot the filters and some grounds ended up in our coffee (as mentioned in the directions so we were expecting it), but it was still delicious.

  193. Amazon Customer

    Ease of applucation

  194. Jessica

    I love our new percolator. The coffee we make in it is taste great and it was pretty easy to use. We enjoy making Cuban coffee in it from Hawaii. Great purchase, durable and nice looking.

  195. Tom Powers

    Lightweight and easy to use. Easy to store.

  196. Dan Bergman

    I LOVE this product!

  197. Traci Webster

    Love our percolator! Our first one malfunctioned and was missing the filters…but with a quick email I had a new one in the mail with the filters and I couldn’t love it more! Very impressed with the quality and couldn’t have asked for better customer service! Highly recommend this company.

  198. Everett Cole

    They did not fit and I would like to return for credit.

  199. golfngal46

    I like this coffee pot. Easy to use on my Coleman stove when out camping,

  200. Vandy Padilla

    Love it. Perfect size to take camping.

  201. Thomas Reinert

    Percolator coffee is great and this inexpensive and simple stove-top percolator is an easy way to experience it. If you like hot, richly brewed coffee, give it a try. The only negative is that stove-top percolators do take longer to heat up than electric percolators.

  202. Matt Monroe

    Arrived in a timely manner, easy to use, makes great coffee!

  203. Smitty

    Love the perculator! Easy to use and nice looking to boot!

  204. lorie

    The coffee is magnificent and worked great over a campfire. The shipping was fast and efficient.

  205. Mike

    Very easy to use and straight forward, perfect for camping. I was worried about grounds getting in the coffee because I had to poke a hole in the filter so it fits around the tube, but it worked fine and we had no grounds. I wasnt sure if I should get the 9 cup or 12 cup but i went with the 12 as I always camp in a group and it was definitely worth it. 12 cups goes quickly even just between 3 people. The coffee tasted great, we cooked it on a propane stove.

  206. Amazon Customer

    Ordered this as a present for my husband. He loves it!! We camp a lot and enjoy our coffee.

  207. Nancy

    . Living in Fl we are always prepared for hurricane season We purchased it to use on our barbeque as your video demonstrated.

  208. LAS

    Love it ALL! Great coffee easy clean.

  209. Mark S. Goergen

    Worked great for 2 people on an old Coleman campstove . You do get some grounds in your coffee but then it wouldn’t be camp coffee if you didn’t … Right !

  210. Nikkimayd

    Used our new pot on our camping trip this weekend. It makes superior quality coffee and is easy to use. Nothing like it.

  211. Jose E

    I wanted a quality built percolator to use for our camping and at home needs. This fit the bill. So far, happy with our purchase.

  212. Brady

    This is the best coffee pot I’ve ever owned! I was worried about inconsistent coffee flavor, but it’s not a science. Every pot has been good.

    Also, it is well made with quality materials. I couldn’t be happier!

  213. bearski

    This coffee percolator is easy to use. its pretty simple to clean and fills your house with a wonderful coffee aroma. I love this coffee maker and no longer use my Kurig type coffee maker.

    The formula for excellent coffee is pretty simple. We use an electric coffee bean grinder for 10 seconds. Using a two table spoon scoop we put four scoops in the grinder. Filling the coffee perculator with water to just below the bottom of the spout. Heat the water up until it starts perking, then let it perk on the burner for 7 minutes and you can enjoy a great cup of coffee. We use organic coffee purchased at Amazon called Cafe Don Pablo Subtle medium dark roast whole beans. From what I have read using a perculator is a much healthier way to make coffee and it also simply tasts great.

  214. Anonymous

    I bought the Coletti “Bozeman” Percolator Coffee Pot for use on the home stove, travel trailer stove, outdoor Coleman stove, and primitive camping fire pit. Our family searches for quality made products, and the Coletti percolator coffee pot is our best-made coffee pot because it is designed for taste, durability, and longevity. We are serious coffee consumers who demand quality; the Coletti percolator coffee pot produces delicious healthy coffee every time. THANK YOU VETERANS, YOU ARE GEMS!

  215. Flower Child

    I liked that these are glass and they are easy to clean

  216. S

    I got this pot to use as a backup for my electric coffee pots that last from 2 to 3 years and also if the electricity goes off. I used my old paper filter by adding center hole under the coffee and layer the round filter on top before adding the top grain holder piece.

    The coffee taste great and had no grains.

  217. Larry Ropa

    Well made pot. Makes great coffee the old fashioned way. Better and easier to make a cup for one in the morning. This pot should last for many years to come. Good job

  218. Judy & Charlise David

    The construction of this piece is amazing! Very smooth, durable and easy to hold. The video tutorial was extremely helpful.
    Ironically, I was preparing to move to Montana and this was my housewarming present to myself!
    The coffee is delicious! I will never go back to using a Keurig.

  219. Amazon Customer

    This is the 3rd one I have purchased. I love it.,


    Stainless steel! Not aluminum! Have an aluminum one, worthless!

