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Bozeman Percolator Coffee Pot - 12 CUP Camping Coffee Pot

NO ALUMINUM OR PLASTIC  Named after the rugged city of Bozeman, this percolator coffee pot is 18/8 stainless steel, with a glass cover knob, handle, and is dishwasher safe.
TASTE THE DIFFERENCE  Unlike drip methods, our percolator coffee pot extracts a fuller, richer flavor for a powerful taste.
EXPERIENCE THE NOSTALGIA  There is something comforting about brewing coffee like our grandparents did! Ditch the cords – use a stovetop coffee maker.
ENJOY THE PROCESS  It’s not just about the coffee; the process matters. Become a Coffee Craftsman.
FILTERS INCLUDED  Filters are not necessary for operation, but included for those who want prevent the finely ground coffee from falling through the percolator basket.


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  • Engineered for Outdoor or Indoor Use
  • ASTM G85 Certified
  • Heat-Resistant Rosewood Handle
  • Glass Percolation Globe
  • 15 Pack of Filters Included
  • 18/8 FDA Food Grade Stainless Steel
  • 18-Gauge Thickness
  • Instructions Included
  • No Aluminum or Plastic

377 reviews for Bozeman Percolator Coffee Pot – 12 CUP Camping Coffee Pot

  1. Coffee Drinker

    Absolutely a quality product!!

  2. Angela

    The perfect percolator! For those crazed coffee fanatics…this is the product to purchase! It percolates the perfect blend and taste. We are black coffee drinkers and all about antioxidants properties you can get from coffee…

    The absolute best if brewed from whole beans. If you don’t like coffee ground in your coffee use the filters. Works great! But definitely a “pick-me-up” if grounds do get into your coffee cup. Super easy to use and you determine taste strength…super easy to clean and love that it’s stainless steel and have the glass top to see coffee percolating…

  3. Amazon Customer

    Better then the original that was made out of plastic this is glass .

  4. travis meyers

    Quick shipping, as pictured, great price

  5. Patriot Citizen

    I was a bit concerned about its fit so I took a chance. I am glad I did. They fit perfectly. Thank you for the glass percolator knobs that I used to replace the resin.

  6. B P.

    This fit like a glove! This will make mornings that I don’t have power much better with a cup of super hot coffee. Great communication with seller, product described accurately, arrived really fast and I would order again.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Great product, well made

  8. Frank Muscato

    I ordered the replacement glass tops that I had broken and happy that they fit multiple coffee pot lids

  9. Dee

    The taste of coffee from the percolator is so much better than the drip! Full body flavor! There’s also YouTube videos on how to use, very good online reviews! I highly recommend!

  10. artk

    Haven’t used it in the woods yet, but worked well at home.

  11. Skip Gibson

    Nice Perculator! Perfect!

  12. Frank G.

    I use the Bozeman in my home, and also for camping on our scout trips, as I like a good cup of coffee on a cold morning outdoors. Either way the Bozeman fits in well. I found it easy to use, and the coffee is wonderful. Keep the perk going slow so as not to have scalding water. Reminds me of being a kid, visiting relatives, and how they used to make their coffee. I also really like this company, and their philosophy. All of their profits go to charity, and they are about as attentive as you can be on the customer service side. Good people, well designed product, great coffee….. All good.

  13. Smart Shopper I Am

    Ditched my plastic MR Coffee, bulky hard to clean machine. Got a simple, stainless steel pot that lets me see, hear and smell the coffee brew. Easy clean, compact size and perfect coffee every time. NO more hot plastic smell, taste and harmful bacteria. Very nice product, nice sellers, fair price, fast ship. It can’t get better unless the sellers came and brewed it for me.
    Don’t think twice….buy this product simplify your life enjoy coffee.

  14. Amazon Customer

    Seems well made only used it once so far made good coffee. A little smaller than I thought it would be but other than that great product

  15. Dragonsemperfi

    The quality is excellent, it’s easy to clean and makes excellent coffee. Total time to completion is up to 20-25 minutes so the smell of coffee brewing becomes part of breakfast preparation, just like in the 50’s and 60’s when used regularly

  16. kasey

    We’ve been making pour-over coffee in a Chemex for years – and we’ve liked that – but it requires a fair amount of babysitting to get from boiling the water to a pot of coffee.

    We like the percolator option for being able to set the pot on the stove with a timer – a little experimentation got us the right amount of time to percolation – and then turn down the heat and set another timer for the percolation. Being able to walk away from the process is nice. We also get a bigger pot of coffee in one go (12 cups vs. 10), and it comes out hotter – which means the coffee we put into a Thermos overnight (so we have “starter coffee” for the person who gets up first) is still really hot the next morning.

    The Coletti pot is sturdy and well-built, and came with really clear instructions (which I modified with sticky notes once we had our particulars sorted out). We’ve really tried to do as much as possible without plastic, and especially after having so many automatic drip machines break in ways that require the whole thing be trashed, I really like the all-natural-materials approach of stainless steel, wood, and glass. Most of it should be sturdy enough to last for decades, and replacing a glass knob from time to time doesn’t seem like a big deal to me (we haven’t broken any yet; it just seems like the most likely piece to encounter an accident).

    We don’t want to rely on disposable paper/plastic filters, so we do one last step – after the percolation timer, we remove the pot from heat and let it sit another minute or two until the water finishes dripping out of the grounds, and then carefully remove the grounds basket and assembly into the sink (that’s the only bit that requires a little heat protection – I have no problem holding or pouring from the pot, especially once the grounds are out). Then we pour the coffee over our old stainless steel reusable filter into our old Chemex.

    Our whole process takes about 1/2 hour (same as it took us using the Chemex), but most of it can be spent doing other things, and we like the hotter end product.

  17. Steve

    I purchased the Coleman 12 cup percolator, not the 9 cup.

  18. cary shapiro

    Great flavor coffee

  19. Rcenyc

    Bought the 12 cup model. This is the only way to make coffee imho. Replaced one similar that was around for 20 years before the bottom started to go. Leave about an inch below the inner cup lip with water. Add two large scoopers of coffee from the can and perk until it smells like coffee. Enjoy.

  20. Jody Williams

    only purchased a replacement glass top. Product is excellent. Depending on your percolator y you may have to enlarge the lid hole. Is done very easily with a pair of pliers.

  21. Jeffrey Ordonez

    Makes great coffee. I brew on low for 11 minutes on low after it starts perking.

  22. Philip

    Been using this for several months now and happy with the product. When it arrived I was not able to get the glass top on that came with the unit however, I had bought the replacements tops when i placed the order and was able to easily use one of them instead. I am extremely happy with customer service when i informed them of this problem they refunded the amount of the replacement tops on my order. The lid does need lots of work though. the Hinge is a bit flimsy and does not hold up well (i washed it in my dishwasher and bent the lid back a bit to far now the pot will not close all the way. So some engineering work is needed. Maybe building the water spreader in the lid and giving it a deeper bite into pot then get rid of the hinge. So i give it 4 stars but mainly for the lid everything else with the pot from customer service to design is great.

  23. themiddlesister

    I love this little camping coffee pot. I use a camping coffee pot everyday because I don’t want to use anything with plastic. I will take this smaller one when we visit my son’s family for Christmas. The glass dome part is a perfect cylinder, which makes it so easy to clean. My larger one has a dome that is odd shaped, making it more difficult to clean. (I bought a percolator type a year ago as I found one with no plastic parts. Unfortunately, it ended up with a short in the plug part. I had to throw that coffee pot away.) With this simple design, I’m sure I will be using this coffee pot for years. Thank you!

  24. Vickie

    Makes a great pot of coffee, used it over Thanksgiving in my rig, camping at my parents for the weekend

  25. Jason F.

    Very well made. Works perfectly.

  26. All-access Customer

    Fantastic product. Great for making coffee over a camp fire

  27. HomegrownCAgirl

    I needed a glass replacement top for my percolator. These replacements are beautiful, and nice and thick. Unfortunately they don’t fit my pot. This top fits opening of 1″. My pot needs 3/4″. So sad that I will have to return as they are really pretty.

  28. james ackerman

    get that plastic out of your life

  29. Chad Pugh

    This is a great percolator. The lid seems loose, not tight but it has not come off. It makes a great cup of coffee!!! I would recommend the percolator especially for the price.

  30. troy

    Christmas gift for my son! Just what we were looking for! Fast delivery!

  31. DGing

    High quality stove top or direct flame percolator. Makes delicious drip coffee and is easy to use. Like it so much I am going to buy another as a gift for someone.

  32. George Guenette

    Very good coffee. Makes a lot of coffee!

  33. nardog

    Use it every morning on my stovetop. Great quality! I would definitely reccomend the paper disc filters to go with it too.

  34. Landry

    Bought this for my husband to take camping and he absolutely loves it.

  35. techaddict

    Top glass price cracks easily thru normal use. The coffee pot rocks on stove top when it is heating / boiling

  36. Mitch W.

    Quality is good. Stainless parts

  37. rz

    If you haven’t perked your own coffee in a while, you really must do it. You will quickly learn the auto-drip and pods are a weak substitute for real perked coffee. This product is beautiful and lives on my stove top.
    Grammy got some things right! 🙂

  38. TFields

    Used this three times so far on camp trips and it makes a great cup of coffee. Easy to use and clean. Well made should last for years.

  39. Linda N.

    Customer service is excellent

  40. Lorraine

    Just got it and haven’t used it yet but will do a review in a day or twoFor the flavor and ease of use.

