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Old percolator with ground coffee and mug

Coffee as Nostalgia: The Percolator Coffee Pot

  • February 14, 2018

My first taste of coffee was at a young age, around six. I shared that cup and more with my grandfather Dante in the small, bright kitchen of his otherwise dark upstairs apartment. Dunking biscotti into

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Valentine Carob Covered Coffee Cookies

  • February 12, 2018

Sweet, but not too sweet, these cookies have a satisfying biscotti-like crunch and compliment your favorite cuppa perfectly. Whip up a batch for your Valentine today!

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Four Benefits of the Robusta Bean — The World’s Strongest Coffee

  • February 5, 2018

The robusta bean sometimes lives in the shadow of its fancier cousins. But the robusta bean offers bold flavor, plenty of antioxidants, extra caffeine, and it’s perfect for camping! What’s

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Literal Coffee Cake with coffee grounds Coletti Coffee

The Home Barista Recipes for Leftover Coffee Grounds: Literal Coffee Cake

  • January 29, 2018

A coffee cake recipe with actual coffee in it. This cake is moist and has a rich coffee flavor.

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coffee grounds, coffee filter removes coffee oils, percolator coffee pot, percolator filter, lower LDL cholesterol,

Yes, You Should Use a Filter With Your Percolator Coffee Pot

  • January 29, 2018

The percolator coffee pot doesn’t technically require a filter because the design includes a filter basket. However, filtering certainly makes a more palatable cup of coffee. Did you know it boosts your

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Vintage percolator heating on the stove.

How to Clean Your Percolator Coffee Pot

  • January 22, 2018

Half the battle of making perfect percolated coffee is keeping your percolator in good shape. It makes sense – the better your percolator runs, the better your coffee will be. Here are a few easy

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Stainless steel percolator coffee pot

How Does a Percolator Coffee Pot Work? (Hint: Very Well!)

  • January 15, 2018

In our tech-centric world filled with humans perpetually on the go, one thing’s for sure: Innovation is a motivating force. We’re always presented with newer, faster ways to do old things. While getting

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The Home Barista Makes a Frappuccino – Recipe

  • January 15, 2018

Frappuccinos seem to be always in season, an evergreen drink if you will. But let’s be honest, this drink can be a little tough on the wallet and the waistline.  So, I set about to create a frappuccino

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Creamy Cashew Coffee Recipe by Coletti Coffee

Cashew Coffee: Recipe for Creamy Frothy Coffee at Home

  • January 12, 2018

I had a problem. I love foam at the top of my coffee. Since I have become a home barista, I now refuse to pay someone to froth for me. So I bought one of those little stick frothers-you know the type-the

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