The Home Barista Makes a Frappuccino – Recipe

I happen to like my coffee hot, piping actually… especially in the dead of winter. However, I’ve noticed that the younger generation doesn’t much care what the temperature is outside – frappuccinos seem to be always in season, an evergreen drink if you will. But let’s be honest, this drink can be a little tough on the wallet and the waistline.  So, I set about to create a frappuccino recipe that millennial coffee enthusiasts can enjoy without breaking the bank OR their New Year’s diet resolutions. Now, although I’m not a frappuccino-lover myself, I do have one very close, very large personality in my life (who I may have given birth to 13 years ago) who does drink frappuccinos. A. LOT. OF. FRAPPUCCINOS – from the mermaid goddess chain.  She dabbles with things like caramel walls (what even is that?). She educates me. Frankly, I’m gonna call her an expert. The following recipe was actually approved by this expert. I brought her in to taste test, offer criticism (no problem there) and drink as much frappuccino as she wanted (hence her inspiration to be of service).  The final product on this drink received the following comment, which is how I knew I had gotten it right: “It’s not as sweet as Starbucks, it actually tastes, (pause to think), healthy…BUT, I still really like it.” ….Ok, maybe you didn’t understand how earth-shattering this statement was.  A teenager just used the word “healthy” in a sentence about something she was approving. Jaw dropping. Since I have no aspirations to make something as sweet as Starbucks, and since the other kids were sucking down this frothy drink (that actually has nutritional value also), I knew I had arrived at the ideal frappuccino for someone who wants a clean, cold, and affordable coffee treat…even in January. [wprm-recipe id="1257"] If you have a suggestion to improve this frappuccino recipe, please leave it in the comments!]]>