  41. Jen R.

    Amazing product. Terrible packaging for shipping. No outer box, arrived with holes and gashes in box and no surprise for the person in my family I was gifting it so, but amazingly there was no damage to the pot, and because the glass knob was well packed inside the pot, it was still there and in good condition.
    Bought for camping. Spent too many hours reading reviews. I think this will be perfect. Used at home and made good coffee. Glad I didn’t go with the cheaper This looks like it will last many years.

  42. Rhonda N Hughes

    Purchased for using for outdoor camping but it’s so nice I’m using it inside also. Makes great coffee and cleans easily. Love how it accents my kitchen.

  43. Precious

    Its all that they say,plus more,I love it

  44. Forrest Price

    I am still working with this percolator to determine the best blend of beans and grind to bring out the best flavor. But so far the coffee (both pots I have brewed) have been very good.

  45. kda949

    I love my new percolator. We used it over New Year when we went camping and it worked great. Easy to use, easy to clean. My only complaint is that- there are lines on the outside marking where the water level is, but no lines on the inside, so it is difficult to tell how much water you have added, especially when making smaller amounts of coffee.

  46. Jackson Polyp

    The best & easiest coffee maker I have ever had. Well made, simple to use & clean, and unexcelled for producing full flavor coffee. I especially enjoy the aroma as it percs. Reminds me of childhood in the 1940s when my dad would perc Eight O’clock each morning.

  47. DieuChau Nguyen

    As good as I thought it’d be.

  48. Timothy

    After receiving this produce I was surprised to notice the quality, Excellent and clean. Great choice.

  49. Amazon Customer

    Love it, so easy to pack, use and clean.

  50. Sue

    Wonderful little pot! Had to order new glass top because my hubby dropped the original one. They came in great condition! Glad I’ll have a spare (pk of 2) in case …

  51. Norma Meraz

    love the perculator the only issue is the little glass top falls out to easy and broke

  52. Natasha Barnes

    I bought this percolator specifically to make Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee…for those of you who don’t know the secret, it’s best made on a stovetop percolater and sweetened with condensed milk..the same sweetened think milk used in Thai iced tea. This handy pot did the trick. I didn’t have any slipping because I have a gas stove and I’m very happy with this purchase. So is my husband, who adores this delectable Jamaican coffee made the Jamaican way.

  53. Satisfied Buyer

    This percolator makes the best coffee for me. It does take a little bit longer, but it is worth it. I use a mr coffee basket filter or equivalent to help minimize grounds getting into the brewed coffee. It is easy to clean. I feel the coffee taste better using a percolator over an auto drip.

  54. Amazon Customer

    I took several attempts to clean the pot. It had a lot, of what I presume, was a dark machining lubricant. Would not wash off with dish detergent and hot water. I had to use a degreaser, wash it in hot water, and then run it through the dishwasher at high temperature. I reached out to the seller with no help. I would liked to have known for sure what the black stuff was.

  55. Sandra L.

    Makes great coffee that is much more flavorful than the automatic coffee makers.

  56. speechlady

    Wonderful to have coffee that smells and tastes like coffee is suppose to taste! Easy to clean.

  57. Cat’s Coffee

    The Coletti “Bozeman” is the very best stovetop percalator I have ever seen or used! I’m 66 and have used many stovetop percalators. The structure is stainless steel with a heat resistant wood handle. My first pot of coffer was amazing. So nice to have “real” coffee again. The price for value is incredible. This company has my business!!

  58. Mary

    Good coffee starts with a great coffee maker and fresh beans. This is far superior to cone filters, drip coffee makers, or french presses. Love it! Good solid quality. Well made

  59. Jeannette Kidd


  60. Allie_P

    Showed up in two days in perfect condition. Have brewed three pots so far and works perfectly.

  61. popularprince

    i love this perculator ; great taste, well made . easy to use

  62. E. L. Castillo

    I bought this yesterday and tried it today. My fairly new KRUPS -which I bought when my Keurig died-began smoking and making a crazy loud sound. : (
    This pot made some good coffee, took a little longer to prepare, but nothing drastic. I timed it at 15 minutes from start to finish. If you like your coffee on the stronger side, I would use 2 scoops per coffee cup. Not bad for $40.

  63. Mind Healer

    I don’t usually write reviews, have no time. But this one, I have to.l love this old fashioned, smart looking, but very efficient kettle. Goes on a stovetop, Hardly makes noise. Brings out the perfect flavor of any coffee or tea( even the finicky Makaibari Darjeeling Tea, the Queen amongst teas)’,and can go straight from stovetop to ANY heatproof surface. Just pour and enjoy. And the wooden handle protects your hand. What’s not to like? I highly recommend it. I am actually about to buy another one to stock up as we speak, and have recommended it to a few family members already. It’s also Veteran owned, with profits going to a worthy cause. My way of showing respect for people who serve/served our glorious country. Take a chance, you won’t regret it.

  64. Brian

    Best percolator I’ve ever owned. Quality craftsmanship.

  65. Claire Pey

    I bought this to use in emergency when the electricity goes out.
    It will be good. I like strong coffee.

  66. NurseFox

    Super easy to use. I didn’t know coffee had so much oil

  67. Amazon Customer

    We use everyday. Works great!

  68. jonell roecker

    Love it! The coffee tastes amazing

  69. Alan’s Girl

    I like this pot. It’s smaller and fits our needs perfectly. I like the taste of coffee made in this.

  70. ONUR

    Very good products, very useful


    Works wonderful. Looks great.

  72. Adam Larsen

    Great product and easy to use and maintain. Recieved it this past Friday and used it over the weekend on my stove top and the coffee came out great. Can’t wait to use it during camping season.

  73. JudyM

    I use coffee filters in my percolator because the oils in coffee can raise cholesterol. These are BPA free and food safe material and work well. $10 for a three month supply to keep my cholesterol down and keep grounds out seems like a bargain.

  74. Amazon Customer

    I have not brewed with it yet . I will check back in a month and review the performance . I predict that it will be a fav review.

  75. Robert Rosales

    This is exactly what i was looking for to take camping with me..

  76. Dennis G.

    A quality percolator for everyday use in the home! If you like your coffee piping hot and enjoy the aroma of a fresh pot of coffee, then consider using a percolator. My biggest complaint with a coffee machine and even a French press, is that the coffee is not hot enough. Then, there are issues with using a coffee machine whose internal parts are not cleaned after each use, not to mention all the plastic parts! Coffee touching plastic is not appealing to me. The Coletti”Bozeman” Percolator Coffee Pot is made of quality stainless steel with a glass top. Percolated coffee may take longer to make, but it is well worth the time for taste, cleanliness, and the aroma of hot coffee in your kitchen.

  77. Gary Babich

    The pot itself is really heavy duty and solid for what you get. The glass cap was protected in a thick foam for protection and every fits perfectly. I haven’t used it to make coffee but initial impressions are 5-star. A great and affordable addition to my camping needs.

  78. MsEvette

     I am not a paid spokesperson. I’m writing this review because I like this product, appreciate the owners and their cause, and want those with induction cooktops to know what I’ve discovered.

    I took a chance when I purchased this percolator; I knew it wasn’t magnetic and wouldn’t work on my induction cooktop without a heat diffuser. But after reading the company owners’ bio and watching the video they made about making coffee using this pot, I knew I had to try to make it work.

    I tried using the type of heat diffuser you can buy here on Amazon, and they work, but I cut the time down significantly with a heat diffuser that I made out of 3/16″ cold-rolled steel (see photo and video).

    I’ve made coffee using several different methods, and I keep going back to this one. Yes, the time it takes to make coffee this way takes longer than all the other methods I’ve tried, but in my opinion, this way makes the best tasting coffee.

    My reasons are for liking this coffee pot:
    – Any place the coffee touches is 100% 18/8 (very similar to 304) stainless steel or glass, so there’s no contamination
    – Easy to keep clean
    – Allows for coffee to be made with more control; I think it tastes better when made low and slow as opposed to hot and fast like most electric percolators make it
    – No worries about electrical part failure

    So, if you’ve been wondering if this coffee percolator will work with an induction cooktop, the answer is yes, but with a hack.

  79. SMC86OK

    Absolutely LOVE percolated coffee! This is the best I’ve ever had! This product makes it in a breeze, so thankful I found it.

  80. G Neff

    Received the next day, no issues. Been working as expected since we received it.

  81. RoundGuy

    Excellent design and quality. This is the second Coletti Bozeman purchased.

  82. Ralph Hawkins

    Old school coffee maker !

  83. Jeff Orr

    Its unfortunate that with so many products companies request reviews so quickly. My order was fulfilled very fast and I love the looks and feel of the coffee pot. Hoping for super good coffee while camping but not there yet. Thanks

  84. T. Wyles

    Big enough for the whole family. Sturdy, clean lines.

  85. Nels Mackenzie

    Perculators are pretty basic, this one’s well made, from a good small company, and produces great coffee

  86. Greg P.

    The percolator works well and will percolate with just enough water for 2 cups of coffee. It does the job. If the manufacturer is looking for improvements, it would be the top lid and hinge. The hinge is loose and might be susceptible to warping over time. The metal gauge used for the top lid is quite thin and feels inadequate for the heavier glass knob. My concern is any abuse to the top lid and hinge may result in damage or warping. Overall rating is a 4, mostly for function and value (I’m pleased with it), but I think the manufacturer can step up their game with a better lid and hinge.

  87. Amazon Customer

    I bought this because we want to be less dependent on electricity. So we wanted a product that would hold up to everyday use. This has held up great for us. We use it on our propane stove. We have no issues with the metal warping at all. The guys use it without a filter and the fine grinds make their way through. I make it with a filter and it is very clean and without hardly any grinds. People tell us we make the best coffee! I love it and don’t miss the old coffee maker at all 😉

  88. Jim

    My Bozman 9 cup is a couple of months old. I wanted to have some time with it to get to know it and give it a fair review. The short review is in the title, it is the best!

