Our Story

Our Story

One fall evening a friend sat in our living room with her face in her hands, lamenting, “I just can’t feed them all. I have no choice. I must turn some away.” Over the previous three years, Anne had done remarkable work rescuing girls from human trafficking overseas. But on this night she was weary from the pain of not being able to do more.

The joy we shared in her successes was quickly dissipated by the overwhelming need that remained. At that moment, we decided to do more. By January 2016, Coletti was born.

Our mission is to serve those enjoying coffee in the great outdoors in order to fund Anne and others like her. 100% of our profits are given to those doing justice in the 10/40 window.

More specifically, we seek to fund small non-profits—with low overhead—as well as social entrepreneurs who have demonstrated success in relieving physical, social, and spiritual poverty through job creation, income generation, education, training, and the promotion of religion – in our case, the Christian faith.

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