Kettle Kit Set

1L Pour Over Kettle with Built-in Thermometer | 5 Piece Set

 Innovative Pour Over Coffee Kettle Design

Conventional kettles can ruin pour over coffee! Our pot’s unique gooseneck spout design creates a slow, steady pour that ensures the grinds’ flavor is evenly extracted and fully realized.

  • Scorch Prevention Temperature Gauge: Featuring a green “ready” area, the built in thermometer (Fahrenheit) takes the guesswork out of getting your water to the perfect brewing temp.
  • High Quality Stainless Steel: Made of rugged 18/8 steel, this is one durable coffee kettle. Plus, its smaller size heats water faster than traditional kettles, so you save valuable time.
  • Bonus Gifts: Your purchase includes a solid bamboo stir spoon, diner mug & a fridge magnet featuring step-by-step instructions for pour over brewing. You won’t find these anywhere else!
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: We’re confident this is the last kettle you’ll ever buy. But if you have any issues at all, let us know and receive a full refund (you can even keep the kettle!).

Product Description

Indulge your inner coffee snob with this premium pour over kettle! Features an elegant gooseneck design & temp gauge to ensure hand-drip brewing perfection.

Pour over coffee is quickly gaining “steam” across the country, and the Coletti Gooseneck Coffee Kettle is the very best way to experience this exciting trend! Crafted of solid steel, this pot is designed exclusively for making gourmet hand-drip coffee.

Kettle Set

Regular kettles pour water too fast, which prevents it from absorbing all the goodness of your grinds. But our gooseneck spout controls the flow easily, allowing for a smooth, even pour that brings out the delicate flavors of the ground beans. It also lets you pour without having to lift the entire kettle.

When it comes to hand-drip brewing, the temperature of your water is everything. Too hot, and your coffee tastes burnt. Too cold, and your brew turns out tasteless. The built-in, easy to read thermometer on the cap of our kettle tells you when the water is at just the right temperature. So you’re always guaranteed a bold, intensely flavorful cup of coffee.

​To sum it up, with this set you will get:

  • Premium 2 Tablespoon Coffee Scoop
  • Bamboo Stir Spoon
  • ​Heavy-Weight Diner Mug
  • ​Instructional Fridge Magnet

With features:

  • Gooseneck design to ensure optimal water flow
  • Highly accurate temp gauge on cap
  • ​Plastic safety handle
  • Made of 18/8 stainless steel
  • Heats faster than regular kettles
  • Makes approx. 4 cups of coffee

Final Words

The Coletti Gooseneck Coffee Kettle is the perfect addition to our Pour Over Coffee Kit. It makes a fantastic gift for aspiring baristas or anyone who just loves high-quality coffee. Comes with FREE BONUS bamboo stir spoon, diner mug & instructional fridge magnet.

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