    I’ve use several types of coffee makers including a percolator, Mr. Coffee, drip style and, for a good cup of coffee, they don’t compare to the Coletti Bozman. I’m not what is called a coffee snob. I’m not interested in trends, the coffee shop experience, exotic coffees or designer coffees. I just want good coffee and that’s what I have daily with this coffee pot.

    I tried the Mr. Coffee style makers and didn’t like the results. I’ve found the same coffee can taste vastly differently depending on the method of brewing. I didn’t care for this style of appliance, also, because of the counter or cupboard space required and they were difficult to keep looking good enough to be on display on the counter all of the time.

    My percolators (I’ve had a number of them) were better and I decided that was the best I was going to have. They required less cupboard space and were fairly easy to keep looking good. But…I’ve had a number of them. My parents had MAYBE two percolators during the entire time I was growing up. I had at least three in at most ten years. I didn’t buy the inexpensive models and that didn’t make a difference. They all quit functioning. I gave up trying different brands and decided I wasn’t going to continue the expense of replacing them. I decided instant coffee would have to be good enough.

    After about six months, I wasn’t enjoying my coffee so I decided to give a percolator one more try. I search Amazon for coffee makers and stumbled across Coletti. I didn’t think I wanted to mess with a stove-top coffee maker because I knew it would be more involved than filling the basket and plugging it in but I read the reviews. I don’t necessarily trust reviews because there are some that say a product is the best ever and some that say it is the worst.

    I read the reviews carefully and could get the sense some of the negative reviews were unwarranted. Some of the older negative reviews were about problems that were obviously addressed which resulted in a change in the newer model. Some of the less-than-best reviews indicated the owner didn’t want to mess with the process of brewing stove-top brewing like I didn’t think I wanted to. But, being done with instant coffee and wanting a good cup of coffee combined with four and five star reviews made me decide to give it a try; that and the price. I paid several times the price for my percolators.

    Well, I have not had better coffee anywhere than I do at home with my Coletti Bozeman. Part of the reason I waited to offer a review is that I took the time to adjust the amount of water, coffee and brewing time in order to get the results I wanted. That process didn’t take too long and I get consistent results.

    To be honest, there is one factor that could be considered a drawback. I sometimes have difficulty getting to sleep at night but it’s not the caffeine that’s the problem. I just am already looking forward to my morning coffee. The caffeine could cause the same effect but I don’t drink coffee in the afternoon or evening so that’s not it.

    You can use the Bozeman to make whatever sort of coffee you prefer; the types of coffees seem to be endless. My goal is simply a good cup of coffee and now that’s what I have. Yes, it takes a few tests to get what you want and yes, it takes a little extra effort and time each morning but, to me, that’s a small price to pay.

  89. MarciK

    After lots of research, I decided I needed to eliminate exposure to aluminum for my family as much as possible. Who knew of the hidden danger of aluminum in drip coffee makers??? I decided to go with a percolator, despite knowing nothing about how to use one for three reasons: cost, safety, and versatility. For under $30, the price can’t be beat. Safety, because Coletti guarantees 100% stainless steel. Versatility, because I can still brew coffee if we lose power (gas stove) and use it outdoors as well!

    It took all of 3 minutes to learn how to use the percolator. The directions are super clear (there’s pictures!) and there is also a YouTube video. It’s easy and, dare I say, kind of fun? I like prepping it the night before, then I simply turn on the stove in the morning. In about 10 minutes I have a flavorful pot of coffee.

    After about a week’s use the glass globe broke into a couple of pieces. I contacted Coletti and was sent two replacement globes free of charge. They arrived 24 hours later! Wonderful, friendly, and responsive service.

    I love what the company stands for as well, and chose their product despite other similar products on Amazon. Very glad I did. I look forward to enjoying this percolator for years to come!

  90. Rebecca G

    I use this to make chai 3-5 times a week. It is a dedicated item for me so I don’t scrub it totally but it’s easy enough to clean & dishwasher safe it really lazy. I’ve used a couple brands of percolaters & this is my favorite.

  91. Zak and Lisette Longo

    This works great! No problems at all.

  92. Mark The Shark

    The only issue is the flange connecting the lid to the pot could be a little stronger. If don’t set it down just right when draining it after washing, it will bend. It’s still the best “no plastic” percolator I’ve found.

  93. S Dus

    It was good to have a big, trusty coffee pot for our Campfire event. Easy to pour and wash.

  94. Don Hauptman

    Perfect fit for replacement. Fast shipping too.

  95. G. W. Bridgham

    I takes longer than expected to heat to percolating.

  96. Alex

    Purchased for a christmas gift. Friend loves it!

  97. roger


  98. John D


    Looking forward to cowboy coffee while camping this summer!

  99. Joe Rhodes

    Works Good

  100. David L Herd

    Love this percolator. Makes a delicious cup of coffee the way it should be. I have been brewing Cafe Du Monde coffee and chicory in the percolator and it is the best coffee I’ve ever drank. I highly recommend this percolator.

  101. Missy

    My husband and I have tried high priced, big name drip coffee makers, keurigs, and electric percolators looking for the perfect cup of coffee. Frustrated after the latest percolator purchase, I ordered this one on a whim. After all of the money spent on big names and fancy machines, I was skeptical due to Coletti’s low price and simplicity. With so many percolators to choose from, I went with a company that has my utmost respect. We are not disappointed. We both LOVE our coffee and are glad to have the search for the perfect cup over! So, thank you for your service, thank you for your efforts to combat human trafficking and promote religious freedom and thank you for this simple solution to a great cup of coffee.

  102. Something.

    This product cooks coffee just as I desire eevery morning.

  103. Amazon Customer

    Great coffee pot. Just what I was looking for.

  104. AmyJean

    The coffee from the Coletti Bozeman Percolator is rich and smooth… way better than my old drip coffee. I wasn’t expecting to taste the difference so much! The carafe feels substantial and sturdy and was packed very well for shipping. This percolator is perfect for simplifying life, reducing clutter, and enjoying a morning ritual. I love that I don’t have to keep a big ugly coffee machine on my counter anymore, or struggle to clean a reservoir while trying to keep an electric cord out of the water. Would highly recommend!

  105. Nikki Foster

    Daily use

  106. Amazon Customer

    I had to enlarge the hole on my percolator top so it would fit, it was a tad bit large, but it works. Good quality and arrived in a timely manner. Happy with my purchase.

  107. Ronnie

    I or my Husband purchased this pot after I complained of the cheap electric ones. I was also not pleased with the taste. I LOVE the pot but would give a bit of warning. After 2 years of use the welding failed on the top of the handle. I don’t have a welding machine so I am purchasing another. I hope it will hold longer than the last. If it doesn’t, I would probably purchase it again…why? Well because it makes the perfect cup of coffee..imo.

  108. Patricia Chance

    I use the filters in both of my percolators and they work well.

  109. Squatch

    Awesome for car camping or even at home! Great product from a company that supports an important charitable cause that is run by Veterans.

  110. Cher Malley

    Best cup of coffee I’ve had in a hot minute! So easy to use and clean. Delivery was fast! I didn’t get the 20 pack of filters it’s supposed to come with. But otherwise I’m completely happy.

  111. Mike Ross

    Bought it around Christmas and have used it often. This is a real cup of coffee!

  112. Repairguy

    I really like that is was as advertized and made in the USA.

  113. Martha

    I love it

  114. anne leonhardt

    I like the look of this coffee pot and the wooden handle is an added bonus. My only advise is not to over fill the basket with ground coffee or you will be drinking the grounds.

  115. Beach Mama

    I love making coffee in a percolator! The process takes a bit more time but I like how my coffee tastes!

  116. Amazon Customer

    Works great, I put a small hole in the middle of a regular coffee filter and put inside the metal filter, it makes it easier to keep clean.

  117. Mary Giumarro

    Great product- so nice to have perked coffee Fast ship

  118. grant79

    This is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a coffee pot that I could use camping or at home when I wanted to get away from pod coffee.
    Easy to use. Easy to clean. Good quality. Coffee that tastes like the coffee I grew up drinking before drip or pods.

  119. Customer

    I have used it once and I think it is great

  120. Vernon G.

     Never have used a percolator coffee pot before but remembered my uncle using one all the time back in the day and had to try. This is an outstanding pot! Very easy, cleans up easy and is constructed very well. I can use this pot anywhere under any condition. Makes a great cup of coffee and I would highly recommend. Also brought back some great memories of my uncle.

  121. Lori

    Just what I wanted. Works great

  122. David Liermann

    This is just what I was looking for will buy a larger one soon. Great Product!

  123. Anonymous1

    Works great, great value for the money. Def recommend

  124. Diane and Alex

    Look great

  125. BV

    This makes the BEST coffee. Its smooth. A wonderful cup of Joe

  126. Amazon Customer

    Pot produces good flavor for coffee, easy to handle

  127. blyndon mclaughlin

    Awesome pot!! Really nice.

  128. Shelly

    Great little pot for tea too. Quick delivery, thanks!

  129. Whitney h

    Great product from a great moral company!

  130. Jennifer Yerian

    Great quality and customer service.

  131. Larry

    Never had a percolator, so thought with all the craziness going on around us, now might be a good time to learn. Made my first pot last Saturday. Pretty good and a fun excursion. It was a little strong for my first pot, so I’ll try a little less coffee this coming weekend. It does take a minute (or 10) to make, but I think it was worth the wait.

