The Home Barista Recipes for Leftover Coffee Grounds: Literal Coffee Cake

recipes to help us cut down on our guilt by finding ways to use our leftover gourmet home brewed coffee and antioxidant rich grounds. And I know I said that Maple Mocha Granola is my favorite way to use up leftover coffee and grounds, but I’m thinking of revising that statement this week. My kids LOVE coffee cake. One even requests it for her birthday cake. But I got to thinking-it must be very confusing for them: “Listen kids, it’s called coffee cake. But it doesn’t actually have coffee in it. We call it that because you eat it whilst drinking coffee.” “So are we drinking coffee for my 6th birthday? “Um, no” “Well last year we drank milk with our chocolate cake. Does that mean we should call it milk cake?” “Um, also no.” So this week, I’ve decided to clear things up a bit for the youngsters (I mean, they are already dealing with all the exceptions to the i before e rule, poor dears). That’s right, let’s put actual coffee in the cake…thereby officially making it an adult brunch item. Hmmm, maybe this doesn’t so much benefit the youngsters like I thought. Well, too late now! [wprm-recipe id="1254"] Serve with milk but do NOT call it milk cake.]]>