  221. Joe M

    Awesome percolator!

  222. littlesmom

    I bought this for my husband for our camping trip because he didn’t want to take his french press, he loves it so much I doubt it’ll stay in our camping bin. It comes with filters but they’re not necessary. Such smooth coffee, I’m not a big coffee fan but even I couldn’t resist it!

  223. Kroslak Enterprises Inc

    I purchased this one specifically so that I can use it when camping. It works great! Thank you!

  224. B B

    It is very well made, easy to clean. I just got it and only used it once. Will share more once we put it to use in our boat. Love the compact size for a 12 cup pot.

    The item discretion on Amazon said it came with filters, mine did NOT. The box was a little damaged but the coffee pot inside was perfectly fine.

  225. Just Me

    I have now owned this percolator for 8 months and my husband and I have used it every single day. I had used a plug-in percolator for years, but had concerns about the metals used in the inside of those with both heat and the acid in coffee. With this all stainless steel pot, my mind is completely at ease.

    I read the reviews carefully and made sure to buy the wrap around coffee filters to avoid grounds in my brew. I bought extra glass knobs, but have yet to use them because this pot is so durable and simple and well made. When I brew, we turn our smooth top burner on high to get the water just starting to perc, then turn it down to 4 and set the timer for 8 minutes (when we’re making 10 cups). At 5 minutes left, we turn the burner off and leave the pot on the burner, and the perking continues until the timer goes off.

    We rinse it and wipe it out after use, and every so often throw it in the dishwasher. Our only regret is that last time, we propped the lid open too far and the hinge stretched so the lid now sits up from the top about 4 mm. But, even our mistake has not hindered its performance in the least.

    Seriously…a great, quality pot that is safe, attractive, and makes delicious coffee.

  226. Leslye

    I’m not a big coffee drinker, but last time we went camping no one brought a coffee maker. I googled for reviews and this percolator came highly recommended. We decided to try it out before camping and we loved it. We were content to just have adequate coffee, but we were pleasantly surprised by the taste of the coffee this percolates brewed. I would highly recommend this coffee maker!!

  227. Dwight Cater

    I have had a blue enameled coated percolator that would barely work while camping. This device works well and it is stainless steel so it cleans up easily. Also you are promoting a Christian business which I am all for.

  228. Rachelle Jaymeson

    I love this coffee percolator, it’s my first time using it and I prefer it over my drip coffee maker. So happy

  229. BB strongsville

    K cup coffee is for those who want quick coffee. Peculator coffee is for those who want a GOOD cup of coffee.

  230. mark

    I really love this thing. We bought it for camping but we use it at home now. It really brings out the coffee flavor ! I would definitely recommend!

  231. shawn persich

    I bought the 12 cup Bozeman and so far it has performed as I expected. It’s structure and finish is nice and strong…except for the really weak hinge.

  232. Edel

    This filter looks and feels high quality and comparing to equivalent offering from Melitta is a no-brainer. You get what you pay for…

  233. Steve

    I bought this percolator for a camping trip. I used it all three mornings I was there and it was great! Worked really well and the coffee was good.

  234. Amazon Customer

    This percolator is very unique in design, rugged, and well built!

  235. Chief

    Working great

  236. Amazon Customer

    makes good coffee.. the only fault I can find is the fill lines should be on the inside of the pot so you can see the correct level of water.

  237. David C. Bittner

    Where are the filters that it said came with it:

    FILTERS INCLUDED: Filters are not necessary for operation, but included for those who want prevent the finely ground coffee from falling through the percolator basket.

    I did not receive any filters. I am going camping this weekend and though they are not needed I wanted those and would have bought them separately. Now I don’t think I will have time!

    Upadte: Coletti is sending me some filters so I updated from 2 to 4 but I needed the filters for this weekend but I will probably not get them in time. I would have ordered some at the same time if I had known the percolator would arrive without them. I brewed my first pot as a test last night on the stove. This is how I do it and have been doing it for years with percolator. Turn up heat full to get the water to just start to boil and coffee pot percolating. This takes about 8/10 minutes on my gas stove. Once it starts to boil turn the heat all the way down super low but not so low it does not percolate. From here it is trial and error on how you like your coffee. I let mine continue to brew on super low heat for about 20 minutes. I like a strong cup of coffee. Other thing to note was during the initial heat up process I could not touch the wooden handle it was to hot but once I turned it down to low heat and let it go on low for about 10 minutes I was able to grab the wooden handle and lift it off the stove and it was not hot at all. I like this pot I think it will do good camping.