  132. EHG

    We bought this because we just purchased a motor home and won’t really have the space for the larger coffee makers and the pods. It’s easy to use and makes great coffee. I have always loved perked coffee so we have enjoyed this. Can’t wait for the quarantining to be over so we can hit the road with our new coffeepot.

  133. Jwilly

    Easy to use and makes great coffee. No filters needed.

  134. codemancer

    First of all, my use case for this is primarily for camping. At home I use a Ninja Coffee Bar to make drip-style coffee because it is fast, easy, and tastes good. But I knew that wasn’t going to work at a camp site, so I needed something that just requires a heat source.

    Having never used a percolator before, I decided to try it out at home. It came with some filters that just cover the bottom of the basket, not the sides, so while I’ve read that a medium grind should be fine for percolators I recommend a coarse grind if you aren’t going to cover all the openings. It took longer than I expected to begin percolating, but once it starts it only takes about 4 minutes to get a nice rich brew. The percolator glass viewport is nice and clear, but I am not good at judging by color alone, but the instructions say 4-7 minutes so that’s what I did.

    When I started pouring I immediately noticed some coffee grounds enter my cup, so I was kind of disappointed, but I also realized that my grind was only medium and since this was my first attempt I may have let some of the grounds escape into the base, but it wasn’t too much. I think this can be completely eliminated by using coarser grounds and using a filter that covers the sides of the basket as well.

    OK, on to the important part: even with some grounds in the brew, this was one of the best cups of coffee I’ve ever had. It was amazingly tasty. I don’t know why it should make this much of a difference but it really did. My whole family agreed that it was noticeably improved over our drip-style machine. So 10/10 on flavor. One caveat for camping: one of the reasons I bought this one is because it has a wood handle and the description claims it is safe for use over a fire. I have full confidence that the handle will stand up to flames, but if you are expecting–like I did–that the handle will be cool enough to grab then you’d be wrong. you can touch the wood and it isn’t too hot, but the wood bolts onto a steel handle that is flush with the sides of the wood and the steel bolts are close enough to the surface that you will make contact with them. That, plus the fact that the wood itself will be relatively hot because it is thin means this thing is not really able to be held without some protection. Oh well, still a lot better than the all-steel handles.

    Cleanup was a lot more annoying than I expected. I’m so used to just pulling out the filter tray in my Ninja and dumping and then I’m done. I suspect with filters that cover both the bottom and sides of the basket it will be easier, but even with the bottom filter pulling out the bulk of the grounds there was still a lot left in the basket. I had to wipe it down a few times with paper towels to get all the grounds out and then ultimately had to flush it with water to get the last remnants. Since I did a poor job and managed to get some grounds in the pot I also had to flush that out, but fortunately there wasn’t too much so I felt I could safely wash it down the sink. Be more careful and use a better filter and you won’t have a problem.

    So why am I including all my mistakes in this review? Well… technically the percolator doesn’t require using a filter, so I feel that everything I encountered is something that might be encountered by someone using even a coarse grind with no filter. But don’t let that deter you. For camping or just for making a great cup of joe, this thing is amazing in both taste and quality.

  135. Giveaway Gator

    I got this for my son who camps in the wild. He says it is easy use and easy to clean. Makes good coffee.

  136. Cleveland Graham, Jr.

    The only thing that I disliked or was disappointed in, was the fact that the description says that it comes with filters and it did not. Now I have to go back out and get some, as I could have ordered some and had the complete order.

  137. Janet Schichtel

    I love my perculator coffee maker. It makes great tasting coffee.

  138. G. Sunderlin

    I was really happy to see the Coletti “Bozeman” Percolator Coffee Pot. We are moving to Montana and I thought this was perfect because we have to live in an Airstream trailer (dry camping) while we build our barn and house. However, after opening the box I re-examined the product. Overall well built, BUT there were no FILTERS. I looked at the box and it was supposed to include filters, but did not. The advertising on Amazon said that it included filters; it did not.
    I wrote to the Seller and they apologized as the filters were missed in a batch of percolator shipments. They did the right thing and sent me the filters. Yeah! Now I am happy!

  139. Panda

    The coffee came out great but, the reason why I put 3 stars are for a few things. 1- missing filter 2-the markings of the cup lines from the out side are not fully complete on the inside there is 6 and 8 but you can barely see 10 and no 12 cup. 3- the cover for the coffee grounds do not sit close when you place it in the pot and the last thing 4- the one I bought is 12 cups if you measure 12 cups in coffee pot it will line up to the top this is with out the coffe ground holder. When you pour 4cups of water the gauge shows 6cups. Overall I poured 6cups of water and added half of coffee grounds in the holder let it boil for 20mins and I have to say from a French press coffee and the cup I just made this is one of the best cups I’ve ever had… humm I think I’ll changing my grading to 4 Stars since this is so good…fyi if you dont have a filter use a strainer while pouring…

  140. Cody

    Absolutely love my new percolator!

  141. L. stotts

    Bought this for camping and we love it. I especially like the basket. The “guts “ of this coffee pot are sturdy . No flimsy tin foil here!

  142. Monica Johnson

    Exactly what I was looking for! I was going to buy a glass pour over maker but wanted something to keep coffee hot for a while and not be so breakable (I have a toddler!). This is perfect. No plastic like in conventional coffee makers or one cup machines. Easy to use and clean as well. It’s also really not that hard to put a small dish towel over handle and lid when it’s really hot.

  143. Amazon Customer

    Fit my percolater perfectly!

  144. Danielle Coleson

    So easy to use and clean and flavor is awesome!!

  145. Sarah Beth

    I have been a coffee snob for years and love to try new things and new ways of doing things. I have made coffee in a drip pot, a keurig, a pour over, and now a percolator…..the percolator for sure has a leg up! not only is it super simple to use and makes great coffee but the sound it makes is so soothing to listen to as youre trying to wake up and jump start your day. It is a little more time consuming that putting a coffee pod in and pressing a button and having coffee instantly, but it gives your coffee an amazing, coffee shop type of taste and makes your house smell amazing!! I like that I can make just two cups of coffee for myself or up to nine cups if I have guests staying with me. However, the only downside is since its stainless, it tends to look dirty after a few weeks on using it regularly and cleaning it after every use. But maybe its just a seasoning like cast iron does;)) HIGHLY RECCOMEND

  146. Marc

    I have only one suggestion and that is to make the level for amounts of coffee in the interior of the pot a little clearer, otherwise this may be the hottest cup of coffee I have had since our drip coffee maker is not. The taste of the coffee is superior with this percolator and I love the style and look of the entire unit…Thanks.

  147. latigo

    I am very pleased with this pot! Nice and heavily made pot, easy to clean. Very pleased with this purchase!

  148. Lisa S.

    I really enjoy it also I love to coffee it make

  149. L. Williams

    Beautiful percolator…it also brews a fine cup of coffee! I would highly recommend!

  150. Christopher L.


  151. Cassandra Johnson

    We used this pot a lot. And the entire family knows how easy it is to clean

  152. Tap

    Great overall


    I always like to be prepared for any ‘uncomfortable’ eventually. I am 83 and a practicing physician assisting those with drug addiction issues. So we will see. Recall that Iran recently surprised the intelligence community by lofting
    a satellite into orbit–think EMP (an electromagnetic pulse) that if so could do us great harm. Always BE PREPARED.

  154. Grandma1

    Ive bought other coffee makers for camping this is by far the best made ive ever seen. Its made great its easy clean I totally love it! I highly recommend this one for anyone who loves coffee and the outdoors its perfect!

  155. AV

    Definitely not a one button cup of coffee machine, but for those willing to take the time to grind and “build” a pot of coffee, this a nice addition to a morning routine and make incredibly smooth but flavorful coffee.

  156. sally comrie

    I bought this as a gift for myself last Christmas. I was concerned with the glass piece on the top breaking, so I ordered replacements. I have used this coffee pot every day since December, and I love it. The glass piece did in fact crack a week ago, but that was totally an error on our part while washing it.
    I have absolutely no regrets buying this, I am still very pleased with how easy it is to use, and the delicious coffee it makes. I will never use a Keurig again.

  157. Erik

    Love this product. Great customer service.

  158. Julissa Rivera

    Its easy to clean, makes a lot of coffee. Takes awhile to percolate but it does the job just fine!

  159. Matt Miles

    I bought the 14 cup Butte model and loved it for making my coffee over the campfire during deer camp. I bought the 9 cup Bozeman for Turkey camp and backpacking. It is made with the same quality!

  160. R & K

    The Coletti percolator is super easy to use. It makes tasty, HOT coffee. I don’t like microwaves so I do everything on the stove, including re-heat coffee.

    My biggest challenge was figuring out how long to let it perk for my liking, but that came with practice. So did reading the color of the coffee that perks at the top.

  161. Tovah

    Glass top fit perfectly! It was better than what originally came with the pot. Customer service was excellent !!

  162. Mo Cal

    Awesome product! The coffee tastes so much better than making it from an Electric Drip Maker. Even bought one for my Mom and she loves it!

  163. Larry

    This coffee pot works great. I just don’t like the taste of the final product. I gave it to someone who does like this type of coffee. Nothing wrong with it, just not for me is all.

  164. Luis Orozco

    Love it, I make mexican style coffee

  165. Amazon Customer

    Feels great to get back to basics! I’ve packaged up my big automatic coffee maker and put it in the basement. This is now my morning coffee maker. Much richer and more flavorful. It takes a few tries to get it just right, and it takes a little longer, but don’t get discouraged. I personally use a modified coffee filter in mine, so I don’t get too much residue. All stainless, no worries about the effects of aluminum. And you know what? Even if the power goes out, I’m going to have my coffee. As long as I can make a fire!

