Bozeman Percolator 3.5 Inch Premium Disc Coffee Filters (Pack of 100)


  • KEEPS THE GROUND OUT: These filters are designed to fit the Bozeman percolator exactly. They minimize the grounds that sometimes find their way into your brew.
  • REDUCE YOUR CHOLESTEROL: Over time, drinking unfiltered coffee will add a few points to your cholesterol. Our filters reduce the amount of coffee bean oil in your finished pot. Drink to your health!
  • RESISTS BOILING BETTER THAN PAPER: These filters are made from medical grade fiber and are the highest quality money can buy. They maintain their integrity during the brewing process ensuring there is a barrier between your ground and the coffee.
  • FITS ALL PERCOLATORS. These filters fit all percolators that have a 3.5’’ brew basket (95mm). This is the standard size on the market. The center hole is 10mm in diameter (normative).
  • 100 FILTERS INCLUDED: Rest assured you will always have a filter for the occasion. Sign up for Amazon’s subscribe and save and never worry about filters again!

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Your Bozeman Percolator is lonely without her filters. Stock up now!

Coffee Percolators are making a comeback and the Coletti Bozeman 9 CUP Coffee Percolator is the very best way to experience this trend! Our pot is designed exclusively for percolating coffee the old-fashion way, and our filters add a modern flare.

•   Pack of 100

•   Diameter 3.5 inches (95mm)

•   Center hole 10mm

•   BPA free

•   SGS tested

•   Medical grade fiber

•   Non-toxic; FDA Food Grade

•   Each filter weighs 1 gram


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