    08/06/2020 update – We used this several times with our coleman propane stove. It works great. On a normal gas stove alot of heat comes up the side and initially makes the handle to hot to grab but once it boils and you lower the heat to brew the handle becomes cool and you can pick it up no problem. The coleman stove does not throw heat up the sides and you can touch it throughout the process. There is a problem with the lid to the basket which does not sit directly on the basket. The lid to the basket has a 2 step lid design. The first step of this lid sits in the basket as it should to prevent grounds from coming up and out. the 2 part/step of the lid however sits actually on the coffee pot itself and when the basket/stem is lowered into the coffee pot and the lid makes contact with the pot the stem/basket goes into the pot another 1/8″-1/2″ deeper and this prevents the lid from snuggly fitting onto the basket since the basket is lower. This leaves a gap between the basket and the lid and grounds come out this gap. This is a poor design the lid should fit onto the basket and into the pot not sit on the pot. I’m going to try to get a picture of this and I will update my review later.

  238. Norma

    The coffee tastes amazing!

  239. Stephen Jones

    Love this thing. Great simple solution for Off-the-Grid Living.

  240. Robyn Bryant

    I REALLY love how great my coffee taste w/ this percolator. I bought it to replace Farberware pot. The Coletti model doesnt have the little spring that my Farberware has THANKFULLY, because I always seemes misplace that silly part. Planning to send this one to my aunties as gifts.

  241. Icarus

    Bought this to add to my 40mm can camp coffee/cook kit fits perfect makes great coffee.

  242. Lisa Young

    Bought it for camping. Great coffee on a Camp Chef outdoor stove.

  243. Eric Sadoski

    All stainless steel makes this one of the best out there. For those who know how and love the tase of fresh perk coffee at the camp or on the water it does the trick

  244. Terry Harlow

    It’s been years since I had percolator coffee, takes a little longer but worth it.

  245. Amazon Customer

    Very sturdy and compact. We use it for camping mostly but also in the house when we need a back up or extra when we company. I had tried others and they were light weight and cheaply made, the lid didn’t fit and grounds got into the pot. Not with this one. I would buy it again.

  246. Beth McCarron

    This percolator worked perfectly for our last camping trip where we were without power.

  247. Keven caporale

    I really like this percolator. First one I’ve ever purchased. Very nicely made and easy to use and clean. Only issue I had was it was smaller than I thought it would be. But that’s coffee math for ya lol

  248. Christine

    We lost our Bozeman percolator top at the campsite last weekend. Totally bummed since making coffee the next morning was interesting to say the least. Got home and of course checked Amazon for a replacement. These Coletti replacement tops actually fit better than the one that came with the percolator which was also plastic. These are glass. Hoping they don’t break but so far I’m very happy with this purchase.

  249. Kindle Customer

    While I only purchased the glass tops the service was fastare at the items well packaged and fit my percolated well

  250. jeffrey kallberg

    Perfect replacement for our percolator top.

  251. Messner

    I have used it once, it looks nice and stylish and worked just fine, it’s small though. I used the filters that came with it but the only con is that coffee grounds do filter out. Also it seemed like the coffee wasn’t just strong enough for the amount I used, I think I should’ve let it brew longer. I guess you just have to use it several times calculating coffee vs time brewing to ensure you get the right strength. Overall I’m happy with it.

  252. Bakersfield Grandma

    I haven’t used this yet, but after all of the camping pots I have sold, given away and donated, I suddenly find that having a coffee pot that will work without electricity or pods is pretty important. I see that it is good quality, is stylish, is worth the little bit of extra money as the top has glass and not plastic for the percolating coffee. I will try it out on the barbecue but just having it is one less thing to worry about in my effort to be “prepared” and this old grandma will NOT be making coffee by boiling a sock full of coffee….

  253. Mario B Rodriguez

    This perc worked like a charm on our camping trips this summer. I’ve even been tempted to pull it out now that we’re home.

  254. Amanda Nace

    I bought this little treat for a beach camping trip and it was so great to have hot coffee on our annual tent camping trip. I found the instructions easy to follow and delighted in the soothing sounds of the percolator and the color gradually change to that dark and strong coffee we all know and love. If I do say so, myself, I’m pretty sure I had a few envious oglers as I carried my hot cup of coffee to the sand and surf. The coffee was so good I have started using this percolator on my stovetop at home. A great cup of coffee is always great especially as many of us are now working from home. I gave it 4 stars only because the lid seems to be hinged on and a bit flimsy. I fear at some point if I’m not super careful it may get bent or broken during cleaning. Otherwise its beautiful. Happy sipping, coffee lovahs.

  255. Blue Lake

    Was under the impression that it was made in the USA, it’s not.

  256. Rue

    This was my first venture into percolating coffee! This is a great product. It is all stainless steel with a great wood handle. The company provides great product support. I have already bought two of the 9 cup models for gifts.

  257. Steven Gibson

    I absolutely love this coffee pot, I use it for my camping trips it’s well worth the money very well built and my coffee tastes great

  258. David Dean

    The lid is hinged and permanently attached so cleaning isn’t as easy as expected.

  259. Katherine Reedy

    Great quality and easy to use. Makes a wonderful pot of coffee that stays hot a long time. The wood handle is a plus!

  260. Russel Norton

    It is designed to use over camp stove. Just like I wanted.

  261. Amazon Customer

    Big pot! Pours easy.. remmebrr to buy filters!