  166. GunNut37086

    You can’t get coffee this good from a drip or a pod or a pour over. The only thing better is a french press, but I HATE cleaning those darn things. This percolator is very very well made. I am surprised at how thick the pot/lid are. It feels expensive and sturdy, but the HUGE bonus is the all stainless stem/basket. You hardly ever see anything but cheap aluminum. This one is built like a tank. I love it!!

  167. Justin G.

    Easy to use. Easy to clean. Great flavor.

  168. Amazon Customer

    Great Percolator and great company!

  169. Customer Review

    This makes great coffee. Very well made.

  170. Cherie

    I got this for my son so when he goes camping or even just fishing. He can have his coffee, and hot water for his noodles. The coffee comes out great, not to strong and no coffee grounds.
    I would recommend this to friends and family. I love it for my hot chocolate when I do go camping with my son..

  171. Richard Seyler

    Makes a great cup of coffee!

  172. CJG

    I saw this beautiful percolator sitting on my friend’s stove and I was instantly in love. The classic looking glass (not plastic ????????) viewing bulb sat on top of the stainless steel lid and the wood encased stainless steel handle. So classy! I ordered on right away. I love it! I am planning on ordering one for every family in my family. No plastic anywhere! All stainless steel or glass. Thank you!

  173. Barbara Darcy

    Looking to make a change in our coffee-making habits. Wanted a stove top percolator so I did my research and decided on the Coletti. Have not been disappointed. The stainless steel looks nice, cleans up well, and makes great coffee.

  174. Amazon Customer

    I love this coffee percolator. It is really simple and i like its wide base that will fit well on the range or on a camping stove. Easy to fill w water easy to clean. Id buy it again. And im picky and a cheapskate

  175. rick hawks

    This has been a great camping tool. Wish the handle was fully insulated. Heavy duty and brews the perfect cup.

  176. Rich

    The percolater is great, works like a charm. Even better…this company is veteran owned and I’ll show my support everytime ???? good product Josh, you’ve got another customer!

  177. Sexie

    We really love the coffee that’s made from the maker. The taste is truly different than a conventional coffee machine.

  178. dennis petkov

    It’s just the perfect size and we love the glass top. So easy to clean,

  179. SGeis

    love coffee from a percolator- watch their video to get perfect coffee!!

  180. William Drum

    I used this percolator on a recent turkey hunting and trout fishing trip. It worked great and my dad and brother loved the coffee. We were impressed.

  181. Amazon Customer

    Works well, price was good

  182. William R. Santos

    Works great! Depending upon the grind, I don’t even need filters. Grind your coffee and perk away.

  183. Jc1

    Love my Coletti percolator. When I received my order, the instructions/ recommendations were missing and the filters were also missing. I contacted Coletti and they sent me the missing items immediately. Mark 16:15niv

  184. Amazon Customer

    Received the Coletti last week and used it for three camping breakfasts in Colorado. Worked as advertised; coffee tasted great. There’s something about percolator coffee over the campfire that just seems right. The bonus is I feel good about supporting a Veteran-owned business.

  185. Steven Hendricks

    I found found the part for my life time coffee pot. Fits perfect.

  186. masseyna o.

    Great coffee pot for the money! Shatter resistance. Heats up evenly and holds a large cup full

  187. ron walker

    These were great however I ordered the wrong size and the do not fit my Faberware pot.

  188. Susan C Hall

    I really like how sturdy and well made this percolator is. I bought extra filters to catch any grounds. Very nice product!

  189. Amazon Customer

    Fits perfectly. Fixed my camping coffee pot. I was afraid I was going to have to replace my old camping coffee pot because I couldn’t find the correct part. But this one fit perfectly.

  190. otterific

    This is fabulous. I replaced a different brand that has a plastic percolator knob on top. This one has a knob that’s glass. I read other reviews where people said their knob broke. So I ordered replacement knobs, just in case. 2 come in the replacement knobs. Also people commented on the wooded handle cracking. So I put exterior woodstain on the handle. To protect it from the weather. Lol. Actually from washing it. You will have to reapply the stain when the color of the wood gets lighter. Because of the wood handle I do not recommend ever putting this in the dishwasher, or soaking it in the sink. Just hand wash it. Obviously you can put the inside parts in the dishwasher. As for flavor I grind my own beans, and I use a pinch of kosher salt on the grounds. Total game changer for taste. Also a major plus for this percolator is a tiny drilled hole in the top, which prevents overflow out the spout when percolating. I have been using this for about a couple of months now.

  191. H.G.Campbell


  192. Happy Customer

    The glass percolator domes appear to be well made and fit the Coleman coffee pot that I purchased two months ago and found that Coleman cannot replace. It was wonderful to see that the site for the new coffee pots offered these domes so that you could order them prior to the need to replace them. That is the one part that is vulnerable to being broken or chipped when you are cleaning it and the old percolators are not used as much as they used to be except by those of us who like the better tasting coffee. So, it was really good to find that there is one company that can provide these and they are a pleasure to deal with.

  193. Alexander Vaga

    Just as advertised! The glass globe insures no plastic molecules are introduced that mirror estrogen molecules! Hashimotos is linked to mirroring issue. All others have some plastic parts. Great find!

  194. William Boda

    Easy to use and works well

  195. J. Hutchings

    look foreward to using on upcoming camping trip

  196. Amazon Customer

    I had ordered this for an upcoming camping trip so I haven’t used it yet. That being said I have used my parents old aluminum percolator for camping for many years so it should not be any different in using. I must say that this is very well made and is good quality in design and material. I like that it is stainless steel so I can get away from aluminum. I would highly recommend this and am looking forward to using it. After my camping trip if there are any issues then I will update.

  197. Walt

    Coffee taste great. Easy to use. Such a good taste from a percolator

  198. Mrs. Frost

    Good quality.

  199. michael canacari

    It’s a great little percolator, been using it camping. One thing, just watch the metal on the handle it can get hot.

  200. Chrysta

    I loved this product ! Great for the cabin we stayed in.

  201. Suz

    Best percolator with easy cleaning and gives great flavored coffee without all the fuss of a Keurig or Coffee pot maintenance

  202. John Keen

    These fit a Coleman camp coffee pot perfectly.
    Good price, good product.

  203. Holly Murphy

    I love this coffee maker!!! It was perfect over the camp fire or camping grill. Perfect size for 2 people

  204. Acuna

    Enjoyed this on our camping trip. Nothing like coffee and a sunrise.

    Did turn a little black after using but totally worth it.

  205. Helia Hall

    We have had many type and styles of perculators and coffee machines. This one made a perfect cup of coffee. Works great on stove top and we can also use it on a camping stove. Wish I had bought a bigger one.

  206. Satisfied

    Everything great!
    The stainless great and price good.

  207. Amazon Customer

    This is an awesome piece to take camping. Very easy to use and the coffee tasted great. Good instructions. I love the beautiful little glass piece on top in order to watch the percolating.

  208. Carol Sargent

    This is a well-crafted coffee pot, perfect for providing morning coffee for two coffee-drinkers. If you are boondocking in your RV, camping in a tent, or just lose power at home, this coffeepot is a great option. I was grateful that a small pack of filters was provided. You’ll need to tinker with the proper amount of coffee to use as well as the length of time you let it perk to achieve the strength you prefer. (A pinch of salt added to the coffee grounds before perking, alleviates any bitterness you might encounter.)

  209. Amazon Customer

    I bought this to reduce the amount plastic waste that is generated by Keruig k-cups. I like that it’s made with all stainless steel.
    The flavor is great and I compost the grounds.

  210. MzSoCali2U

    First we tried it at home, then took it camping. It made great coffee. Our Ninja Coffeemaker is failing, but we can always count on our percolator every time. Nothing to malfunction. We find that brewing 5 cups is better than it’s capacity of 9 cups at a time.

  211. MomofaUSMarine

    This is a very nice pot. I like the markings on the side. The quality is excellent. I had no problem pouring the coffee. Just put your hand on the handle and your thumb against the hinge, and the lid will not pop open while pouring. I’m very pleased with my purchase and will use this pot while boondocking in my camper.

  212. Amazon Customer

    Easy to clean.
    I love how easy this perk cleans up. I bought some whole coffee beans by mistake , decided to grind them up and put it with the Bozeman. Wow, that opened the door to a whole new coffee experience. Love this perk .

  213. Jeremy S

    Just bought and used on camping trip. Super easy to use and clean. Everyone loved the coffee that this makes.

  214. Shobha Cole

    First, I want to say Coletti’s Customer Service team is awesome! They responded to me within an hour of me reaching out to them and sent me two replacement glass plugs!

    The problem is the groove cut into the top of the lid does NOT match up with the glass plug your supposed to screw into it. Coletti sent me two free replacement plugs but they had the same issue. Seems that the threads on the glass plug do not match to the lid top’s tail. (see pictures)

    *** Coletti did an amazing job at making this order right! They shipped me a replacement unit, no charge! I got my new unit and everything fit well on it and I have made 3 pots of coffee already with it!
    *Tip! Use a basket filter for your grounds and you will get little to no grounds in your cup!

