The Unique Art of the Coffee Beaker

A beaker coffee mug is a neat mug that looks like a beaker and has measurements on the side to help you portion your coffee correctly. We’ll start with a (very brief) overview of the two key methods that use a coffee beaker and then move on to a talk about the beaker mug.

Beaker Brewing Methods

The pour over method can be used with a variety of different vessels, including a coffee beaker, which is placed beneath a dripper in order to catch the brewed coffee. You can brew either a single cup or a whole pot depending on the size of your beaker.

The vacuum method is a little more complicated and looks a lot more like a chemistry lab. Two beakers and a long glass tube are mounted to stands. The heated water is siphoned through the tube and poured through a pouch of coffee. It then seeps out of this pouch into your second coffee beaker.

It requires no electric power and handles the pouring for you so that you don’t have to worry about perfect pouring. The heat beneath the beaker filled with water pushes the water up through the tube. The tube regulates the flow so that it draws perfectly through the coffee.

Glass is the material of choice because it warms to the temperature of the coffee more gently and quickly. It’s also a less porous surface than most plastics, making it easier to clean away the residue of your last batch of coffee before it turns rancid and spoils your next batch.

Beaker Coffee Cup

There are many different beaker sizes suited to anything from a single cup to a full pot of coffee. From a normal to large cup to a full liter, the different beaker sizes offer a wide range of versatility.

Beaker coffee cups also happen to look super cool. Well, they look geeky…but for us, geeky is cool. Plus, it emphasizes the fact that coffee brewing is the art of mastering chemistry. So drinking from it is a great source of inspiration as you ponder the adjustments you will experiment with in your next batch.

Coffee beakers are both novel as well as super practical for brewing coffee using a manual method. Whether it’s pour over or vacuum, a coffee beaker elevates the process both technically and on a visual level.