  262. Emmett J.

    I Like the Coffee Pot it is Stainless Steel but not made in the USA. I like buying USA first.

  263. Hector Vijarro

    We bought this for our camp trailer, to use when we don’t have electricity. Decide this will be our full-time coffee maker. We love the styling!

  264. Lynx

    Great percolator for camping. I really like this pot and it works great for camping. I was worried that the metal handle that is sandwiched between the wood would be a problem with being hot, but the wood extends past the metal just enough.

    The French Press metal mesh filters fit perfect and reduced the amount of grounds that end up in the coffee. This works much better then the paper filters. My one issue is that this taste so much better than my drip coffee maker. LOL

  265. kyle harris

    I like the pot because it fits all of my stoves. Kid seems a bit loose for the price. I think it will probably fall off if you don’t take really good care of it.

  266. Linda Lee Stradley

    While I do have single cup Keurig in my RV, I’ve discovered that when we are Boondocking (dry camping) it’s easier (and, in fact more flavorful) to perk a pot of coffee on my propane stove rather than turn the generator on!

  267. M & K Waters

    Overall I really like the flavor of this coffee when it is percolated in this pot. As it’s stainless steel, it doesn’t hold heat well but reheating it is very easy.

  268. Jeanette Bear

    Advertised as 9 cups. No way. If you put 9 cups of water in this it will be way above the pouring spout. 6 full cups of water will take it to the bottom of the pouring spout but you will only get about 5 1/2 cups of coffee. Other than that it appears to be of good quality and have had no other issues. Will just have to brew 2 pots instead of 1.

  269. LUANN D.

    When I find a company who brags about their product, it’s usually a sales pitch to entice consumers to buy.
    You are the only one that claims the aroma will remind us of grandma’s coffee. And it’s true…the aroma is intoxicating! I am constantly inhaling deeply to satisfy the nose.
    The flavor woke up taste buds that no other coffee maker has attempted!
    I have bought Keurig and found there’s more maintenance if I want good flavor.
    From Keurig to Farberware Electric percolator and found a lot less flavor and minimal aroma. Plus, the basket is designed to trap coffee grounds making it harder to clean which creates bacteria causing bitter taste!
    From Farberware Electric percolator to Farberware stove top percolator, still lacking flavor and aroma along with having the same basket as the electric perc, again causing bitter taste.
    Then I saw Coletti Boseman 9 cup, thought I’d try it. What a difference!!! To be honest, there’s more flavor and aroma than Keurig!
    I just ordered the 12 cup and expect delivery Friday.
    You have certainly earned bragging rights about your product that produces what you advertise, 100%! You don’t find that much these days.
    LuAnn D.

  270. Amazon Customer

    We needed a percolator for a trailer camp stove. It’s a great little pot.

  271. amber

    Easy to use and easy to clean!!! Just what hubby wanted!!!

  272. David Buche

    It’s a little small.

  273. denise t

    I love this coffee pot! Makes an amazing cup of coffee! No problems with ” perking ” over and leaking from the top like my old percolator did! I did not receive my filters or the instructions and I emailed the company and told them. Right away they sent out filters from Amazon and emailed me a copy of the instructions!! So great to still have these types of companies that truly value their customers! Thank you for a great product…and wonderful customer service!! I have already recommended this coffee pot to others!!

  274. Michael

    Very solid pot and lid! Doesn’t leak during percolating!

  275. Melissa Kinzler

    Beautiful Italian design, makes excellent coffee! We use this part every day at home even when we’re not camping despite the fact that we have a Keurig p, french press and a percolator. it makes outstanding coffee, and the pot is just the right size for 2 people that enjoy two cups each. it came with paper filters but you don’t need them with the metal reusable percolator basket. One caveat to be aware of is the real glass percolator button on top. Ours fell off while cleaning it in the sink and went straight down into the garbage disposal. Amazon sent an entire replacement pot the next day. We are much more careful with it now. Because of the beautiful teak wood handle I would not put it in the dishwasher.

  276. Tim

    Best customer service I have experienced yet!
    I compared this product with others in store and it’s clear as day which one is made right.
    Don’t look any further.

  277. Eric Hagen

    Bought this coffee pot for camping but use it at home on the weekends.

  278. John Palmer

    Use of a filter smooths out the flavor and does help with initial cleaning. Nicely made with quality materials. Easy to use and it produces a great cup of coffee. We use Folger’s Classic Roast and found that 4 tablespoons at 9 minutes worked out beautifully (once it comes to a boil).

  279. N. Edgar

    Took it hiking in my pack and my only complaint is that it does tend to bend easily I found. It otherwise worked great and made great coffee for me and my sons during the hike. I like the size (9 cup) for us because it was plenty for all three of us to drink a good amount of coffee from. The part that bent was the tube coming off the interior piece that allows the boiling water to “perk” up. It’s a bit thin and I think being jostled around in a backpack was just too much for it. I am still happy with the purchase though.

  280. Belinda Spears

    My coffee pot was damaged in transit…customer service replaced it IMMEDIATELY!!! This is a quality coffee pot and I unequivocally give it the highest score for price and quality materials.