  215. Gina

    I’m thrilled with this purchase. I haven’t had a delicious cup of perked coffee since the 70’s, living with my parents. Today I enjoyed the best cup of coffee again. It’s smooth and not bitter in the least. The pot is super light so you can easily take it anywhere. It’s not bulky. I recommend it. I have a glass electric stove and it’s perfectly stable, doesn’t rock or shift like that video I saw in a review. The handle is wood, stays perfectly cool. No need to hold the lid down like some reviewers said. I look forward to my morning coffee now. I put the water in and load the filter so I just have to turn on the stove and it’s good to go. The hottest cup of coffee I ever had too. Wow! That’s a HOT cup of coffee. I just love the taste. Great company!! My former best friend was a Coletti, by the way. Great guy. Ted. Thanks!!

  216. Ilera74

    Love my new coffee pot. Makes 3-14oz mugs of coffee and easy to clean. Love it!


    Great product, well made!

  218. Mitchie

    Good quality and arrived quickly!

  219. Romeo

    Bought this to take camping here in Colorado. Worked like a champ!! Not an instant coffee kinda guy…so this one delivered on time, on target with an amazing brew. Capacity as promised – taste, impeccable. As a 35 year military retiree, it’s nice to know that $$ is going to vet causes too. Highly recommend this product!

  220. josie pizanopi

    Was exactly what I was looking for

  221. Papabose

    Great product, fast shippiing.

  222. Faye

    I love that this coffee pot is all stainless steel, no aluminum. It’s a perfect size and the company is wonderful.

  223. Howard


  224. Katia

    We use it for camping and it makes the coffee ever. It makes me wish I had a campfire to make coffee on every morning. Easy to rinse. We lost the filters and have not been using any and it’s been good.

  225. Steven Parker

    Best coffee ever

  226. Gary Holloway

    I like the fact that it is made of stainless steel and has a glass knob

  227. Amazon Customer

    Takes longer than an electric percolator but the flavor of the coffee is incredible!!!!

  228. G2_owner

    We used to have a larger percolator and this one heats so much more quickly over the campfire.

  229. HDThorough

    This is a great percolator. I was looking for stainless steel and something well built. This provides both. Used it last week on a camping trip in the Rockies and it worked perfectly. I highly recommend this product.

  230. audra

    Great quality. I love my coffee and this pot! Thank you!

  231. Emily Timm

    Great! Was as described and worked great.

  232. Austin Barker

    overall its a nice product but the handle gets pretty hot and not the easiest to clean

  233. Ken

    Makes good coffee.

  234. August528

    Great little coffee maker! I used it on my induction stove and it worked great! I have to say the flavor was better than my Bunn. I haven’t used a percolator since my mom’s way back in the day. This was quite simple to use, well constructed and sturdy. Very pleased with this purchase.

  235. Irish

    It worked fine. Put it on the back burner on low. I used 8 O’clock coffee whole beans ground coarse, I used that coffee years ago. It is good for what I want. I perked it for ten mins and got the strength I wanted. It is only a 9 cup pot but in the real world that comes out to three coffee mugs. That is just right for me for the day as I am the only coffee drinker here. Plus I can get a 40 oz bag of coffee beans for 12 dollars

  236. Kindle Customer

    Excellent Product for camping and at home when you want camp coffee.

  237. Amazon Customer

    Well made and all stainless steel. Very happy with the flavor of the coffee too.

  238. Sarah

    Great product!

  239. Kindle Customer

    This is the perfect coffee pot for my motorhome. I don’t need to be plugged into to electricity or start up my generator. It is nice all stainless steel. I can control the strength of the pot.


    There is nothing to dislike about this coffee pot…Everything about is is just what I needed in an appliance…

  241. Dorothy Licul

    Awesome product. Beyond pleased

  242. Marie in Tucson

    Straight ahead coffee, you are in control & not depending on a machine or another person for a fine cup of coffee.

  243. golfmann

    This is miles above regular camping coffee pots.
    Well done people, well done!

  244. Annette Snyder

    Purchased percolator replacement top. Fits great and very happy with the quality.

  245. Lori Laudisi

    I liked my first one so much that I bought a bigger second pot. Great product. I love perking coffee on the stove

  246. wallace rhodes

    This is a well made percolator and very easy to use and clean. I am a coffee fanatic. I use a Jur 200 dollar unit at home. I bought this for an upcoming camping trip so I don’t have to bring a tea kettle, boil water and pour over a filter. This is a much easier and more compact way to get my coffee at the campsite. I tried it out at home several time now and the coffee is great. If you use a good quality coffee with the proper grind your going to get a good cup of coffee out of this little pot. Love it. Now, time to go camping and put it to use.

  247. Amazon Customer

    Love this percolator! No need for filter…unless you want to. Makes a delicious pot! Take a thermos with you so you have something to put your freshly percolated coffee in to keep your coffee hot…otherwise…you have to put it back on the stove. The only way to have coffee at the camp! Love their mission.

  248. Douglas G.

    Great percolator. Coffee is great and uses to brew tea and boil water for washing dishes will boondocking.


    I make my tea (loose) every morning with it and works great. I had to replace the glass top but found it easy and in a very reasonable price.

  250. Carl T

    well built, Thicker stainless steel than alot of items. quality materials, and I love that the company is veteran owned.

  251. Amazon Customer

    Great coffee pot! If you like percolator style coffee this is on of the best ones you can get! Lasts, higher quality, replaceable glass etc.!

  252. Paula Ford

    The stainless interior is what makes this pot the best- it is so easy to clean and has good quality- and of course you can’t beat percolated coffee

  253. Mark

    Holes could be a little smaller but overall this a great coffee pot. Large enough that you only need to make one pot, cleans up nice and I love an actual handle so I don’t have to use my beanie. So far we have used this on 4 times on 2 separate camping trips both inside and on a camp stove.

  254. Pberrini

    We bought this stove top percolator for our Class C RV four months ago and have enjoyed great coffee while camping ever since. Highly recommended if you have ever experienced percolator coffee and want to have the same great tasting experience when camping. We use it on the propane stove top and use freshly roasted and course ground coffee.

  255. Doug G

    The quality of this coffee pot is great and communication from the vendor was exceptional. Thank you.

  256. Robert Lee Mott Jr.

    I should point out, first and foremost: if you want instant gratification, go to Starbucks. On the other hand, percolated coffee is second in flavor only to French press. (Good luck with that at the campsite.) If you’ve ever used a percolator, there are no surprises here. If not, the enclosed instructions are clear and concise. I even received the instructions by email- customer service here is top notch. The pot is very sturdy, though the top seems a little loose. I made two pots of coffee on the campfire with breakfast with no problems- just remember a potholder because that stainless steel heats up fast. If you grind your own beans, cut them a little coarser than for a drip pot. If you don’t, that standard grind you get at your local supermarket will do fine with the enclosed filters. If you’re afraid of drinking grinds, leave that last sip in the bottom of your mug and you’ll be fine. As far as the finish goes, expect to have a black pot. That’s what Brillo is for. (Or you could leave it tarnished so people know you mean business.) The bottom is smooth enough for a glass-top stove. If buying American is important to you, look no further. To sum up: keep your expectations realistic and this will be your favorite camping partner.

  257. James M Ujevich

    Outside coffee

  258. Red Sunset

    Well made and good value, 5/5 stars!

  259. PussnBoots

    Getting rid of automatic drip for this pot. What an improvement in taste of the same coffee. Why did I wait so long. This pot is made well!

  260. Michael Glenn Sadler

    I have bought camping coffee pots in the past but this 9 cup pot is definitely quality in comparison. It’s sturdy and the glass brew indicator is much nicer than plastic. And should you break it you can easily order replacements. I highly recommend. The only thing that was a little negative was that I couldn’t get the 12 cup because it was not In Stock.

  261. Hunter Bracy

    I’ll update it with a picture when I get home but the inside of the lid was dented pretty bad in 2 spots.(the inside rim that seals the top) I opened up the packaging and that’s how it came. It still works fine just takes a little longer to heat up due to holes in the seal where steam escapes. It really sucked because the quality of the overall product is really high, I couldn’t even bend it back. The quality of the coffee is superb and I like that I can leave it on longer if I want it stronger. 10 out of 10 would recommend, I just hope bent lids isn’t a manufactured defect.

  262. David Costa

    I have purchased several of the “camping coffee pots”. The problem with those pots is that there is a seam at the bottom of the pot that always seems to start leaking after a couple of uses on my Coleman camp stove. This pot is seamless. It works fantastic and makes a great cup of camp coffee.

  263. Amazon Customer

    pleased with the pot, however, there were supposed to be disk filters enclosed with the order. They were not and I have had a hard time finding them in two major supermarkets.

  264. AZ Pete

    Bought to replace a 9 cup perk. that is otherwise identical. We used the 9 cup for over 30 years, and just recently discovered it was too small.. The 12 cup is just right and makes perfect “camp coffee”.

  265. sandra maxey

    I love this coffee pot. I have been using it every morning. The flavor of the coffee is great. I love the fresh smell of coffee

  266. Peter

    The tops fit exactly to the top of my Coleman coffee pot. The shipping and transaction were fast and easy!

  267. Danielle Greenwald

    This is just what I was looking for and the first cup tastes great. I really like the company as well.

  268. Laurel Brooks

    Enjoying making coffee the old fashioned way and coffee taste great

  269. darvulya

    I love this thing! I took it camping and only used it for a few days, and it did a great job during that time. The campsite we got had a broken grill, so we ended up having to stick it directly on some coals a couple times, which worked like a charm. I really wish I had remembered to bring extra soap for the outside of the percolator to help clean it up more easily. I’ll never camp without this thing again, and will definitely repurchase if the need arises.

    Customer service was also amazing. My biz was asked without the filters. When I reached out, they responded right away and sent the missing filters express so they arrived in time for my trip. Amazing!

