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Why Choose Us?

COFFEE IS IN OUR BLOOD. When my great-grandparents immigrated from Italy to the Bronx they brought with them a love for coffee. Today we desire to share this love with the world. We are zealous about helping intelligent people drink coffee well.

ALL PROFIT TO CHARITY. 100% of proceeds used to fight human trafficking and generate jobs that relieve physical, social, and spiritual poverty. Every $100 made can feed, clothe & shelter a rescued girl for 1 week.

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Choosing a Pour over Coffee Maker

A pour over coffee maker will change the way you feel about home-brewed coffee forever. It gives you complete control over every aspect of the brewing process and looks impressive enough that your friends will admire your skills. There are many different types out there,…

The Guide to Making Pour over Coffee: Myths, Facts, Tips, and More

Whether you are an expert brewer and connoisseur or just starting to explore the wide world of gourmet coffee, you have probably at least heard of pour over coffee. The trend is growing rapidly but it’s not a new technique. Hot water is poured over…

Recipe for Best Pour Over Coffee

Making pour over coffee has recently become a trend, but the irony is that it has been around for ages. It’s the best way to perfect your brew so that you get a delicious cup of coffee every time. Once you master the method, invite…