  281. Amazon Customer

    Quality material , made very well , Veteran & American made !!!! Grateful for your ” Service and Patriotism “ !

  282. Brandon Barger

    So let me start by saying that I did not originally buy this for myself. I bought it for a friend who likes western stuff and tested it out to make sure it was a quality product before sending it to him later. After making my first cup of coffee in this thing, I stared at the coffee for a few seconds and bought another one a few days later. The flavor is much more intense than when I just use my coffee maker. It is much more oil heavy. The filter reduces this oiliness, but that also drastically reduces the overall flavor, and the entire reason I love this percolator. I also love that there is absolutely no plastic anywhere on the percolator. I’ve looked at other percolators before for my friend, but they all had plastic somewhere on the product, and some even used a plastic grounds basket. This is all metal, wood, and glass. A quality product end to end. Cleaningg is a breeze. Everything comes apart easily and without fuss, giving access to each part. Probably the hardest part to clean, and I use hardest very loosely, is the spout. And that’s only because it’s narrower and has a small, multi hole filter right behind it. If I’m being REALLY PICKY, I would say that my only gripe is that when I’m trying to pour out the last drops,(I typically only brew one cup of coffee at a time since I rarely, if ever, drink two cups in a day) the grounds basket starts to fall out of the lid a bit. And at this point, it’s too hot to take out without burning myself. I wish there was a latch that kept the lid shut for people like me who don’t brew enough coffee to be able to just take out the basket before dumping the last dregs of coffee into the cup.

  283. BPV

    This appears to be well made and costs less than a similar sized one that I have in my camper. This one is certainly nicer than the more expensive one I have.

  284. LRV

    Bought to us every day in my house. Have a gas stove and the coffee comes out perfect to my taste and piping hot! Easy to clean. Love the nostalgia!

  285. scott mason

    just what i was looking for, great on the stove or campfire

  286. 3endyann

     Heats quick, glass top and wood handle are exactly what I was looking for, makes a nice large pot that stays hot and is easy to warm up with a low flame if you want. Sturdy and well made. Got this for campfire cooking, looking forward to taking it on my next backpacking trip – yes, it will be worth the extra weight. Coffee tastes awesome with a splash of cream and no sugar (I used a simple 1:1 mix of Eight o’clock Colombian and Starbucks Columbian roasts). If this lasts a few years it will be a great addition to my kitchen and camping adventures.

  287. DonnydaToe


  288. ReviewLP

    This is a really nice stainless steel camping coffee pot/tea kettle. It has really good feel with a wood handle. So far I’m happy with the quality of this and believe it is worth the price.

  289. Marie B.

    We took it camping for a week. Use the gas stove in our camper. And we love it. We call it Camper coffee. The longer you boil the water and Burket the stronger it gets. Love it being stainless steel instead of aluminum

  290. MarthaR

    Makes great coffee, nice size pot with just the necessary parts (no springs). Perfect for 2 people.

  291. Charles Nugent

    I ordered this pot as a replacement of an older pot that didn’t allow me to see the percolation. I love watching coffee percolate. The coffee pot percolated the coffee to just the right amount of percolation on our Coleman Stove. Disregard all of the silly reviews about the hot handle, sharp hazard, difficult to pour, etc. It’s a percolator pot that percolates with the best. And it’s kind of a cute percolator to boot. So I am giving this pot 5 stars. Can’t wait to go camping and percolate again.

  292. Mike Porter

    Went back to old school coffee and glad I did , best coffee ever

  293. Sandy

    The Box says Engineered for Outdoors. I purchased this because my previous coffee pots boiled over and put the stove out. The little slots at the top prevent this from happening and I am very happy. I saw some complaints about getting grounds in the coffee. I grew up when there were no drip coffee makers and getting a few grounds in my teeth don’t bother me. It does come with paper filters to cut down on this but its a peculator. Your going to get grounds in your coffee. And you heat this up over a flame. Metal surfaces are going to get hot. I picked up the pot right off the stove, keeping my skin on the rosewood handle and felt no heat what so ever. I guess some people just love to complain. Best thing I can say is, get someone else to do your cooking and coffee making. This is a very high quality product and came packed very well. No damage or broken parts. It made my coffee. I am very pleased and will probably buy more of these to give away as gifts. I have no complaints.

  294. Stacey

    Solid, quality product. Well done!

  295. kelly m sepelak

    Great coffee pot. Use it for camping, packs well, easy to clean, quality pot.

  296. Amazon Customer

    awesome product

  297. Amazon Customer

    It’s fine. Did what I wanted. Fresh brewed coffee. Did well. Will order 12 cup .

  298. Kim Coffey

    Should the world go to hell in a hand-basket, make sure you have a Coletti traveling with you. Stainless steel is strong, inside and out, wooden handle stops heat conduction, and every cup hardy, smooth and boiling hot – the kind of hot that peels the skin off the roof of your mouth…my kind of hot cup of coffee which an auto-drip, French press or perker cannot give…I have all of them. I grew up using a cookstove and a similar coffee pot as the Coletti…didn’t think companies made old school craftsmanship…but with a cup of curiosity, found Coletti, and that old world craftsmanship is function, efficient and made with a can do spirit.