  270. Marcus Miller

    I was really excited to purchase on of these. I did a lot of research and settled on the Coletti Bozeman coffee pot. As soon as it was delivered our family carefully followed the instruction and made a pot of coffee on the stove. Everything turned out great. I began to clean and dry the percolator while the children were excited and talking about all the ways we could use this on our next camping outing. Suddenly BAM the lid fell off the percolator that I was holding in my hands and it hid the floor. We all stopped and looked at each other. What had just happened? I first thought the lid was made to come off and I hade not realized that yet. Nope!! after close examination I realized that the spot welds that holds the lid on did not hold. That ruined the conversation and not we found our selves frustrated and discussing why we had chose this model. Bummer!!!!

    I contacted their customer service and they made it right without any issues!! Thank you Coletti!!! We will buy from you again!

  271. Michael Stroebel

    It’s exactly as you would hope it would be! Durable and easy to use! Handel didn’t get too hot. Not a bad idea to have a hot pad handy just in case but all in all very satisfied. I know it will last for years to come

  272. Santo

    sometimes the lid is hard too close completely but I think that is user error.

  273. MARILYN

    Great bought for hurricane season

  274. Helen B.

    This is a great percolator. We love the fact that the company is veteran owned. Great quality for the price. So happy we purchased this!

  275. John

    Love this little thing and would recommend it. Coffee tastes good, just how I like it.

  276. Chris

    This is an absolutely gorgeous percolator. My wife and I decided we wanted to get away from the plastics present in all drip coffee makers. We also wanted something that would serve double duty while camping. I shopped around for stovetop percolators and found a few that appear very similar listed on Amazon. I’m not sure if I can mention specific names of companies, but I’m sure if you come across them, you’ll think ‘they must all be the same’. Nothing could be further from the truth. From the wood handle fitment to the gauge of steel to the quality of the basket and stem, Coletti stands head and shoulders above the competition. The finishing on this percolator leaves the competition so far behind. I also ordered a set of backup glass toppers that are also of excellent quality. If I had to do it all over again, I would absolutely purchase this Coletti pot without hesitation.

  277. CB

    My family and I go camping off the grid, but I still need coffee to function and I don’t care for the instant kind. This coffee pot worked really well over the campfire (and motivates you to get one going), and the water doesn’t take as long to boil as you’d think. I read a number of reviews prior to purchasing this model, and in response to some items I will say the following: the coffee had a great flavor and was not too strong (for me), I had no issues with the pot wobbling or being uneven (it went on a grid over the fire and then sat on a brick fire pit), I picked it up by the wooden handle with no gloves and no problems, and the glass top did not “melt.” I did have a moment of panic when I initially opened the box because I could not find the top, but then I stupidly realized it was packed inside the pot (FWIW they sell replacement tops on their website, for those saying you can’t buy them separately). The only issue I had was the pot was not super easy to clean when camping. There were grounds at the bottom of the pot that would’ve been easier to rinse out with running water (they advise you to use coarse grounds for this reason but I had what I had so this was expected), but none got in my cup. It does come with an extra filter that I did not use. I was hoping I would not need them because I try to create as little waste as possible while there. It probably would’ve been substantially easier at home in the sink, as most pieces are removable except for the lid (it flips up but stays attached). Overall, I think this is a really good product and I would definitely recommend it, even if you’re not camping.

  278. jim Hermosillo

    Makes great coffee

  279. Beltfeds and Brownies

    I’ll never make coffee using another method again. I love it. Simple to set up and clean. The first time I used it it perked for a bit then stopped. I took it off the burner and placed it back on a little lower heat and it was perfect. The timing im still fine tuning. Seven minutes perking was too week and 11 minutes was not as enjoyable but still good. 10/10 would recommend.

  280. Linda Fulton Fritchlee

    We purchased this in case of power outages and sure enough, a few weeks later we were without power to have our addictive cup of morning coffee!!! We are completely satisfied with this product and the customer service follow-up was unexpected and refreshing!

  281. Tyler E.

    Looks good but I wish the lid wasn’t on a hinge.

  282. lou gro

    It’s very nice

  283. Amazon Customer

    Aroma while brewing the coffee flavor and ability to make it stronger

  284. craig

    Excellent coffee maker. I have used only at home on occasion and have not used for camping yet, but I’d imagine it would be just as good. Very pleased with the quality.

  285. M3

    Makes a great tasting cup of coffee. Better than my coffee maker and K cup.
    Try it, you’ll know what I mean.

  286. life movies

    One of the best purchases I’ve made. Very happy with the quality of this item. One word of caution – if you don’t want grinds in your coffee get a battery operated grinder so you can grind larger grounds . We used pre-grounded coffee and even with a filter, the grinds seeped through.

  287. Jacque

    Came well packaged and exactly as indicated but since this is to be used in an emergency if the electric goes out, I have yet to test it. But what could go wrong? I used this type of coffee pot on my gas range for many years after I was married in 1958. Loved it then and with all the new coffee makers I tried, the coffee back then tasted better than any I have had ever since.

  288. Susan Rowe

    We had a power outage so I bought it for the next power outage. I only used it once so far. Coffee was great easy cleaning.

  289. Robin S

    It’s easy to use and the flavor was good.

  290. Daniel Dain

    Makes great coffee, but takes a few tries to dial it in, but when you’re camping it’s hard to complain. It said it comes with filters, it did not. Good quality, a little pricey, but stainless steel with a glass perc and a nice wood handle that allows you to handle hot off the stove. Overall, pleased with the product.

  291. Alisha

    This is so easy to use and clean!

  292. Amazon Customer

    It’s exactly what I was looking for. It made perfect coffee for camping all week.
    I used a regular coffee filter so the grounds wouldn’t go into the coffee.

  293. Alan Rosenquist

    The simple 3 piece design is proven in the kitchen or campfire. The holes are unfortunately too big for store bought coffee grounds which means coffee grounds get into the pot and then into your cup. Sometimes you can work around it by letting the coffee settle after boiling and pouring slowly. I still think the coffee grounds container should have smaller holes.

  294. Stephen A. Belanich

    Easy to use and clean. Delivered a great cup of coffee.

  295. Gypsy

    Love it

  296. Scot H.



    Very well made, excellent percolator

  298. Angel

    I bought 2 of these percolators, one for my parents and one for myself off of Amazon. We all love the coffee it makes and how easy it is to use and clean. The problem with this pot is they have a glass knob, that you can view the coffee percolating through, and they cracked then fell apart. I have no idea how to replace it and the pot is basically worthless to me now. My parents did the same thing. I may just purchase an old style ceramic coated cast iron pot next.

  299. david

    Only issue is amount of coffee grounds at bottom of pot. Simply use a coffee filter to help.

  300. Britt B

    I am in LOVE with this percolator. Brews an excellent cup, quality sturdy piece of beautiful equipment. No cheap metals

  301. Shannon Lewis

    This is a great camp percolator. Brewed an awesome cup of coffee. Very easy to use and clean. I would’ve given it 5 stars except that the instruction card and the filters were missing from the box. Glass knob was difficult to screw on. The threads were wonky but my husband put some muscle into it and got it to go on finally!

  302. Joel bosch

    This coffee pot is awesome.!!!!!

  303. Cindy Enright

    Makes wonderful coffee

  304. Daniel

    I got this for a hunting trip but decided to try it out in my kitchen and it ended up taking the place of my regular coffee pot it’s the only way my wife and I will drink coffee. I end up leaving it full of old coffee and grounds for a day sometimes more and just poor it out and hit with hot water it cleans right up. Can’t wait to use it over open flame

  305. Perry R.

    I love it except for one thing. The basket is too small. I use 55 grams of ground coffee and it is filled up. I wish it was more voluminous for stronger coffee. I know, I could use less water, but since there are no markings for measuring, I use the first hole at the bottom of the spout for consistency. Other than this, everything else is good.

  306. Alberto Forero

    Great coffee maker. Wonderful results with 1/2 the coffee container.

  307. Kindle Customer

    Backup in event of a power failure

  308. CK

     Well made and fun to use

  309. Mandy

    I love it. Definitely need to have a coffee company or buy a grinder to do the correct grind for a percolator. Filters help for coffee that comes pre-ground for regular coffee pots. Overall its pretty, its simple, and is made well. Does exactly what I want it to.

  310. Amazon Customer

    Very nice brew maker! Fit and finish clean and smooth. I will enjoy my coffee while camping

  311. pedro a valdez

    Easy to clean, coffee flavor is great

  312. Mike

    if it ever need another i would purchase it again.

  313. Deborah

    Very good quality and please with my retirement camp pot. Should last my life time.

  314. LL

    Taste better than coffee maker

  315. PAK

    Well made heavy duty,bought it for camping to use on our camp stove.haven’t used it yet.

  316. Amazon Customer

    Still looks like new. Quality made, and great for my Class B RV

  317. just shelly

    Very well made and doesn’t taste like metal

  318. likes2read

    We use this at home and for camping, the filters are helpful to keep the grounds out of the pot. I also liked that it is made in the usa.

  319. Shari Muzzy

    Super easy to clean, well made. LOVE IT!!

  320. Ted Stocum

    Works great at home or at the camp site. The only thing to watch out for are the metal rivets on the handle. I burned myself pretty bad on one when I wasn’t paying attention and pulled it off the fire.

    Other than that it’s easy to clean and works well.

  321. Peggy S. Douglas

    It is our emergency backup when power goes out.

  322. happymama13

    I was skeptical about what others said about the glass top but I have had no issues it makes really delicious coffee and aroma fills the house.
    -If you drink HUGE (12-16 oz )cups of coffee .. keep in mind this makes 9 cups which is 72 ounces.
    – A filter is not required. I use a strainer if a few coffee grinds end up in my coffee
    – Some people said it’s dangerous how lid can open , I find it doesn’t open that easy but place your thumb on the back lever to hold when you are pouring.
    – Coffee will be HOT be careful while serving
    -I use 5-6 tablespoons ground coffee but you can adjust for strength And I use filtered water
    – Takes about 20 minutes 10 to boil 10 to brew
    I will definitely buy again. Great that you don’t need electricity and you can take it anywhere !!
    Great Buy !!!!

  323. Boplanman

    Love everything about it, use it everyday for coffee and then daily ice tea. Wanted a space saver coffee machine but they don’t make them anymore. Glad they don’t as this is much better for an RV.

  324. Amy P

    I bought the 12 cup pot which will hold 64 oz. The handle is small so one needs to use a pot holder to safely handle and pour. The lid is a bit rattley. I can not comment on the percolator assembly as I do not intend on using it. I will either boil the coffee in the pot or boil water for the french press. Works for me.

  325. Lynn

    Works really well. Used it for the first time today and it came out kinda weak but really good for my first try and I’m excited to find that perfect taste

  326. Gorilla Boxing

    Beautiful and functional, well made! The best percolator I’ve ever bought.

  327. Amazon Customer

    Very nice. Works great. Love it

  328. Sara Rice

    Loved the glass and the fact that you can make a 5, 7 or 9 cups. Very well made. Easy to clean and really makes terrific coffee.

  329. Kia

    Dont be fooled by the cuteness. The handle gets HOT. I dropped the container bc it was too hot. Received 2and degree burns from scalding hot coffee.

  330. Kathleen Pezak

    Made a great cup of coffee. Very substantially made. Very pleased.

  331. TD Karantsalis

    We love our beautiful coffee pot and the service from this company is exceptional. Thank you.

  332. M. Edward

    We actually use this in the kitchen and frequently brew a pot rather than use a Keurig, or other electric brewer.
    Brewed right it beats my $300 MochaMaster.

  333. Margaret Gall

    Worked perfectly over the stove, can’t wait to use camping!

  334. KO6JW

    I bought this percolator after an early morning power outage made it impossible to make coffee. I’m old enough to remember coffee percolators electric or stove top. This one will be used in emergencies with a propane stove (my kitchen is all electric).

    It is very well made and easy to use.

    You need to use a fairly coarse grind. Recommend ordering filters from Coletti as well. These will prevent sludge in the bottom of the pot and your cup. Also, they are healthier because they absorb some oils that can raise cholesterol.

    It is also fun to use. In the days before automatic filter coffee makers you watched the coffee bubble up against the glass top until it was strong enough for your taste.

  335. Coleman Mason

    Love this coffe pot easy to clean wood handle keeps it cool for holding and the internal parts are robust

  336. Lone Cedar

    Nice coffee pot

  337. AF

    I have had this coffee pot for over a year now and am very satisfied. Customer service was wonderful. It makes real coffee and not dirty water coffee from either a drip machine or a pod machine. I had an electric percolator prior to this but it seems they aren’t made as well as they used to be so I switched to cooking my coffee and love it

  338. Donald Brauchi

    Bought for son as a gift.
    Second one he has had. Loves it.

  339. Melissa J Hutchinson

    Purchased in August of 2019 and today on the 29th of January 2021 the glass top broke while percolating. Used occasionally when I first purchased it but we have been using everyday now for at least a year. Wish the top was more durable or it came with a spare other then that I really enjoy this percolator. Just ordered replacement top pack or 2 for $10.

  340. Ed Fernandez

    I bought this product because I wanted to make good coffee one or two cups at a time. I wanted simplicity, minimum size, good looks, and durability. Got all those.

    Now I did notice the pot did not seem to sit flat on a horizontal surface. Coletti warned me about this before I placed my order and said they had a batch that were not made properly and promised to replace the pot I received should it have this defect. The defect has been corrected and they are in the process of replacing those about which they have been notified.

    I had no problem in getting a call back from their customer support who provided good service and friendliness. Maybe as a vet I am a little predjudiced but these seem like good vet people on a good mission.

  341. Dawn Gatewood

    We love it, perfect to take camping or to us when the electric coffee pot quits.

  342. Erin K

    Love this stove top coffee maker. The only “complaints” I have are that the handle can get really hot and that the basket that holds the grinds needs a filter otherwise the grinds (even course grinds) fall through the openings. I have been using it without filters since I ran out of the ones that came in the box but the grinds seem to be in every cup.
    The coffee is delicious and very hot, which I like. I transfer it to a thermos and it is still warm in the afternoon.
    I was given this as a gift to replace my stovetop Italian coffee maker and it is definitely way easier to clean.

  343. Michigan U.P. Runner

    I use this percolator every morning. It works great. Profits go to a Christian charity. Very happy to help others. This is a well made product that I expect will last many many years. I oiled the wood handle, looks nice.

  344. David R Cook

    I make stove top percolator coffee every day. This helps me continue my morning ritual. Thank you!

  345. Margarita Bias

    It’s easy to clean and lightweight

  346. Jennifer Rodriguez

    Their customer service is exceptional! Right after I received my percolator Coletti reached out to me about it’s condition. There was a small almost imperceptible bump on the bottom that they worried mine might have. They weren’t aware of the issue until mine had shipped out. It did have the small bump which would make it rock slightly while boiling on a flat stove surface (no problems on a camping or gas stove). I most likely would have never thought about contacting them but they said they wanted to make it right and quickly sent me a replacement. I love the quality of the percolator and the class top which doesn’t fog up with time. Highly recommend this company.

  347. james

    12 cup coffee pot with heavy wall stainless steel makes it easy to clean and stable the view port for the purculator is actually glass instead of the cheap plastic so the coffee tastes good

  348. Anime anonymous

    Make really good coffee I have abandoned my Hamilton Beach. If you’re having trouble with grounds you can use one of those little strainers to catch the grounds. Seen where people complained about the lid but you can bend it if needed. Would recommend.

  349. Rachella Dobson

    I had to re-post my rating. I initially gave it 3 stars because it arrived without the filters. But the customer service was “johnny on the spot” and fixed the problem sending a box of filters immediately. The coffee pot is easy to use and clean and makes some of the BEST coffee I’ve tasted. This is my third percolator coffee pot and by far it is the best. Thanks again Rachel and the whole team!!!!

  350. Amazon Customer

    The easy use and clean up

  351. Amazon Customer

    Very satisfied!

  352. DezzertScout82

    Top Quality-

  353. Amazon Customer

    highly recommend

  354. Rick rincon

    Great fir camping

  355. Yogi

    This is a beautiful product ! Originally bought it for camo. But may use it at home! Made the best cup of coffee! Looks nice and great quality

  356. Pauline S.

    Bought this because it’s a US between owned company. Quality for the most part is there. After my purchase I got an email saying that there may be a problem with the bottom do to a flaw, they called a simple where it may not sit level. It was not visibly noticable until it heated up then it became very obvious.

  357. Donna Belle

    We live off the grid and bought this so we could brew coffee on our stove instead of needing to run the generator. Love it. Works like it’s supposed to, looks great, and is durable. Grind your own coffee coarse and keep the stove on lower for best results. We love the taste of the coffee this makes, it’s so much better than an automatic pot.

  358. Donna V

    Good value

  359. Sarge

    Makes a real ????????????’???? coffee ☕️

  360. Joe

    Love it. Easy to use. Easy to clean. You do want to use a filter with it, which Amazon sells. Makes good coffee

  361. Amazon Customer

    Great product. Use on a regular basis

  362. Luis Molina

    We bought this for camping & it’s been so great we leave it out for weekend use at home.

  363. R.F. – Lansing MI

    It worked fine after a learning curve on percolating with electric stove. I am happy with purchase.

  364. Theresa Sytsema

    Love this coffee percolator. Great communication…

  365. Alison Poirier

    Good old-fashioned coffee pot. Great for camping.

  366. Kimberly Connell

    I love it.

  367. John Booth

    Very good coffee pot! Speedy delivery! Excellent coffee!

  368. Trimblejo


  369. Meakie

    Compact. Size is great. Only problem is thgormets in handle get hot. The wood does not, only the rivets that hold the handle together.

  370. Pam L

    This is a great percolator. It is well made, easy to use, easy to clean and brews great tasting coffee. Because it’s stainless steel you can feel comfortable using it on any type cooktop, over a grill or even a campfire. We are very pleased with our purchase!

  371. Debbie

    This is a great product. The percolator has some weight which shows great product, good metal. My husband enjoys making coffee via the percolator method.

  372. Pooh Bear & Tina

    The BEST!!

  373. Linda Maldonado

    Loved the design and style. Perfect size ????????

  374. Jo and John

    This product was a gift and the recipient is very happy with it.

  375. Jeff R.

    Solidly built; all stainless steel. Keeps coffee warm surprisingly long without continuous heating.

  376. pat sunday

    I love it!! Easy to clean light weight and nice to look at.

  377. Shane T.

     I included some pics of the easy cleaning process. This is without the filter, its even easier to clean with the filter in place. Just knock the grounds out and a quick rinse and shes ready to go. I bought this mainly for camping but after trying it out, I’ve used it every morning since it arrived. Its easy to clean with and without the filters. Its very easy to use no diffrent than a standard coffee pot and the flavor of the coffee is much better. Its the perfect size for me to have 6 cups of coffee out of and I have a big coffee cup that holds about a cup and a half. I bought the extra glass toppers just incase for camping but the fit of the topper to the lid is so good it won’t come loose and break that way. Very impressed with the Bozeman.

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