  299. Amazon Customer

    Great product that makes great tasting coffee every time with ZERO LANDFILL.

  300. Robyn R.

    I use this for making hot tea and it is fantastic! Convenient, easy to use, and easy to clean.

  301. Merk Beevers

    The quality of this item is great, and with a little care remembering to wash it, and I think I could be using this for many years. I was a little concerned buying a pot rated at “9 cups”, but I think that might be espresso cups or something, because filled full (as per instructions), it holds about 3 mugs, which is actually perfect for my needs, but not enough for 2 rounds for a family of 4 as the description might suggest.

  302. Cindyhasitall

    This is a very sturdy, well made camping or open flame stove top pot.
    I have not made coffee on the stove top in many years so it has taken some practice and a few failures but its as good as any i make in the coffee machines now.
    Very easy to clean

  303. Amazon Customer

    Love it. Used it many times over open fire. Quality throughout.

  304. AAC

    I love stove-top coffee percolators. I wish they made a 12-cup one. First cup is amazingly hot, of course. It doesn’t hold the warmth like my other one did, however. Other than that, it’s perfect for one cup and for what I purchased it for – to enjoy great tasting coffee and to be able to make coffee if the power goes out.

  305. Loretta Oberschlake

    No problems Thanks

  306. Beach Baby

    I used it on my gas camping stove. The pot handle became so hot I needed double towels to lift it to pour the coffee. The coffee was delicious and the pot kept the coffee hot.

  307. Neeples

    Well made, excellent quality.

    It worked really well on the camp fire. The wood handle never got hot.

    The internal coffee basket and percolator are nice fitting with the basket sitting on the edge of the lip.

    Surprisingly there were very few coffee grinds in the actual coffee. I normally find coffee grind sludge at the bottom of camp coffee , not necessarily unpleasant, as that’s what makes it camp coffee!

  308. SuSan Dabbas

    Wthis coffee pot perked the coffee just fine and will be handy on camping trips

  309. kaylene z.

    I needed a coffee pot for when we lose power, and this was perfect

  310. Kellie S. Lively

    This pot is solid and sturdy. The basket is not cheap and the lid to the basket sits on the the lip between the base and lid of the pot. This keeps the lid on so that the grounds stay in the basket. We love this and give it 10 thumb up!!!

  311. Gary Castle


  312. Christine

    It’s really beautiful and high quality.

    At first, I didn’t use enough water and it was only spattering at the top, so it didnt brew well and the coffee was weak. The second time I used water to the 8 cup mark, and it brewed delicious coffee.

    My kids and I love watching the water bubble up into the glass top.

    We call this “Freedom Coffee”!!!

  313. Troy M.

    still the best way to make coffee as far as im concerned…only complaint is top and inner pieces are a bit lightweight but for what it is its put together well i think it will last a long time..the wafer thin coffee filters are perfect for keeping the grains out too

  314. Peter D. Ford, III

    My previous coffee pot failed where I fear it would; the plastic percolating top cracked from exposure to cyclic heating and cooling, even with hand washing.
    Now having a glass top will alleviate this.
    The capacity is less, but it brews coffee wonderfully. Rosewood handle is an aesthetic and functional touch.

  315. Amazon Customer

    Great product and easy to clean!!

  316. carlos f canizales

    Very good product

  317. Bryan Dye

    I wanted to write a review after having mine for a while and reading some of the other customers thoughts. It is a well built percolator, makes great coffee, and needs little attention other than a rinse. After reading some of the negative reviews, it is my opinion those individuals should just go buy a cup of coffee, and not try to make their own. This percolator is by no means dangerous, has instructions, and replacement parts. Operator error dosent mean the unit is sub par.

  318. Michael Scott

    It’s a great product. The best cup of coffee I have ever had!

  319. pk

    Great coffee maker. Works right every time. No leaks, handle absorbs heat so you can pick it straight up from heat. A little difficult to clean, due to some sharp edges on the top inside rim, but it is really the percolator that you need. This is a second time buy. We own one, and am giving this one to a friend for Christmas.

  320. nicholas Adan

    This product is quality built no BS

  321. Coffee Lady

    I loved my perk coffee pot better than the electric one

  322. Jake

    Easy to clean and durable. I have used this both in kitchen and over campfire for over a year and has held up nicely. I was not a coffee drinker until I used this product!

  323. Wyatt


  324. Mr. Tuesday

    Thanks, it works.

  325. Richard A. Brunner II

    This makes the absolute best coffee that I have had in nearly 40 years. It is easy to clean and comes with instructions for those who do not know how to make coffee on the stovetop.

  326. Tracy Brown

    As advertised.

  327. Jack T Allen

    I received this pot as a Christmas gift. Most of my use will be camping.
    I had a small issue with the pot, so I emailed Coletti. Their customer service department answered my email within couple of hours. They then went above and beyond any reasonable resolution. Truly great customer service.

  328. pat coyle

    Solid construction, worth every penny

  329. Datamoon

    What’s betting than fresh percolated cowboy coffee get coffee pot

  330. Michael

    I just received my 12 cup percolator and, I have to say, I am quite impressed. The percolator is much higher quality than I expected. The stainless steel is a thicker than I thought it would be. This is so much better than my aluminum percolator. I’m looking forward to years of service from this product. It was even delivered a day early!!! The only negative thing I can say about this is that the hinge holding the lid on is a bit loose at the pivot point, but I don’t think it will cause any problems using this percolator. I would recommend this product to anyone!

  331. Baruch Rhea

    I love the sound and smell of a percolator.

  332. Amazon Customer

    Coffee come out perfect each time. Thank you

  333. Douglas A Luster

    Not much to say, easy to clean, you pick the flavor, and warmth is dependent on the drinker.

  334. Julius thomas


  335. Lee Taylor

    Perfect size for the wife and I. Got it as a backup in case of power loss, for camping and in case the drip coffee maker dies.

  336. Shopazoid

    Not only is this a great product, this percolator is exactly what I was looking for (actually not to make coffee in, but to use as a nontoxic teakettle to boil water in) but I also want to say the customer service lady I emailed with my various questions, time and time again, was amazing! She was the most helpful person ever. I would not hesitate to buy from this company again.

  337. Amazon Customer

    Simple design works great, looks nice and coffee is done fast!

  338. Natalie

    If there is an apocalypse, you can still make coffee.

    It took a hot minute to figure out how to use. This is not a fast method of making coffee, so it is more of a weekend treat. It takes 15 to 20 minutes for it to cook, the longer the better. Once you take it off the heat let it sit for a couple of minutes to let the water go down and to ensure there isn’t grinds in your drink when you pour it.

    The coffee made in it is very thick and makes you feel funny on the inside, like maybe all will be right with the world.

  339. HHouk

    We love this coffee maker for camping. Nothing tastes better than percolated coffee on a cool morning. It is nice because you can either use it on a stove or right over the fire (even though the fire soot does make it hard to clean. If you grind your own coffee and leave it a little coarser than store bought ground coffee it keeps more of the grounds from collecting in the bottom. Even if you get a few grounds if you let it settle and pour slowly you get very few in you cup. Delicious simple coffee

  340. Sheri Shirk

    five start !

  341. Amazon Customer

    Top notch quality!

  342. Judith O. Neff

    Easy to use. Love that it has a metal basket and not plastic, cause plastic and heat produce the poison dioxin. Great for making a few casual cups of coffee for myself.

  343. Dale Jolley

    after several months of steady use I highly recommend this.

  344. Trista Wooden

    My mom loves it thank you

  345. Happy Customer

    I really love this old fashioned coffee pot!???? It is stainless steel! It is simple to use! Clean real good before first use to get any factory dust or substance off especially around the rim! You can make up to nine cups of coffee! It has a guidance water line of how many cups you prefer! And even comes with several filters if you choose, yet you don’t need it because there’s a built in filter! The price was great and it’s light weight!????. I bought it to place on a foldable stainless steel wood burning stove during camping!

  346. Amazon Customer


  347. Donald Chepurna

    My wife and I have always preferred the flavor of percolated coffee to that of it being heated any other way. The problem with electric percolators is that if you use them every day after a year they go cold- it doesn’t matter which brand you have- they are all about the same. The one disadvantage of a stovetop percolator is that you have to keep your eye on it. So to break the cycle, I purchased this Bozeman 12-cup and I am pleased with it .The one minor complaint I have is the cup markings INSIDE of the pot were hard to read- took care of that with an etching tool! The Bozeman is now in storage until our West Bend bites the dust.

  348. Deborah Schneider

    This is a beautifully crafted coffee pot that is very functional, easy to clean, and makes delicious coffee!

  349. Richard Carlisle

    Nice coffee pot except for a couple of things, one large and one small. If you are not careful and grab the handle you can get burnt on one or both of the metal pieces securing the handle to the pot. Could be an immediate issue for people with larger hands. Not a good design. The other thing which is not that big a deal, but an issue non the less for me, is the fact the cup water level markers inside the pot are hard to see. I have to turn the pot just so most of the time to read them. Sort of a pain. Other than these two complaints, the unit makes good coffee, but be sure to use low medium heat otherwise the water steams off fairly quickly.

  350. Ronald L. Schroat

    Excellent unit, excellent service.

  351. Spuds

    I don’t think there is anything more to say. Well made, looks like it will last a long time.

  352. oubandmom

    I haven’t used it yet, but there were no filters included with mine as were advertised. Annoying. I made my own by cutting a hole in the center on regular drip basket filters and trimming the height a bit.

  353. john easton

    Problem w/lid; had to bend hinge w/vice-grip plier. (Lid wouldn’t seat properly – it will even cave-in.) Mfg. should redesign lid & hinge. Found better made coffee pot @ Walmart ($18 [stainless, glass knob]) Can’t return this inferior pot; already used it!

  354. Drake in Wilton Manors Florida

    It a very handsome coffee pot nice enough for display on your cooktop but its the perfect car camp campanion.

  355. Beon

    I didn’t know what I was missing.
    I am so glad to have percolated coffee in a stainless steel pot.
    Best ever!

  356. nancy s

    Nice percolator. The top seems a little flimsy. It wobbles on my gas range. I wouldn’t recommend it for a flat top.

  357. digital_rogue

    Both light weight because it’s steel which is good. Mashed way better coffee then my me coffee. It is easy to clean. 4 stars because I think handle needs to be bigger and wood on to and bottom

  358. Bibi

    I was fed up with making fresh coffee only to take the first sip and having it be lukewarm. I followed the instructions that came with this Coletti stove top percolator and it is great every time. The item is attractive and easy to clean. I do not put it in the dishwasher because of the wooden handle.
    I also like the fact that it is made by Veterans and they donate to Veterans group.

  359. Julie

    We love it and use it daily on our stove top to make our coffee.

  360. Amazon Customer

    Stove, but maybe camping.

  361. Lisa A Cameron

    I love this coffee pot! It makes the most delish coffee!

  362. G

    Very happy with my percolator. Purchased for stove top use. High quality and with no plastic. Would buy agin. Thank you!

  363. trailrunner

    Works great in an “old school on the stove” kind of way.

  364. BR Haga

    We’ve just gone through an ice-storm and 5 days without power. This coffee pot saved the day. Easy to use, great quality coffee, easy to clean up, Really well made, and it looks handsome on the wood stove. These folks did it right.

  365. Alex Venegas

    I like it.

  366. O


  367. Alexandra Dias

    Easy to use. Light weight

  368. Charles R. Clem

    My highest priority was to find a way to make coffee that would not involve hot water and coffee in contact with plastic, for health, flavor, and aesthetic reasons. Almost no coffee makers meet those criteria. This one does, but sacrifices some of the convenience and speed of automatics. I don’t think the melita-type drip devices allow you to tune the coffee strength very much. This coffee maker has just the stainless steel pot/internals and the little glass bubbler on top that the coffee ever touches. The only extra thing you have to do that automatics do not require is to manage the temperature so as not to “burn” the coffee with overly-hot water. This I was able to learn quickly, just keep an eye on it, keep it burbling slowly and quietly, while making the rest of my breakfast. One minor downside to this pot, for those who use a glass flat-top stove, is that the bottom of the pot bulges downward slightly which makes it slightly wobbly. I fixed this by bending a .032-in. thickness safety wire into a 4″ circle that the pot rests on now without wobbling, yet maintains good contact with the stove top. A slight nuisance, maybe Coletti will fix that someday. The pot and internals are durable and robust. The internals fit together snugly as they should. The hinge for the lid is a little “sloppy,” but I realized that’s intentional so the lid is free to mate accurately with the basket top piece. Everything is easy to clean. I bought the extra Coletti filters and found they are not plain paper, but made out of some sort of mesh material (doesn’t appear to be plastic!) that allows for multiple re-uses before too much residue accumulates in them. They totally prevent coffee oils and grounds from going anywhere except the inside of the coffee-grounds basket.

  369. catherine signorelli

    We are pleased with this coffee pot!!

  370. Jason lowe

    Tastes good

  371. Jerald M Eckman

    Bought this for my mom because she loves to make everything on the stove . This fit right in with that and the coffee is fantastic.

  372. Patrick Edward Gould

    Just had enough of the plug in auto drips falling apart. We feel the coffee taste better. Yes we have to wash it every time we use it but it does what we need and want. And we take it camping with us.

  373. Steven W Hillis

    Great addition to the kitchen or camp fire

  374. Donna L. Martin

    Needed to pound bubble out of bottom but not difficult, now sits flat. Good percolator looking forward to morning coffee when camping.

  375. D

    Great product, works well

  376. JRiggs

    I bought this to use while waiting for my coffeemaker to be repaired. I thought it would be good to have for use on my gas cooktop if our electricity goes out. I immediately thought of my Grandmother and how she made coffee like this. I ordered some great coffee beans and really enjoyed using this perculator. I had no idea how to use it at first, but the instructions were good. I just noticed the video which is helpful. I start my gas on #4 and put the pot on the burner for a few minutes then turn it down to about 3. It takes about 45 minutes total. While it has 9 cup markings for a full pot, keep in mind that this is actually 4 regular size mugs of coffee. Also, the wood handle worries me on a gas stove, but I keep the burner low enough that it doesn’t go out to the sides. As someone else mentioned, I make sure not to get the handle wet when I wash it as I think that could break soon. I am happy I bought this and I’m enjoying great coffee this week!

  377. MamaHFB

    Gift for my dad. He enjoys it for camping

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